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  • Palimpseste


    Associated to Thtre National, Brussels

    Solo Stockhausen (1997)

    Recreation May 2014

    Michle Noiret

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    Palimpseste Solo Stockausen (1997)

    Created and intrepreted by Michle Noiret

    Avant-premire : 12 May 2014 - Scne Nationale 61, Alenon.

    French Premiere : 15 May 2014 - Festival Atlantide / Le Lieu Unique, Scne Nationale de Nantes.

    Belgian Premiere : 23, 24, 25, 28, 29 October 2014 - Les Brigittines, Brussels.

    Transcendence is what goes beyond the immanence of the work: when it consists of several objects (versions), when it is incomplete (fragments), indirect (copies, reproductions, descriptions, adaptations) or when it is envisaged differently depending on the location, the era, the individuals, the circumstances. The transcendence of the work is the dimension according to which one never reads the same text twice, one never sees the same picture twice.

    Digital reference: Pierre-Marc de BIASI, GENETTE GRARD (1930- ), Encyclopdia Universalis [online], accessed 23 June 2013. URL:


    Palimpseste is based on the idea that one can create a new work by rereading an old piece and building upon the work already done. As in the palimpsest, one can make out the old beneath the new.

    recreation may 2014

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    statement of intent

    At the time of its first production in 1997, Solo Stockhausen sprung from the desire to understand and discover the traces and the influence on my choreographic composition, of the work done with the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, who I met very early in my career, while also paying homage to him. I had performed this solo around fifty times by the time I met the filmmaker Thierry Knauff in October 2001. This meeting gave rise to two films, including Solo in 2004. Solo is an adaptation of the dance first performed in 1997.

    Now I am returning to the live performance, this time basing myself on the 2004 film and adapting it for the stage. In doing so, I am creating a sort of palimpsest, in which the old traces of the live performance and the film will be absorbed, incorporated and reimagined in a new version.

    Basing myself on the film to re-examine the live performance is part of my artistic approach, whereby the relations between choreography and cinema are sources of constant inspiration, both in terms of style and substance, in what they share and what sets them apart. The fact that this solo underwent a film adaptation prompted me to reimagine it on the stage.

    Getting these two art forms to resonate together is something that fills me with passion and encourages me not to allow my relations with choreography to congeal in the live performance.

    Michle NoiretBrussels, June 2013

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    transmission projects 2015-2016

    Palimpseste # 1 - creation

    Choreographed and danced by Michle Noiret in 1997, Solo Stockhausen continues its journey. Adapted for the cinema by Thierry Knauff in 2004, it was reinvented in 2014 under the name Palimpseste. This solo will be subject to a particular transmission to the dancer and choreographer David Drouard : it will be the start of a new Palimpseste, this piece that has endured through a large part of Michle Noirets career. In July, the first step in this transmission was presented as part of La belle scne Saint-Denis at the Festival Off dAvignon 2015. The work will continue during this 2015-2016 season and end with the creation of Palimpseste #1 at Thtre National de Chaillot in Paris from 28 September to 5 October 2016.

    Chambre dcoute - creation

    Based on the solo Palimpseste, Michle Noiret will create an original piece Chambre dcoute for the Young Ballet of Conservatoire National Suprieur Musique et Danse de Lyon on 25 and 26 January 2016 at the Amphithtre Culturel de lUniversit de Lyon II. The piece will then be toured in Cluses, Salon de Provence, Universit Lyon I, Fontainebleau, Davzieux, et La Maison de la danse de Lyon.

    Choreograph the invisible part of ourselves, and reveal this off-stage that underlies life. Michle Noiret

    This sentence could be the point of departure of this production which has been developed from the somewhat unusual perspective of a transfer of experience. Based on the solo Palimpseste and the notion of choreographic characters developed in her career, the choreographer has chosen as central theme the construction of a particular stage presence in relation to the complexity of choreographic composition.The aim is to understand the movement and to recreate it through a sensitive experience, to breathe consciousness and corporality into the body that resonates with todays world.

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    on tour

    Various propositions solo, duo, films and a danced conference can be presented in an original evening, in association with the venues and in line with their programmes.

    Content of the various programmes:

    - An evening in which Palimpseste and the film Solo (2004) by film director Thierry Knauff is followed by a meeting with the audience.

    - A cinema evening presenting two films Thierry Knauff has made with the choreographer: Solo (2004) and Mains Nues (2006).

    - A danced conference, which recounts the meeting the choreographer had with the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen and the gestural notation he devised. This conference sheds new light on the solo Palimpseste, its genesis and development; it can be presented on its own or together with one of the forms presented above.

    - The two pieces, Palimpseste (solo), et Palimpseste #1 (solo/duo), are also available for tour with two musicians on stage, a pianist and a clarinettist.

    Film Solo (2004) 26 minutesSolo is a cinematographic, choreographic and musical poem directed by the Belgian film director Thierry Knauff. It is based on the Solo Stockhausen choreographied and danced by Michle Noiret. In it, a womans progress in the world unfolds step by step. Solitary bearer of multiple imaginings, she dances her worlds of memories, sensations, discoveries and rekindled emotions.

    This film won the award for best film about art (Premio Asolo per la categoria Film sullArte) at Asolo, Italy in 2005, the Biennial Hainault award for an audio-visual creation (Prix Biennal hainuyer de la Cration Audio-Visuelle) at Charleroi in 2005, the best fiction film (Prix du Meilleur Film de Fiction) at Namur in 2005, and the best soundtrack (Prix de la Meilleure Bande Sonore) at Namur in 2005.

    Film Mains Nues (2006) 26 minutes Mains Nues is a film directed by the Belgian film director Thierry Knauff. It is based on Mes Jours et Mes Nuits (2002) choreographied and danced by Michle Noiret. The film maker and the choreographer continue to explore new poetic perspectives and emotions, resorting to new visual and audio prospective.

    Michle Noiret has received the Interpretation Award for her role in this film. (Cwb, Paris 2007). Mains Nues has also received the Best Fiction Movie Award (Bombay, Miff 2008).

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    Choreography and interpretation Michle Noiret

    Guest Palimpseste # 1 David Drouard

    Music Karlheinz Stockhausen, Tierkreis for clarinet and piano, recording interpreted by Majella Stockhausen and Suzanne Stephens

    Scenography Xavier Lauwers, Michle Noiret

    Light Xavier Lauwers

    Costumes Azniv Afsar, Michle Noiret

    Sound and light technician Marc Lhommel, Xavier Lauwers, Christian Halkin (alternating)

    Technical direction Christian Halkin

    Photography Sergine Laloux

    Developpement Sylvie Becquet - Paris ProdProduction & touring

    Communication & press Alexandra de Laminne

    Administration & coordination Cathy Zant

    Duration 30 minutes

    Production Compagnie Michle Noiret/Tandem asbl.

    Coproduction and residence Scne nationale 61, Alenon.

    Produced with the support of the Ministre de la Fdration Wallonie-Bruxelles, Service de la Danse.

    The Compagnie Michle Noiret is subsidised by the Ministre de la Communaut franaise Wallonie-Bruxelles, Service de la Danse, and receives regular support from Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI).

    Michle Noiret is associated artist to Thtre National de la Communaut franaise de Belgique, in Brussels, and member of the Acadmie royale de Belgique.

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    palimpseste - avignon, july 2015

    In Tierkreis (Zodiac), a score for clarinet and piano, Michle Noiret designs a diaphanous choreography, woven into the details, which seems to be written in the instant of her appearance. Tight little steps, faint whisperings, seemingly from distant echoes, traces of memory that pass through her body as if to reassure it.In the fullness of her art, each line she draws is of a strength, a clarity that lightens up the meanders of the choreographic language. She dances as she breathes, to the extent that one ends up forgetting that these delicate, elusive curves are not everyday movements. She gives to her body language a significance that time cannot exhaust. Like these parchments that carry under their sentences other words, rubbed out but present, she is this transitory being of infinite lightness, but also this elegant woman who displays stylised yet intelligible fragments in a fascinating choreography. Joined at the end by David Drouard, who must take up the solo, a more nervous duo is distilled, nevertheless in the subtle tonality of this musical poetry that Michle Noiret assembles in front of our eyes.

    Agns Izrine,, July 2015

    Michle Noiret (...) t