Collaboration in the User Experience Design Process

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2. THE UX DESIGN APPUX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 3. PERSONAL STORYPhoto by See-ming Lee SML 4. When I started my career in User Experience Design, I was convinced that the key to my success would be establishing the highest possible role of UX in the organization that I used to work for. I was eager to ght for the good name of design with the whole developer-driven company. And I did. Unfortunately, the result was far from my expectations.Photo byEstherGibbons 5. I joined the company as the rst UX Designer.Devs world was shaken. UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 6. Devs believed that technology is what matters while interfaces are a kind of ornament decorating what for them, either way, was beautiful code.Photo by seier+seier UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 7. THE FIGHT BEGANPhoto by by cliff1066 8. It took me a couple of months and lots of nervous break-downs to realizethat ghting was futile. Endless discussions over the role of design inproduct development werent leading to any reasonable results, because...UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 9. FIGHTING ALWAYS COMES UP AGAINST RESISTANCEUX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COMPhoto by Ian Sane 10. In a company that wants to create amazing products, constant ghts withother departments and specialists are just silly.Dangerously silly.They waste time that should be used for developing products to solve thereal-life problems of users. UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 11. IS THERE A HOPE?Photo by milos milosevic UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 12. ANSWER ME!Photo by Furryscaly 13. COLLABORATIVEUX DESIGN! UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 14. WIN TOGETHERUX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 15. THE GOLDEN RULEPhoto by pedrosimoes7 16. In collaborative design take nohostages and leave no man behind.UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 17. You wont take anyhostages if you ensurethat you convince peoplethat they are needed inthe design process even ifthey are not designers.UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 18. You wont leave any men behind if you welcome everybody in the process. And yes I actually mean everybody.Photo by The U.S. ArmyUX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 19. We welcomed everybody (including accountants) to paperprototyping sessions during which all employees had a rightto express their design ideas. 20. PAPER PROTOTYPING REDESIGNED 21. PAPER PROTOTYPING REDESIGNED 22. ONE TEAMPhoto by Gavin Llewellyn 23. I NEEDED TO OVERCOME MY DESIGNERS EGO Oh certainly that was the worst part. Design, which lies at the crossroads of art and science, is an extremely powerful ego booster. When we design, we feel clever and creative at the same time. And we usually feel great responsibility for the nal product. Probably because for most people a product equals its design. This gives us a lot of dignity, but at the same time its the most dangerous trap you can encounter.Photo by loop_ohUX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 24. Enormous design ego is a deadfall that can prevent you fromcreating a great product, because it will emotionally isolateyou from your team.To cut the story short: people will hate you and thats not thebest foundation for cooperation.UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 25. Collaborative workrequires designers to buildtheir self-condencearound the conviction thatonly the whole teamworking together canbuild an excellent product.UX Designers are neededto make it happen, toshare knowledge onhuman behavior and toenhance collaboration inthe team.Photo by jiazi UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 26. We ght for users. Our design and researchtechniques are needed in the process toguide the whole team through the meandersof design challenges.UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 27. THE RESULT?UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 28. Strangely enough, when I stopped ghting for the design position in the organization it improved. One year after we started to implement collaborative design I wasnt the only UX Designer in the company anymore. I was the UX Manager of a respected UX team of ve great designers. Nobody questioned our work anymore and nal products were way better than in the past.Photo by jurvetson UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 29. So the lesson for today is simple: even if you create perfect, reasonableand aesthetic design deliverables, work your ngers to the bone thinkingthrough the product your design may fail, unless you learn how tocollaborate and engage your team in the design process. UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 30. 6 RULES OFCOLLABORATIVEUX DESIGNPhoto by JD Hancock 31. 1. Start collaboration early in the process andcontinue it throughout the product development 32. 2. Welcome everybody in the process (leave noman behind) 33. 3. Explain your design techniques in an engagingway (and take no hostages) 34. 4. Be humble and patient: answer with argumentsnot aggression 35. 5. Accept opinions on every deliverable and researchresult 36. 6. Never forget your ultimate goal: The creation ofstunning products that will solve your users problems 37. READ MORE: 38. THE UX DESIGN APPClick here to join 14 day free trial UX DESIGN APP - WWW.UXPIN.COM 39. Marcin Treder is a design enthusiast that literally lives for creating the best user experience possible. After years working as a UX Designer and UX Manager he focused on his own start-up UXPin that provides tools for UX Designers all over the world. UXPin tools are used by designers in companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce. UXPin was recently voted the best start-up in Central and Eastern Europe. Marcin enjoys writing (e.g. for UXMag, DesignModo, SpeckyBoy...), blogging (Blog UXPin, UXAid, Startup Pirate) and tweeting (@uxpin, @marcintreder).WWW.UXPIN.COM - THE UX DESIGN APP