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<p>Case Postale 308 CH-3963 Crans-Montana (Switzerland) Tel. +41 (0) 27 483 12 00 Fax +41 (0) 27 483 42 43 E-Mail : </p> <p>Ciao, Bella, Ciao </p> <p>Wind Band / Concert Band / Harmonie / Blasorchester / Fanfare </p> <p>Eduardo Suba </p> <p>EMR 10439 </p> <p> 1 8 5 5 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 </p> <p>Parts Score Flute 1st B Clarinet 2nd B Clarinet E Alto Saxophone B Tenor Saxophone 1st B Trumpet / Cornet 2nd B Trumpet / Cornet 1st F &amp; E Horn 1st Trombone + 2nd Trombone + Baritone + Tuba / E Bass / B Bass Drums Percussion Special Parts 1st B Trombone 2nd B Trombone 3rd B Trombone B Baritone E Tuba B Tuba </p> <p> 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 </p> <p>Optional Parts Oboe (optional) Bassoon (optional) E Clarinet (optional) 3rd B Clarinet (optional) B Bass Clarinet (optional) B Soprano Saxophone (optional) E Baritone Saxophone (optional) E Trumpet / Cornet (optional) 3rd B Trumpet / Cornet (optional) 2nd F &amp; E Horn (optional) 3rd Trombone + String Bass / Bass Guitar (optional) Keyboard (optional) Glockenspiel (optional) </p> <p>Fanfare Parts 1st Flugelhorn 2nd Flugelhorn 3rd Flugelhorn </p> <p>Print &amp; Listen Drucken &amp; Anhren Imprimer &amp; Ecouter </p> <p> </p> <p>Collection Fun &amp; Easy </p> <p>DISCOGRAPHY</p> <p>Zu bestellen bei A commander chez To be ordered from:Editions Marc Reift Case Postale 308 CH-3963 Crans-Montana (Switzerland) Tel. +41 (0) 27 483 12 00 Fax +41 (0) 27 483 42 43 E-Mail:</p> <p>TTTTTrackrackrackrackrackNNNNN</p> <p>111112222233333444445555566666777778888899999</p> <p>1010101010111111111112121212121313131313141414141415151515151616161616</p> <p>Titel / TitleTitel / TitleTitel / TitleTitel / TitleTitel / Title(Komponist / Composer)(Komponist / Composer)(Komponist / Composer)(Komponist / Composer)(Komponist / Composer)</p> <p>Caramba Caramba Caramba Caramba Caramba (Naulais)La Rjouissance La Rjouissance La Rjouissance La Rjouissance La Rjouissance (Hndel)Adagio Adagio Adagio Adagio Adagio (Albinoni)Ciao, Bella, Ciao Ciao, Bella, Ciao Ciao, Bella, Ciao Ciao, Bella, Ciao Ciao, Bella, Ciao (Suba)Winter Days Winter Days Winter Days Winter Days Winter Days (Mortimer)Louis Blues Louis Blues Louis Blues Louis Blues Louis Blues (Handy)Allo Wind? Allo Wind? Allo Wind? Allo Wind? Allo Wind? (Naulais)Minuet Minuet Minuet Minuet Minuet (Hndel)Nobody Knows Nobody Knows Nobody Knows Nobody Knows Nobody Knows (Arr.: Naulais)Alone Alone Alone Alone Alone (Naulais)Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Santa Barbara (Montana)Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne (Arr.: Naulais)Contemplation Contemplation Contemplation Contemplation Contemplation (Mortimer)Latin Lovers Latin Lovers Latin Lovers Latin Lovers Latin Lovers (Suba)ShalomShalomShalomShalomShalom (Suba)They Cant TThey Cant TThey Cant TThey Cant TThey Cant Take That Aake That Aake That Aake That Aake That Away Fway Fway Fway Fway From Merom Merom Merom Merom Me (Gershwin)</p> <p>N EMRN EMRN EMRN EMRN EMRBlasorchesterBlasorchesterBlasorchesterBlasorchesterBlasorchesterConcert BandConcert BandConcert BandConcert BandConcert Band</p> <p>EMR 10563EMR 10788EMR 10681EMR 10439EMR 10313EMR 10471EMR 10455EMR 10698EMR 10693EMR 10555EMR 10795EMR 10757EMR 10376EMR 10417EMR 10435EMR 10619</p> <p>TTTTTimeimeimeimeime</p> <p>224250312227234232242203251219301234306412252311</p> <p>CarambaCarambaCarambaCarambaCarambaN EMRN EMRN EMRN EMRN EMRBrass BandBrass BandBrass BandBrass BandBrass Band</p> <p>EMR 3332EMR 3373EMR 3314EMR 3334EMR 3432EMR 3413EMR 3315EMR 3384EMR 3388EMR 3316EMR 3399EMR 3322EMR 3335EMR 3375EMR 3405EMR 3426</p> <p>Recorded on CD - Auf CD aufgenommen - Enregistr sur CD</p> <p>EMR 10439 COPYRIGHT BY EDITIONS MARC REIFT CH-3963 CRANS-MONTANA (SWITZERLAND)</p> <p>ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT SECURED</p> <p> |Photocopyingis illegal!</p> <p>Eduardo Suba</p> <p>Allegro moderato q = 120</p> <p>Ciao, Bella, Ciao2 3 4 5 6</p> <p>Flute (&amp; optional Oboe)</p> <p>Bassoon / Bass Clarinet /Baritone Saxophone</p> <p>(all optional)</p> <p>1st Bb Clarinet</p> <p>2nd Bb Clarinet</p> <p>3rd Bb Clarinet(optional)</p> <p>Eb Alto Saxophone</p> <p>Bb Tenor Saxophone</p> <p>1st Bb Trumpet /Cornet</p> <p>2nd Bb Trumpet /Cornet</p> <p>3rd Bb Trumpet /Cornet</p> <p>(optional)</p> <p>1st F Horn</p> <p>2nd F Horn(optional)</p> <p>1st Trombone</p> <p>2nd Trombone</p> <p>3rd Trombone(optional)</p> <p>Baritone</p> <p>Tuba in C(&amp; optional String Bass</p> <p>or Bass Guitar)</p> <p>Keyboard(optional)</p> <p>Glockenspiel(optional)</p> <p>Percussion</p> <p>Drums</p> <p> optional (= Hn.) </p> <p>mp </p> <p> optional (= Hn.) mp </p> <p> optional (= Hn.) </p> <p>mp </p> <p> optional (= Hn.) mp</p> <p> mp </p> <p> mp </p> <p> p</p> <p> mp</p> <p> p </p> <p> p</p> <p>solo (snare)</p> <p>p</p> <p></p> <p>7 8 9 10 11 12</p> <p>Fl./Ob.</p> <p>Bsn./B.Cl.</p> <p>Bar.Sax.</p> <p>Cl.1</p> <p>Cl.2</p> <p>Cl.3</p> <p>A.Sax.</p> <p>T.Sax.</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.1</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.2</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.3</p> <p>Hn.1</p> <p>Hn.2</p> <p>Tbn.1</p> <p>Tbn.2</p> <p>Tbn.3</p> <p>Bar.</p> <p>Tba./Str.B./B.Gtr</p> <p>Kbd..</p> <p>Glock.</p> <p>Perc.</p> <p>Drums</p> <p> mp</p> <p>solo</p> <p> p </p> <p> p </p> <p>p</p> <p>p</p> <p>p</p> <p>p</p> <p></p> <p>4</p> <p>13 14 15 16 17 18</p> <p>Fl./Ob.</p> <p>Bsn./B.Cl.</p> <p>Bar.Sax.</p> <p>Cl.1</p> <p>Cl.2</p> <p>Cl.3</p> <p>A.Sax.</p> <p>T.Sax.</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.1</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.2</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.3</p> <p>Hn.1</p> <p>Hn.2</p> <p>Tbn.1</p> <p>Tbn.2</p> <p>Tbn.3</p> <p>Bar.</p> <p>Tba./Str.B./B.Gtr</p> <p>Kbd..</p> <p>Glock.</p> <p>Perc.</p> <p>Drums</p> <p> B.Sax. tacet</p> <p>mf</p> <p> playmf </p> <p> play</p> <p>mf </p> <p> playmf </p> <p>playmf</p> <p> playmf </p> <p>www.reift.chEMR 10439</p> <p>5</p> <p>19 20 21 22 23 24</p> <p>Fl./Ob.</p> <p>Bsn./B.Cl.</p> <p>Bar.Sax.</p> <p>Cl.1</p> <p>Cl.2</p> <p>Cl.3</p> <p>A.Sax.</p> <p>T.Sax.</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.1</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.2</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.3</p> <p>Hn.1</p> <p>Hn.2</p> <p>Tbn.1</p> <p>Tbn.2</p> <p>Tbn.3</p> <p>Bar.</p> <p>Tba./Str.B./B.Gtr</p> <p>Kbd..</p> <p>Glock.</p> <p>Perc.</p> <p>Drums</p> <p> f</p> <p> f</p> <p> f </p> <p> f</p> <p>f </p> <p> f</p> <p>f </p> <p>www.reift.chEMR 10439</p> <p>6</p> <p>25 26 27 28 29 30</p> <p>Fl./Ob.</p> <p>Bsn./B.Cl.</p> <p>Bar.Sax.</p> <p>Cl.1</p> <p>Cl.2</p> <p>Cl.3</p> <p>A.Sax.</p> <p>T.Sax.</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.1</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.2</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.3</p> <p>Hn.1</p> <p>Hn.2</p> <p>Tbn.1</p> <p>Tbn.2</p> <p>Tbn.3</p> <p>Bar.</p> <p>Tba./Str.B./B.Gtr</p> <p>Kbd..</p> <p>Glock.</p> <p>Perc.</p> <p>Drums</p> <p> f</p> <p> B.Sax. play</p> <p>f</p> <p> f </p> <p> f </p> <p> f </p> <p>f</p> <p>f</p> <p> f</p> <p> f</p> <p>f</p> <p> f</p> <p>f</p> <p>f </p> <p>f </p> <p> f</p> <p> f</p> <p>TAMB. </p> <p>www.reift.chEMR 10439</p> <p>7</p> <p>31 32 33 34 35 36</p> <p>Fl./Ob.</p> <p>Bsn./B.Cl.</p> <p>Bar.Sax.</p> <p>Cl.1</p> <p>Cl.2</p> <p>Cl.3</p> <p>A.Sax.</p> <p>T.Sax.</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.1</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.2</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.3</p> <p>Hn.1</p> <p>Hn.2</p> <p>Tbn.1</p> <p>Tbn.2</p> <p>Tbn.3</p> <p>Bar.</p> <p>Tba./Str.B./B.Gtr</p> <p>Kbd..</p> <p>Glock.</p> <p>Perc.</p> <p>Drums</p> <p>mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p> mf</p> <p>mf</p> <p>www.reift.chEMR 10439</p> <p>8</p> <p>37 38 39 40 41 42</p> <p>Fl./Ob.</p> <p>Bsn./B.Cl.</p> <p>Bar.Sax.</p> <p>Cl.1</p> <p>Cl.2</p> <p>Cl.3</p> <p>A.Sax.</p> <p>T.Sax.</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.1</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.2</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.3</p> <p>Hn.1</p> <p>Hn.2</p> <p>Tbn.1</p> <p>Tbn.2</p> <p>Tbn.3</p> <p>Bar.</p> <p>Tba./Str.B./B.Gtr</p> <p>Kbd..</p> <p>Glock.</p> <p>Perc.</p> <p>Drums</p> <p>mf </p> <p>mf</p> <p> soli</p> <p>(mf)</p> <p>mf</p> <p> soli</p> <p>(mf)</p> <p>mf</p> <p> soli</p> <p>(mf)</p> <p>soli</p> <p>(mf)</p> <p>mf </p> <p>mf</p> <p>mf</p> <p>www.reift.chEMR 10439</p> <p>943 44 45 46 47 48</p> <p>Fl./Ob.</p> <p>Bsn./B.Cl.</p> <p>Bar.Sax.</p> <p>Cl.1</p> <p>Cl.2</p> <p>Cl.3</p> <p>A.Sax.</p> <p>T.Sax.</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.1</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.2</p> <p>Tpt./Cnt.3</p> <p>Hn.1</p> <p>Hn.2</p> <p>Tbn.1</p> <p>Tbn.2</p> <p>Tbn.3</p> <p>Bar.</p> <p>Tba./Str.B./B.Gtr</p> <p>Kbd..</p> <p>Glock.</p> <p>Perc.</p> <p>Drums</p> <p> mp</p> <p> mp </p> <p>mp</p> <p>mp</p> <p>mp </p> <p>mp</p> <p>mp </p> <p>mp </p> <p> p </p> <p>www.reift.chEMR 10439</p> <p>10</p> <p> Wind Band - Harmonie - Blasorchester Ideal fr kleine und Jugendensembles </p> <p>Idal pour les petites formations ou ensembles de jeunes Ideal for small ensembles and young bands </p> <p>Alle die Mini-Partituren sind auf Tous les mini scores sur: See all the mini-scores on </p> <p> EMR 10633 EMR 10621 EMR 10396 EMR 10692 EMR 10681 EMR 10455 EMR 10555 EMR 10762 EMR 10425 EMR 10441 EMR 10388 EMR 10768 EMR 10676 EMR 10757 EMR 10699 EMR 10700 EMR 10712 EMR 10404 EMR 10629 EMR 10407 EMR 10565 EMR 10483 EMR 10708 EMR 10466 EMR 10563 EMR 10246 EMR 10439 EMR 10376 EMR 10373 EMR 10422 EMR 10302 EMR 10554 EMR 10680 EMR 10783 EMR 10473 EMR 10758 EMR 10443 EMR 10620 EMR 10666 EMR 10256 EMR 10790 EMR 10564 EMR 10647 EMR 10557 EMR 10760 EMR 10276 EMR 10701 EMR 10759 </p> <p>S Wonderful A Foggy Day A Peaceful Moment Abide With Me Adagio Allo Wind ? Alone Amazing Grace Americana Suite Animals March Aria Arioso Arioso Auld Lang Syne Ave Maria Ave Maria Ave Verum Beach Party Bess You is My Woman Now Bittersweet Blue Dream Bourree Brautchor By George! Caramba Ceremonial Procession Ciao, Bella, Ciao Contemplation Courtly Dances Cowboy Country Dance Of The Condor Dany Bop Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur Down By The Riverside El Choclo El Condor Pasa (Solo) Elite Syncopation (Solo) Embraceable You Fanfare Rondeau Fifth Avenue Final Curtain First Rendez-vous Free Time Full Moon Funiculi Funicula (Trumpet Trio or Quartet) Gershwin Fantasy (Duet) Glory, Glory, Alleluja Go Down Moses </p> <p>G. Gershwin G. Gershwin J.G. Mortimer J. Naulais T. Albinoni J. Naulais J. Naulais J. Naulais J.G. Mortimer D. Andrews J.S. Bach J.S. Bach G.F. Hndel J. Naulais C. Gounod F. Schubert W.A. Mozart J.G. Mortimer G. Gershwin J.G. Mortimer J. Naulais N. Tailor R. Wagner G. Gershwin J. Naulais D. Andrews E. Suba J.G. Mortimer J.G. Mortimer J. Bellini E. Suba J. Naulais4 L.v. Beethoven J. Naulais E. Suba J. Naulais S. Joplin G. Gershwin J.J. Mouret N. Tailor T. Barclay J. Naulais C. Montana J. Naulais J. Naulais J.G. Mortimer J. Naulais J. Naulais </p> <p>EMR 10644 EMR 10560 EMR 10453 EMR 10243 EMR 10665 EMR 10787 EMR 10785 EMR 10705 EMR 10265 EMR 10444 EMR 10698 EMR 10786 EMR 10446 EMR 10421 EMR 10258 EMR 10793 EMR 10693 EMR 10710 EMR 10767 EMR 10426 EMR 10472 EMR 10411 EMR 10442 EMR 10643 EMR 10561 EMR 10378 EMR 10438 EMR 10556 EMR 10794 EMR 10257 EMR 10447 EMR 10795 EMR 10677 EMR 10707 EMR 10416 EMR 10413 EMR 10694 EMR 10435 EMR 10558 EMR 10434 EMR 10478 EMR 10451 EMR 10704 EMR 10526 EMR 10622 EMR 10782 EMR 10471 EMR 10427 EMR 10797 </p> <p>Latino Little Wooden Soldiers Les Yeux Noirs Manhattan Rag March Scipio March Judas Maccabeus March Occasional Oratorio Marche Religieuse Martial Prelude Mexican Hat Dance (Trio) Minuet Menuet Morning Has Broken (Solo) Moscow By Night Moulin Rouge Movie Sequences Nobody Knows Ode To Joy Overture from Water Music Palace Of Versailles Pasodoble Ol Polovetzian Dance Pop Folk Suite Praise The Lord Procession Recreation Rising Sun Rodeo Drive Romantic Rosebud March Royal Wedding Music Santa Barbara Sarabande 1 Sarabande 2 Saturday Night Scotland The Brave Serenade Shalom Siberia Sky Boat Song Solemn Intrada Solemn Prelude Solvejgs Lied Solitude Someone To Watch Over Me St. Anthony Choral St. Louis Blues Summertime Summit </p> <p>C. Montana J. Naulais J. Naulais J.G. Mortimer G.F. Hndel G.F. Hndel G.F. Hndel C.W. Gluck D. Andrews E. Suba G.F. Hndel H. Purcell S. Richards J. Oliver J. Oliver T. Barclay J. Naulais L.v. Beethoven G.F. Hndel J. Naulais E. Suba A. Borodine J. Naulais T. Barclay J. Naulais J.G. Mortimer P. King J. Naulais C. Montana S. Joplin J.G. Mortimer C. Montana G.F. Hndel G.F. Hndel J.G. Mortimer J. Oliver F. Schubert E. Suba J. Naulais P. King J. Oliver S. Richards E. Grieg J. Naulais G. Gershwin J. Haydn W.C. Handy G. Gershwin T. Barclay Case Postale 308 CH-3963 Crans-Montana (Switzerland) </p> <p>Tel. + 41 (0)27 483 12 00 Fax + 41 (0)27 483 42 43 E-Mail : </p> <p>EMR 10791 EMR 10445 EMR 10424 EMR 10691 EMR 10766 EMR 10432 EMR 10796 EMR 10756 EMR 10784 EMR 10630 EMR 10679 EMR 10631 EMR 10428 EMR 10474 EMR 10467 EMR 10623 EMR 10456 EMR 10703 EMR 10702 EMR 10755 EMR 10788 EMR 10706 EMR 10417 </p> <p>Good Friends Good Night, Ladies Gospel Spirit Greensleeves Grosser Gott Wir Preisen Dich Hampton Court Suite Happy Sailor Hava Nagila Hochzeitsmarsch I Got Plenty O Nuttin I Got Rhythm I Love You Porgy Il Silenzio Inca Dance Irish Rhapsody It Aint Necessarily So Jeux Interdits (Solo) Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho Kalinka La Cucaracha (Clarinet Trio) La Rjouissance aus der Feuerwerksmusik Largo Latin Lovers (Duet) </p> <p>C. Montana J.G. Mortimer D. Andrews J. Naulais J. Naulais S. Richards T. Barclay J. Naulais F. Mendelssohn G. Gershwin G. Gershwin G. Gershwin J. Naulais N. Tailor G. Macduff G. Gershwin J. Naulais J. Naulais J. Naulais J. Naulais G.F. Hndel G.F. Hndel E. Suba </p> <p>EMR 10792 EMR 10562 EMR 10465 EMR 10414 EMR 10711 EMR 10559 EMR 10264 EMR 10761 EMR 10143 EMR 10618 EMR 10255 EMR 10619 EMR 10709 EMR 10402 EMR 10667 EMR 10664 EMR 10678 EMR 10454 EMR 10479 EMR 10462 EMR 10401 EMR 10313 </p> <p>Sunshine Sweet Mary Swing Low (Solo) Swiss Holiday Te Deum Tea Time That Happy Feeling The Entertainer The Kings Pleasure The Man I Love The Song Of The Dolphin They Cant Take That Away From Me Trumerei Tristesse Trumpet Tune Trumpet Voluntary Trumpet Voluntary Vaya Chicos Viva Italia (Quartet) Westminster March When The Saints Go Marching In Winter Days (Solo) </p> <p>T. Barclay J. Naulais J. Oliver D. Andrews M.A CharpentierJ. Naulais S. Richards S. Joplin J.G. Mortimer G. Gershwin J.G. Mortimer G. Gershwin R. Schumann F. Chopin H. Purcell J. Clarke J. Stanley J. Naulais E. Suba P. King J. Naulais J.G. Mortimer </p> <p> Les Editions Marc Reift ont le plaisir de vous prsenter une toute nouvelle collection FUN &amp; EASY destine surtout aux jeunes musiciens et aux petits ensembles: L instrumentation est allge par rapport une harmonie complte, plusieurs instruments tant facultatifs. Nous avons choisi des titres et des styles de musique qui plairont aux jeunes, et nous vous garantissons que ces pieces vont connatrent un success immediat auprs des membres de votre socit ainsi que de votre public. Marc Reift Editions are happy to present a new collection - FUN &amp; EASY, which is intended specially for young musicians and small bands. The instrumentation has been simplified in comparison with a normal full wind band, several instruments being optional. We have chosen titles and styles which young people will enjoy, and we guarantee that these pieces will be an immediate success with your players and with the audience. Der Verlag Marc Reift freut sich, Ihnen eine ganz neue Sammlung vorzustellen : FUN &amp; EASY, die vor allem fr junge Musiker und kleine Ensembles geeignet ist. Die Besetzung ist gegenber dem normalen vollen Blasorchester etwas vereinfacht und mehrere Instrumente sind fakultativ. Wir haben Titel und Musikstile gewhlt, die jungen Leuten gefallen werden und wir versprechen Ihnen, dass diese Stcke bei Ihren Musikern als auch beim Publikum viel Erfolg haben werden. </p> <p> HistoryItem_V1 SimpleBooklet Create a new document Order: consecutive Sheet size: 11.693 x 8.268 inches / 297.0 x 210.0 mm Front and back: normal Align: centre each page in its half of sheet </p> <p> 0 CentrePages Inline 10.0000 20.0000 0 Corners 0.3000 None 1 0.0000 1 0 0 D:20100301120423 841.8898 a4 Blank 595.2756 </p> <p> Wide 16 Consec 442 176 1 Custom CurrentAVDoc </p> <p> 1 </p> <p> QITE_QuiteImposing2 Quite Imposing 2 2.0 Quite Imposing 2 1 </p> <p> 1 </p> <p> HistoryList_V1 qi2base</p>


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