Communicating with Your Boss

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Communicating with Your Boss. Be a Leader. ISO-405-PD-EV-1202-V1.0. Who Else is Interested in this Topic:. CNN Harvard Business Review Dilbert CIGNA. Four Ways We Communicate Up. Planning the way we communicate Managing priorities & expectations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Communicating with Your BossBe a LeaderISO-405-PD-EV-1202-V1.0</p> <p>CNNHarvard Business ReviewDilbertEssortment.comCIGNAWho Else is Interested in this Topic:</p> <p>Four Ways We Communicate UpPlanning the way we communicate</p> <p>Managing priorities &amp; expectations</p> <p>Receiving suggestions &amp; feedback</p> <p>Selling an idea up</p> <p>Managers Priorities and Goals</p> <p>Planning the Way We CommunicateFrequencySubject MatterFollow Up TimingEvidenceMethodAudience</p> <p>Managing Priorities and ExpectationsPeopleProcessLeadingDoingHow do relationships impact our ability to manage priorities and expectations?</p> <p>Managing Priorities Communication ProcessAssure the other person the project request is importantClarify expectationsSpell out responsibilities and prioritizeTry to help solve the requestAsk for appropriate resourcesThank the person for the opportunity</p> <p>Receiving Suggestions &amp; Feedback</p> <p>Feedback Communication ProcessThank your manager for the suggestionFind a point of agreement and relate itAsk questions for clarificationIf you disagree with the suggestion, calmly state your reasonsRelate your plan of action and get agreementThank the person again</p> <p>Selling and Idea Up</p> <p>Selling Up Communication ProcessBring the topic up and ask first for your managers ideas about the topicAsk permission to state your case. Talk about the solutionInvite dialogue and listen Know when to accept No Outline benefits </p>