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  • Common Proofreading Symbols

    Symbol Meaning

    insert something

    use a period here


    transpose elements

    close up this space

    begin new paragraph

    no paragraph

  • space needed here

    Common Proofreading Abbreviations Abbreviation Meaning Example Agr agreement problem:

    subject/verb or pronoun/antecedent

    The piano as well as the guitar need tuning. The student lost their book.

    Awk awkward expression or construction

    The storm had the effect of causing millions of dollars in damage.

    = faulty capitalization We spent the Fall in Southern spain. Frag fragment Depending on the amount of snow we get this winter

    and whether the towns buy new trucks. Non-seq non-sequitur does not follow what came before Ital italicize used in the reference list usually with journal titles Word is circled spelling error This sentence is flaude with two mispellings. Wdy wordy Seldom have we perused a document so verbose,

    so ostentatious in phrasing, so burdened with too many words. _____ check word usage/phrasing

    and/or reads and or or because the slash / reads as or, when you mean to say and or type and or

    when you use a hyphen - or a dash there should not be any space before or after them, for example parent-child relationship See the Punctuation Guide for specifics about how to use hyphens and dashes.


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