Color Symbolism & Psychology

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Color Symbolism & Psychology. Peoples feelings towards colors. Symbolism. Colors often symbolize certain things to cultures. Red, White & Blue? Red & Green? Orange & Black? Red? White? Black?. Use of Color in Interior Decorating. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Color Symbolism & PsychologyPeoples feelings towards colors

  • SymbolismColors often symbolize certain things to cultures.Red, White & Blue?Red & Green?Orange & Black?Red?White? Black?

  • Use of Color in Interior DecoratingIf you had a large room you wanted to make cozy, what room would you paint it?If you had a small room that seemed dark, what color would you paint it?We need to consider this when making arrangements.

  • Colors Evoke FeelingsYellowHappy, cheerful, bright, symbol of friendship, ConcentrationRedStimulating, exciting, warm, joyful, expresses loveBlueQuiet, cool, retiring, dignity, dormality

  • Colors Evoke FeelingsOrangeWarmth, Autumn, Pumpkins, HalloweenGreenRestful, symbol for living things, St. Pats DayVioletRestful, royalty, EleganceBlackSomberness, death, Halloween, Dramatic effectWhitePurity, Innocence, weddings, winter, sterility


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