Colonial Hobbies, Sports, and Fun!

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Colonial Hobbies, Sports, and Fun!. Click To Begin!!!. Options. Hobbies. Fun. Sports. Hunting. Hunting was fun and provided food for families in Colonial times also a great hobby today. Trapping. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hunting was fun and provided food for families in Colonial times also a great hobby today.OptionsHobbiesSportsFunBilliards

Billiards was a game colonists played. They would make bets and was a way to just get your mind off of something that happened that day.Trapping

Trapping was also another hobby colonists had fun doing and could make money off of too. Also enjoyed today.Fishing

Fishing was done mostly along the Atlantic coast but also could be done in small ponds or streams that was a great weekend adventure for colonists and put food on the table. Also greatly enjoyed today.Farming

Colonists enjoyed farming but also was a lot of work. They provided food for their families and sold products at stores in towns. Farming is also done today.Go BackEnd Sledding

Women and children would find a hill when snow covered the ground and slid down on a sled. Sledding is also greatly enjoyed today.Pitching Quoits

Pitching Quoits is known today as horse shoe. When a horseshoe is thrown trying to get it onto a post. It is a great game at barbeques and parties.Ninepins

Ninepins was a game similar to todays bowling. Colonists rolled a wooden ball trying to knock over nine wooden pins. End Tennis/Battledores

Tennis was played by bouncing a ball over a net with a racket back and forth. Battledores is the same as todays bad mitten which is played by hitting a birdie over a net with a racket.Fencing/Jousting

Fencing is a way of sword fighting with a thin piece of metal. Jousting is an ancient pastime where two men ride horses and try to knock each other off. Foot Races/Bag Races

Slaves and colonist raced to see who was the fastest and the most endurance.Wrestling

Wrestling was a sport mostly slaves did to challenge strength between two men.Soccer

Soccer was played the same as it was played today. No hands on the ball just kicking it with your feet and using your head and chest as your hands.Football


Boating was the same as it is today. When families took a weekend and went out on a lake on a boat for fun.Hockey

It was called Kolven at first but was later called Hockey. Which is greatly known today.Go BackEnd