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This is a communication strategy I had created for my a fake brand that I had created as part of my course. This document outlines the brand's target audience, communication channels, company objectives and other details


<p>Communication Strategy for Couch PotatoCurrent Situation:Couch Potato is an entertainment website that publishes the latest news on movies and TV shows. Our website is updated everyday with news from all that happens in Hollywood, we also share the latest reviews, images and trailers. Apart from our website, we have a digital presence on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook where we are trying to have a following of people who are interested in movies and television. Since movies and television are a visual medium, we have a Pinterest account that shares photos and images.Company Objectives: Increase readership of the website Focus more on action and superhero movies/TV shows Create a revenue stream through ads Be the movie/TV website our target audience will visit to get all the news Promote good, entertaining films and TV shows regardless of their production budgetCommunications Objective: Have around 5,000 followers on Twitter Follow other entertainment websites and adapt their promotional strategy Interact with our followers on Facebook and Twitter to improve our visibilit Have around 10,000 likes on Facebook page Daily target on social media: 35-40 tweets/per day: 4 tweets per hour / repost articles via tweets every 4 hours. 7-8 status updates in a day 3-4 photos updated on Pinterest every day Create content every week that will get more likes, shares and retweetsTarget Audience Audience that loves action movies and TV shows Between 18-35 year olds, predominantly male Students and working professionals who own smartphones and have social media accounts People who visit discussion forums and movie sites to talk about latest releasesChannelsAs a website, we will be reliant on social media. Channels that we use will be:1. Twitter: Our target audience consists of 18-35 year olds; many of them have Twitter accounts, which make it easier for us to reach out to them. We will use twitter to promote our articles, website, and also to engage with our followers. Twitter features like polls and hashtags are a great way to gauge audience response to recently released movies and TV shows. We will also follow twitter handles of similar entertainment magazines and observe how they use twitter to promote their content.2. Facebook: Facebook is the most popular of all social media websites with most 18-35-year- olds using it. With no character limit, it is easier to share content on Facebook, this means even sharing excerpts from our article links to get our followers to read them. It is easier to track comments and feedback on Facebook. 3. Pinterest: As an image sharing website, Pinterest is more visual and allows us to use a different kind of content. Movie and TV posters and wallpapers are quite popular; to have a social media account that deals with only images will help our brand capitalize on the visual aspect of pop culture. Our Pinterest group will mostly have 18-30 year olds; Pinterest will also help us reach out to the female section of our demographics. Message Write articles that our audience would like to read Be a brand that engages with its audience and implements any good feedback Keep our audience informed on entertainment news like release date, trivia, and box office numbers Post gif images, memes, posters and short videos to get our audience aboard on the hype train for any latest big release Hashtag and caption contests to win tickets for the feature of the month or movie merchandise, in a bid to promote brand loyaltyBudgetEmployeesTotal employeesCost/hrTotal hours/weekMonthly cost</p> <p>Writers4$180.0050$9,000.00</p> <p>Web designer2$90.0050$4,500.00</p> <p>Social Media Co-ordinator2$90.0050$4,500.00</p> <p>Developers2$90.0050$4,500.00</p> <p>Total10$450.00200$22,500.00</p> <p>TimelineJanuaryAcademy Awards coverage</p> <p>FebruaryAcademy Awards coverage</p> <p>MarchBatman v Superman Promotion</p> <p>AprilGame of Thrones S6</p> <p>May-AugustBlockbuster Summer Coverage</p> <p>September-OctoberThe Walking Dead S7</p> <p>November-DecemberHomeland S06 / The Affair S04</p> <p>Brand Does the brand have a friendly and informal tone? Does the website serve as a great promotional vehicle for blockbuster movies and TV shows? Do we promote smaller budget movies that slipped under the radar? Do our social media accounts engage with our followers? Is equal importance being given to all the three aspects of our website: movies, TV shows, and trailers?Evaluating Success Online surveys on our website Polls on our twitter account Number of visitors to our website Social media followers Likes, shares and retweets</p>