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Small comparison of Tableau vs Panorama's Necto. Necto's is a competitive solution that surpasses in performance Tableau in most of the functionality that Business Intelligence require today. Necto provides you astonishing visualization of your business.


Panorama Necto VS TableauTopicNectoTableau

Visual The ability to view insights and analytical business processes in the business own language with limitless visualization In Necto, business users can visualize their insights and their business processes with a full infographic suite. Necto has more than 2000 Infographics in its library, while you can add any other visualization simply & quickly Some basic Infographics.

Suggestive The BI system should recommend to the user the most relevant insight to focus on. Necto Suggestive Discovery engine recommends to the users the most relevant insights to focus on, based on personal preferences and users behavior. With Tableau the user doesnt have any Insights recommendation, and have to search for the insight by himself. Most of the usage of Tableau is done by analysts who search for insights.

Automated Analysis the ability of business users to find insights automatically and quickly. Necto supports full Exception handing capabilities- including bubble up exception, automated insights, root cause analysis, and defined exceptions.

With Necto a business user can find insights and its root cause in 2 clicks only Tableau doesnt support automated analysis and the user need to use brute force in order to find insight. It doesnt support Bubble up exceptions, or one click exceptions. Any exceptions must be programmed.

BI Collaboration in context the ability for users to collaborate in context, on data and insight, and make better decisionsNecto supports a full collaborative decision making capabilities, in context. A user can collaborate with his colleagues to make business decisions in real time. Tableau has no collaboration capacities aside from the trivial share and annotations that Necto supports as well.


Cost total cost of ownership for the first deployment and for users growth within your organization. Necto provides a web server + clients from the get go, hence the price to start the deployment and the price to grow is very competitive and much cheaper than Tableau. Moreover ,

All data connectors come with the system for the same price point, while in Tableau there is an extra cost for it. Tableau has its land & expand strategy, which means that you pay about 1000-2000$ per user to try (desktop) but when you want to grow, you have to buy the Tableau server with a price list of more than 250,000$.

Also, for the desktop version. You must buy the expensive $1999 edition to get all data connectors, with $999 you only get the Excel flat file basics.

Notifications & Alerts the ability for an end user to define his own notification and alerts within the system. Necto provides the business users with the ability to define alerts and notifications within the system based on time, thresholds, exceptions, etc all that in a minimum of 2 clicks. Only systems managers and not users, can define expectations and emails, hindering the ability for the end users to work and report on their needs.

Governed a system which is very easy to manage. Fully web based with just one web client (no desktop) that keeps one version of the truth Necto maintains a single version of the truth in a single Web interface. There is no need for Desktop deployment that creates data silos and many versions of the truth.

All the Necto application runs in a single user interface that requires minimal training

Tableau is mainly a desktop tool. It requires IT to manage installations and each user can create his own version of the truth with his un-managed desktop client. When moving into a server deployment, which is very expensive, the IT need to deal with 3 areas, Desktop, Dashboards and Server. Each has its own functionality, etc.

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