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Cold War Connections. Lesson Essential Question. What common trends connect global conflicts?. Economic Systems. What is capitalism? What is communism?. C&C United States and Soviet Union. Capitalist economic system Individuals control economic activities Harry Truman = Elected President. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cold War Connections2Lesson Essential QuestionWhat common trends connect global conflicts?

3Economic SystemsWhat is capitalism?

What is communism?4C&C United States and Soviet UnionCapitalist economic systemIndividuals control economic activitiesHarry Truman = Elected President

Communist economic systemGovernment controls economic activitiesJoseph Stalin = Authoritative ruler

United StatesSoviet Union5The United NationsEst. June 26, 1945Headquarters in NYCPeacekeeping body, aka the earlier League of Nations

Notice the world map6

Potsdam ConferenceUS, GBR, USSR leaders met at Potsdam, near Berlin, July 1945What was the compromise?

8PotsdamGermany would be divided into four occupational zones

Potsdam Conference: GoalsCreate a world where all nations had the right of self-determinationGain access to raw materialsRebuild Europe, ensuring stability and a market for goodsReunite Germany

Encourage communism as part of the worldwide struggle between workers and the wealthyRebuild its war-ravished economyGain influence in Eastern Europe to balance US influence in Western EuropeKeep Germany divided to prevent future threatsUnited States wanted toSoviet Union wanted to10Potsdam Conference: ResultsCommunist governments set-up in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, PolandSatellite nationsContainment

11Results: Division of GermanyGermany divided: West and EastSoviets blocked all trade and travel to and from East GermanyIsolated West Berlin

12Stalins Promise at PotsdamThe people of Eastern Europe will be allowed to choose their own governmentsBerlin was divided as well

Warsaw PactStalin needs a buffer zone of friendly countries to guard against another attack

Iron CurtainIron Curtain speech by Winston ChurchillIron curtain represented the division between democratic Western Europe and communist Eastern Europe

15Truman and Containment

Truman DoctrineIt must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressuresWhat does that mean?16Truman & Containment: EconomicsMarshall Plan16 countries received $13 billion in aidBy 1952, Western Europe was flourishing and Communist parties lost their appeal to voters

17Truman & Containment: Economics (2)Truman DoctrinePledged to provide economic and military aid to prevent the spread of communism.Congress agreed to send hundreds of millions in aid to Greece and Turkey

KoreaSoviet troops occupied the area to the north and a pro-Soviet communist government came to power. The United States of America provided 88% of the 341,000 international soldiers.Containment

South Koreas Economy

Cuban Missile CrisisKennedy versus Kruschev

Causes of the Cold WarDisagreements between the AlliesDiffering U.S. and Soviet political and economic systemsDifferent goals for postwar GermanySoviet expansion of communism in EuropeResistance to Soviet aggression by the U.S.Effects of The Cold WarPolitical and military struggles around the worldIncreased military spending

Arms raceEver-present danger of nuclear war

400 Million

Common Trends BRAINSTORM: What common trends connect global conflicts?Think P-E-S.Think M-A-I-N.Think!PropagandaGeographyLeadershipProblems with peace

VietnamYou design the slides!You need a total of three slides; Causes, Background, and Effects.Include one graphic image on each slide

Vietnam ~ CausesThe best one goes here!Vietnam ~ BackgroundThe best one goes here!Vietnam ~ EffectsThe best one goes here!Think ~ Write ~ ShareWhat common trends connect global conflicts?

32Name: _______________________________________ Directions: Using your notes and your textbook, please complete this graphic organizer using specific information relevant to each conflict. I have given you the classic causes and effects as well as one more common pattern. Please identify a second pattern and follow your example across to each conflict.BOLD = CausesWWIWWIICOLD WARMilitarismAlliancesImperialismNationalismPolitical CostsEconomic Costs4,101 Billion in FY 2011 $Social CostsPattern: geographyCreation of Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and PolandGermany was divided Vietnam reunified, Germany reunified, China loses TaiwanPattern:33