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Cognos for DummiesAdministrative Session March 14 & 16, 2011

Setting up your computer Log on to computer as the administrative user Open Internet Explorer (not Firefox or Safari)

Enter you regular Novell user name and password

Click Plan and Forecast

Click Budget Planning Cognos will install controls if necessary

Click Download

Click Install

Log-out of Cognos

Log-off as Administrator of Computer (if applicable)

Enter you regular Novell user name and password

Operating budget to edit or review your overall budgets Staff Labor to request or review salaries (do this first)

Access List Click to Select

Account Tree Status


General InstructionsOperating Budgets

Menus Tabs


Page Dimensions

Data Grid

Current Page Dimensions

Possible Page Dimensions



Export > Quick Export Sends current view to Excel - useful

Save Warning values changed prior to save cant be recovered

Reset All Returns all fields to values at the last SAVE Print




Positive Income Lines

Negative Expense Lines

Pats budget assumptions

Some ORGS have both Unrestricted and Temp-Restricted Accounts


Print and/or Export


Specific InstructionsHR Budgets

Staff Labor to request or review salaries (do this first)

Information Displayed on Staff ScreenPosition Name SalaryBudget PremiumBudget HourlyWage AnnualSalary % Increase Projected Salary Budget Projected Overtime Budget **Req. Hr. Wage **Requested Annual Salary **Requested Salary Budget **Requested Overtime Budget Total Requested Salary Budget Benefits % Requested Benefits Budget Total Requested Compensation Yearly Hours Suffix ID PayrollType EmployeeGroup EmployeeClass JobTitle Grade Fund Account Program PIDM Headcount

Requested Hourly Wage Requested Annual Salary Requested Salary Budget Requested Overtime Budget

- Grayed out sections CANT be edited - Changes marked in blue until a SAVE - New positions can only be added by HR - Eliminated positions should just have budget zeroed out

Total Requested Salary Budget Requested Benefits Budget Total Requested Compensation

Get Data

System Links Staff Labor > UnrestrictedOpBud Orgs with R2* or R8* labor need to get data using appropriate links


Budget Review ProcessIndividuals that review multiple child ORGS

TOTAL DEAN OF TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH (All) Aggregates all child orgs


List of ORGS for which I have review rights They can be processed one at a time or in aggregate

Dimensions of Budget Cube Account Codes/TOTAL (Default rows) Base Year, Projected, Requested (Default columns) Org Codes/TOTAL (drop-down) Fund Codes/TOTAL (drop-down) Program Codes/TOTAL (drop-down) $ (sum)

Columns now Program Codes Swapped with Requested by highlighting the little bar to the left of the drop-down and dragging it to the column label area (blue bar at top)

ROWS: ORG Codes COLS: Base, Projected, Requested TOTAL Accounts Fund 1000 TOTAL Programs