CLOUD COMPUTING Overview on cloud computing. Cloud vendors. Cloud computing is a type of internet based computing where we use a network of remote servers.

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Cloud computing

CLOUD COMPUTINGOverview on cloud computingCloud vendors.

Cloud computing is a type of internet based computing where we use a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to execute different services such as storing info, managing and processing data and applications through the internet. An example of a cloud vendor is the Google Docs which offers spreadsheet, word processor and a presentation package which can be accessed online without having to save the files in the hard disk. Another example is the Dropbox which offers storage of files online in addition to being stored on your hard disk as a way of back upBasic concepts of computer forensics

There are four basic steps which are p preparation, collection, examination and analysis and finally reportingPreparation being one of the most vital step it applies evaluation of the tool and procedures to use and not use, complying to the needs of the users, the amount and type of computers and operation they will have to deal with, customer care help and much more. Collection involves technical matters where it can be categorized into 3 types of collection model which are site acquisition, evidence collecting and lastly live forensic. Examination and analysis on the other hand deals with examination of files data and internet artifacts. Finally reporting is where courts experts have to report according to valid templates.Legal challenges facing computer forensics.

Computers have become part and parcel of our lives and are now a major tool at home and even the workplace. In business it also used to perform various task like accounting and managerial stuff. Similarly digital systems have become a mainstay of criminal activities where. This ranges from international terrorists to embezzlers. Sometimes vital evidence need to convict the defendant and win the case are located in the computers internet and networks. Such kind of evidence most of the time imposes a lot of difficultness to obtain it. It may have been hidden in a large data base, overwritten, encrypted or even deleted. Moreover, the investigators are faced with a lot of legal challenges since they must obtain the incriminating evidence in a lawful manner. If not the evidence will not be admissible in court. Investigators must be well clued up, know what constitutes a legal search, the info required by the court and the legally protected privacy rights imposed by the individuals.Cloud standards.

There are no specific standards in computer cloud due to the differences in legal systems. However organizations tend to to present practices its best output in some ways like forensic examiners must observe the highest ethical standards, forensic examiners must remain objective at all times, computer forensic examiners must meet minimum proficiency standards.. All hardware's and software should be tested to insure they produce accurate and reliable resultsEncryption cloud.

Cloud encryption is the transformation of a cloud data into cipher text which is the result of encryption performed on plain text using a cipher. Encryption is a critical requirement for securing data files for firms using cloud service providers. Volumetric cloud encryption easily provides the advanced security intelligence to protect sensitive data at rest within public, private or hybrid cloud environments.


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