Color Symbolism in Life and Literature

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Color Symbolism in Life and Literature. Interpreting Fitzgeralds use of color in The Great Gatsby. Psychology of Color Association. Color affects peoples moods The intensity, tint, and shade of the color influence mood Examples: Orange is energizing Peach is soothing . RED. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Color Symbolism in Life and Literature

Interpreting Fitzgeralds use of color in The Great GatsbyColor Symbolism in Life and LiteraturePsychology of Color AssociationColor affects peoples moodsThe intensity, tint, and shade of the color influence moodExamples:Orange is energizingPeach is soothing REDStimulates appetiteRaises blood pressureAttracts attentionCreates excitement Takes controlIt is force, bold, extreme, aggressive, impulsive, and energeticRED suggestsPhysical strength RejuvenationSelf-confidenceLovePassionDanger Courage Vitality

ORANGEAssociated with thirst and refreshmentCreates a sense of order and equality without power and controlDecreases hostility and irritabilityConsidered friendly, cheerful, and happyIs an antidepressantORANGE suggestsSocialGregariousActiveJovialFickleExtroverted PURPLEContains elements of surprise and magicRepresents loyaltySuggests romanceEases the mind and overactive glandsConveys elegance and creativity Suppresses appetite PURPLE suggestsImaginationPassionWisdomReverenceInspirationSpiritualityEnlightenmentQuietness BLACK suggestsSophisticationEleganceDignityPowerWorldlinessAloofnessIntimidationMystery death

WHITE suggestsPurity InnocenceCleanlinessYouthNaiveteCold (emotions)GRAY suggestsIntelligenceGuarded behaviorSense of disciplineLack of assertiveness

BROWN suggestsWarmthComfortSolidarityLess intense behavior, responses GREEN suggestsNatureHealthyGood luckRenewalYouthFertility JealousyInexperience Envy Misfortune BLUE suggestsPeaceTranquility CalmStabilityHarmonySecurity OrderDepressionYELLOW suggestsJoyIdealism ImaginationFriendship HopeCowardiceCovetousnessDeceit IllnessFriendship


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