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Composing with Noteflight Jennifer Susin Music Tech Summer 2010

Composing with Noteflight

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Composing with Noteflight. Jennifer Susin Music Tech Summer 2010. Noteflight is an online music writing app which will help you compose and share your own music!. Noteflight.com. What is Noteflight ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Composing with  Noteflight

Composing with Noteflight

Jennifer SusinMusic Tech

Summer 2010

Page 2: Composing with  Noteflight

What is Noteflight?

Noteflight is an online music writing app which will help you compose and share your own music!


Page 3: Composing with  Noteflight

Why should I know about Noteflight?

You will be using Noteflight to write down and share your warm-up composition your lesson group.

This presentation will help you set-up your page and make it easier for you to put your ideas into music we can read together!


Page 4: Composing with  Noteflight

• Open up your internet browser and enter www.noteflight.com into the address bar at the top of the screen.

•This will take you to the noteflight homepage.

Next, we will need to sign-up to use noteflight.

Page 5: Composing with  Noteflight

Signing up for noteflight…•On the noteflight homepage click the “Sign-up now” Button.

•On the next screen you will choose “Get a free account”

Page 6: Composing with  Noteflight

Then Click


•First enter your e-mail address. (If you don’t have one, ask your parents if you can use theirs.)

• Then click on the drop down menu and pick the title that represents you.

•Next, copy the blue letters into the bottom space.

Page 7: Composing with  Noteflight

If all of the information was filled in correctly you will get this screen…

It tells you to check your e-mail to complete the sign-up process.

Page 8: Composing with  Noteflight

Write your user name and password down somewhere so you remember it!

Create a user name and password.

Make sure you check the second box. Or else you will get this message!

Page 9: Composing with  Noteflight

We can now begin to compose!

•In the top left corner of every page you will see the “new score” button. Click on this so we can begin our first song

When this window comes up, choose “shared” and hit OK. You are choosing “shared” because your classmates and I will want to see your compositions later.

Page 10: Composing with  Noteflight

At the top of your score (your music) you will see some important menus and information.

•The New Score button•Your user name•The music editing menus•The browse button

In the next few slides you will see how these buttons help us to write our music.

Page 11: Composing with  Noteflight

Lets set up your score… 1. Click on the first measure of the bottom staff. It will turn orange.

2. Next click on the score drop-down menu and select “remove staff”.

3. You will be left with one treble clef staff.

Page 12: Composing with  Noteflight

Next, lets make this piece of music for your instrument. I am making mine for Alto Saxophone today.

Click on the staff.Select the “Score” menu again.Select “change instrument”

Page 13: Composing with  Noteflight

When this window comes up select your instrument and hit OK.

Page 14: Composing with  Noteflight

Once you have changed the instrument, click on the staff again and hover your mouse over the staff. It should look like this…

If you click on the staff where you want to put the note, noteflight will put a note where you tell it to!

Notice, I had a quarter note selected. Watch what happens when I click on the whole note…

Page 15: Composing with  Noteflight

It changes to a whole note!!