College For All Kids Summer Camps 2015

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Schedule of camps June 1 - Aug. 7


<ul><li><p>Register online at or call 636-922-8233.</p><p>2015</p><p>College for All Kids &amp; TEENS TOO!</p><p>AGES 5-14</p><p>JUNE 1- AUG. 7</p><p>Summer Camps</p></li><li><p>2 w</p><p>Before- and After-Care Program Available! Before-care is available at 7 a.m., and after-care is available until 5:45 p.m. The minimum age for students to attend is 5 years old. There will be no after-care available for half-day morning camps if your child is only registered in a morning camp. For afternoon-only camps, there will be no before-care available if your child is only registered in an afternoon camp.</p><p>Lunch Supervision If you register your child in both a morning and afternoon half-day camp, you must register for lunch supervision. The cost is $10. No student can be left unattended for lunch. Safety is our #1 goal! Our staff will pick up students from their camp, supervise them at lunch and take them to their afternoon camp. Full-day camps do not require registration for lunch supervision.</p><p>Quality programming College for All Kids programs are designed to attain the following goals: Provide hands-on exploration in </p><p>specialized fields such as science, engineering, technology, chemestry, math, language arts, computer science, career explorations, visual/performing arts, fine arts and sports.</p><p> Provide challenging experiences and intellectual stimulation for students to develop their special interests.</p><p> Expose students to a learning atmosphere that will motivate them to achieve their highest potential.</p><p>Safe We are committed to ensuring your childs safety. All instructors and staff have passed a background check, and camp assistants are CPR-certified and Epi-Pen trained. Training for all staff is provided to ensure the safest environment possible. Parents must </p><p>sign their child in and out daily. Our student-to-adult ratio is 10:1. Safety, fun and learning are what our program is all about!</p><p>Diverse Join College for All Kids for a fun-filled summer with so much variety you will never get bored! Our camps range from culinary to technology and everything in-between! You will definitely find a program that your child will love.</p><p>Fun Our instructors and staff are committed to making sure your child has a blast at camp with lots of fun, hands-on activities and cool projects. Fridays are fun days with extra activities and an ice cream bar after lunch. What can be more fun than that? Kids have the option of purchasing lunch in the Student Center cafeteria or bringing lunch from home. Dont forget to send a snack each day students are busy </p><p>with activity and get very hungry. $6 will cover lunch and drink (water bottle or Sunny D), and $1 covers the ice cream bar on Fridays. Who knows, your child may meet his or her new BFF at camp!</p><p>Flexible Come for a half-day camp or full-day camp, or come for the whole summer. Our before- and after-care program gives working parents the flexibility your family needs!</p><p>Get your welcome packet After registering, make sure to download the welcome packet at click on Summer Camps, then follow the underlined link at the top of the page. The packet includes important information you should know plus a welcome letter, menu options and an emergency form that must to be returned one week prior to camp.</p><p>Register online </p><p> at or call 636-922-8233.</p><p>Register early! Limited availability.</p><p>College for All Kids &amp; TEENS TOO!</p><p>ARE YOU READY? AGES 5-14</p></li><li><p>w 3</p><p>THINGS PARENTS SHOULD KNOW</p><p>We are passionate about providing welcoming, safe camps that inspire and cultivate everyones interests and spark new ones! Our qualified, caring and competent instructors and camp assistants believe that offering an innovative, active education is key to enriching a childs mind, body and spirit. </p><p>Most instructors are teachers or professionals in their field. Camp assistants are college or high school students who have participated in orientation and a training workshop that includes being CPR-certified and EPI-Pen trained. Many plan to pursue education degrees in college. All instructors and staff have passed a criminal background check.</p><p>Additional information can be found in the welcome packet located online at Click on summer camps, and you will see it at the top of the page. For program policies, visit</p><p>For general questions, please call 636-922-8233. For program questions or concerns, contact Amy Fitzwilliam, program specialist, at 636-922-8335.</p><p>Days, Dates and Hours Full-day camps are scheduled in one-week sessions from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday including a lunch and recess period. Recess includes a walk to the College Center gym after lunch with students choice of games to play. Choose from a variety of programs to create a half-day or full day of camps. Before- and after-care are also available from 7 a.m.-5:45 p.m. Half-day camps are from 9 a.m.-noon and/or 1-4 p.m. If you choose two half-day camps, you must register for a lunch supervision. Full-day camps do not require registration in lunch supervision.</p><p>Locations The majority of camps are held at St. Charles Community Colleges main campus with the exception of some camps which will have the following icons in front of them:</p><p>Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times For safety reasons, children are not allowed on campus unless accompanied by an adult or registered for an SCC camp or class. Additionally, parents/guardians need to bring children to their camp or before-care in the morning and sign them in. After camp, all students need to be signed out. Also, students must not be on campus more than 15 minutes prior to camp, and they must be picked up within 15 minutes after camp ends. No vehicles can be parked in the front circle lot.</p><p>Late Pick-Up Procedure Students not picked by 4:15 p.m. will be escorted to after- care located in Room 112 in the Fine Arts Building and must remain until a parent or guardian comes in to pick him/her up. NOTE: repeated late pick ups (more than two) will result in a mandatory $25 charge.</p><p>An email is sent out to all participants one week prior to camp start date with detailed camp information parents need to be aware of for the week.</p><p>Who We Are: The College for All Kids Team</p><p>St. Charles Arts Council 7443 Village Center Drive OFallon, MO 63368</p><p>The SCC/LU Nursing and Allied Health Center 1 Academy Place Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368</p><p>Great Skate 130 Boone Hills Drive St. Peters, MO 63376</p><p>Art Glass Array 501 Kingshighway St. Charles, MO 63301</p><p>Check In Procedure</p><p>All students will check in on Monday mornings 10-15 minutes prior to the start of camp or before-care. Detailed information about location of a particular camp is located in the welcome packet that you can print off at (and click on summer camps). At this time, you can turn in your health form and hold harmless form (unless you already mailed them in), receive your name badge, pick up a lunch menu and receive any additional information for your camp. If your child has an EPI-Pen and is not able to self-administer, please have it labeled with the childs name and in a sealed bag, and check it in to a staff member.</p></li><li><p>4 w</p><p>In support of the Missouri Department of Higher Educations (MDHE) commitment to improve education and support the development of industry in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), St. Charles Community College will offer 38 youth STEM camps this summer at SCC and at our Nursing and Allied Health Center located in Dardenne Prairie. Our camps are designed to make learning fun and exciting and to encourage students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The college is involved in a number of efforts to improve STEM education through academic programs and partnerships. </p><p>Just look for the next to the camp name to distinguish if its a STEM camp!</p><p>STEM CAMPS</p><p>Minecraft Designers</p><p>If you love the game Minecraft but always wanted to design your own characters and buildings for your games, this camp is for you! Learn the basics of creating 3D models using new software to design your very own objects, create skins for characters and import them into your favorite Minecraft games. To access their project at home, students must have a PC/MAC version of Minecraft. Tablet, phone and game console version of Minecraft are not compatible. Parent email address is required to use 3D modeling software. New teachers this year; students can work individually or in pairs. </p><p>AGES 11-14</p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 9a-noon $149 </p><p>AGES 8-10</p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 1-4p $149 </p><p>WEEK OF JUNE 1</p><p>Geocaching The Search for Treasure! (AGES 7-12)</p><p>Welcome to the high-tech treasure hunt. Join us for one of the fastest growing outdoor activities. Using handheld GPS units, you will hike SCC for buried caches. Be the first group to master reading a map and coordinates, learn the importance of maintaining your logbook and use Internet sites to update data that can be used by other hunters. After this week, you will be able to direct your own family on a similar adventure. Bring your GPS to camp if you have one. </p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 9a-noon $99 </p><p>Point! Shoot! Digital Photography (AGES 7-12)</p><p>Have fun transforming your photos into your own special work of art! Unleash the photographer in you and make your photos and videos come alive! Become familiar with design elements used in compositions by photographing flowers, landscapes, other elements of nature, architecture and people. Create your own slide show by adding special effects and music. Be a star in your own computer-generated video! Bring digital camera to camp.</p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 9a-4p $175 </p></li><li><p>w 5</p><p>Cupcake Wars (AGES 7-9)</p><p>Do you love to make cupcakes and watch Cupcake Wars on the Food Network? In this amazing camp, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild as you discover how to use icing, flavorings, candy clay, gumpaste, decorations and candies and turn them into creations of art! Each day you will be given a theme. On the final day, we will have our very own cupcake wars. Teams will create a business name and a logo. Are you up for the challenge? Aprons will be provided. </p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 9a-noon $109 </p><p>Blast Off Into Outer Space (AGES 7-12)</p><p>Design, build and launch your own rocket out of paper, bottles, tubes and more. Learn about thrust, lift, balance and force while experimenting with several forms of propulsion such as chemical reactions and pressures. Teams will develop a business plan to create a rocket for NASA to use for space tourism. From designing, creating budgets, building and launching, you determine which team will be the next to send their rockets on a space vacation. If we can make it launch, it is going up!</p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 9a-4p $169 </p><p>Beginning Volleyball (AGES 9-14)</p><p>Learn the fundamentals of volleyball while having a great time! Students will be taught all the basic skills for volleyball (passing, setting, serving and spiking). Taught by an experienced volleyball coach. Tuition includes T-shirt. </p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 9a-noon $109 </p><p>Young Composers (AGES 5-7)</p><p>Does your child love to sing? Learn the fundamentals of singing and playing instruments. Your child will explore the basics of rhythm, melody and dynamics while creating and writing their own music with homemade instruments. Activities include making a life-sized musical staff, playing, singing and dancing games, exploring a few historic musical figures and learning songs for a performance at the end of the week. </p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 9a-noon $109 </p><p>Disney Musical Junior (AGES 5-7)</p><p>This camp is for the Disney princes and princesses who love to sing and dance. Explore a new Disney story every day, and learn songs, vocal techniques and choreography for an end-of-the-week performance. Your child will love dressing up as a new character each day and making movie-themed snacks to go with each beloved Disney story. </p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 1-4p $109 </p><p>= STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) camp</p></li><li><p>6 w</p><p>WEEK OF JUNE 1</p><p>Journey Into Imagination</p><p>Channel your creativity as you use stories and games to explore different settings. Become a pirate, an undersea explorer, circus performer or anything you can imagine as you use improv to create scenes and bring your characters to life. Come meet new friends, get wacky and grow in confidence as you learn to perform for your classmates. Class held at the Nursing and Allied Health Building location in Dardenne Prairie.</p><p>AGES 8-10</p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 9a-noon $115</p><p>AGES 11-14</p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 1-4p $115 </p><p>LEGO Robotics Engineering Camp (AGES 7-10)</p><p>New! Ev3 LEGO robotic engineering kits bring you the latest technology in programming education. Build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors, learn simple programming techniques to make models perform simple tasks and explore a series of cross-curricular, theme-based activities, all while developing skills in science, technology, engineering, math, language and literacy. Students will work in teams. </p><p>6/1-6/5 M-F 1-4p $115 </p><p>Drama Camp (AGES 8-14)</p><p>The entire worlds a stage! Experience the exciting process of theatre through scene work and characterization. You will audition for a specific published play on the first day. For the following four days, you will block the play, work on characterization and gather props and costumes. A final performance will be on Friday. </p><p>6/8-6/12 M-F 9a-4p $179 </p><p>An American Girls Life (AGES 7-12)</p><p>Enjoy the week with Josefina, Kirsten, Rebecca, Molly and Julie. Journey into each dolls time period. Explore a way to be helpful or charitable and choose a project to make for your favorite charity. Plant a garden, learn Spanish, eat chocolate fondue, create a scrapbook and more! Class held at Nursing and Allied Health location in Dardenne Prairie.</p><p>6/8-6/12 M-F 9a-4p $169 </p><p>WEEK OF JUNE 8</p><p>Percy Jackson Olympians, Lightning Thief Camp (AGES 8-12)</p><p>Join Percy and his friends as mythological monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus walk straight out of the pages of Percys Greek mythology textbook right into this fun and imaginative camp. Do you have what it takes to fight your way through a world of mythological monsters and dangerous demi-gods? If you find your way to camp half-blood, you just may learn to fight like a real hero, save mythological creatures and battle the powers of the underworld. Only you can complete your quest (with the help of your friends, of course)!</p><p>6/8-6/12 M-F 9a-4p $169 </p></li><li><p>w 7</p><p>= STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) camp</p><p>= class held at the Nursing and Allied Health Center</p><p>Kids in the Kitchen (AGES 7-9)</p><p>Love to be in the kitchen? Growing gourmets will have the opportunity to cook and have fun! Immerse yourself with cooking techniques, tools of the trade, basic etiquette, nutrition, safety, and even a little kitchen math. Students will be making gourmet sandwiches, homemade pizzas, cupcakes, pasta and more. Each day will be a different theme. Students will be cookin...</p></li></ul>