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Congress on Palaeozoic Stratigraphy of Gondwana, to be ...cimp. · PDF file Congress on Palaeozoic Stratigraphy of Gondwana, to be held on the 14th – 16th of April 2016. We believe

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Text of Congress on Palaeozoic Stratigraphy of Gondwana, to be ...cimp. · PDF file Congress on...

  • We are most honoured to welcome you cordially to Perugia, for the International

    Congress on Palaeozoic Stratigraphy of Gondwana, to be held on the 14th – 16th of

    April 2016. We believe that this meeting will be an excellent opportunity to share

    research experience and progress in ideas, to discuss all new hot or controversial

    topics, to initiate collaborative projects.

    It is our hope and belief that you will Iind this meeting a meaningful and memorable


    For the organizing committee,

    Roberto Rettori


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    From Science to Business & Education

    Sponsored by National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

    Exploration Directorate of National Iranian Oil Company Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade – Geological Survey of Iran

    Società Geologica Italiana Società Paleontologica Italiana

    Regione Umbria Department of Earth Sciences “A. Desio”, University of Milan, Italy CIMP - “Commission Internationale MicroOlore Paléozoïque”

    IntGeoMod Esanda

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    Scienti/ic and Organizing Coordinators Roberto Rettori Mansour Ghorbani e-mail: [email protected] Organizing Committee Roberto Rettori (University of Perugia, Italy) Simonetta Cirilli (University of Perugia, Italy) Caterina Petrillo (University of Perugia, Italy) Mansour Ghorbani (Arianzamin, Iran) Enrico Capezzuoli (University of Perugia, Italy) Marco Cherin (University of Perugia, Italy) Amalia Spina (University of Perugia, Italy) Lucia Angiolini (University of Milano, Italy) Anoshiravan Kani (Arianzamin, Iran)

    Scienti/ic Committee Demir Altiner (Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey)

    Marco Balini (University of Milano, Italy) Sveva Corrado (University of Roma Tre, Italy) Jalil Ghalamghash (Geological Survey of Iran) Hormoz Ghalavand (NIOC, Iran) Bahaeddin Hamdi (Arianzamin, Iran) Rossana Martini (University of Geneva, Switzerland) Shuzhong Shen (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, China)

    Bahman Soleimany (NIOC, Iran) Michael Stephenson (British Geological Survey) Alireza Tahmasebi (NIOC, Iran) Andrea Zanchi (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy)

    Congress Location The Congress will be held at Hotel Giò – Perugia Congress Centre ( (see map at page 4). It proposes itself as a functional structure, reference point for the entire central part of Italy. Two halls with areas expressly devoted to informal meeting, living bar for aperitif and coffee break and comfortable working and reading corners will be available.

    Language of the Congress English will be the ofOicial language of the meeting. No translation facilities will be available.

    Organised by Department of Physics and Geology, University of Perugia Arianzamin Pars Geological Center, Teheran, Iran

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    Hotel Gio' ICPSG

    Railway Station

    Access Perugia is not far from Rome, Pisa and Florence and can be easily reached from these three cities by train, bus or car. o  The major international gateway is Rome's Airport “Leonardo da Vinci”, known as Fiumicino (FCO) (30 km/19 mi southwest of Rome, phone: (+39)0665951;

    o  Pisa's Airport “Galileo Galilei” (PSA) (12 km/7 mi south of Pisa and 80 km/50 mi west of Florence, phone: (+39)050500707; has Olights from London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and other European cities, as well as connections to Rome and Milan.

    o  Florence's Airport “A. Vespucci”, known as Peretola (FLR) (10 km/6 mi northwest of Florence, phone: (+39)0553061700;, has connections to Brussels, Paris, London, Rome, and Milan.

    Flying time is approximately 9 hours from New York, 11 hours from Chicago, 12 hours from Dallas (via New York), 12 hours from Los Angeles, 2 hours from London (to Milan), and 24 hours from Sydney. The solution that we suggest to you to reach Perugia by air is to land to Rome and to continue for Perugia with bus or by train. There are daily bus connections ( between Roma Fiumicino Airport (International Departure Terminal “C”) and Perugia (P.le Partigiani Square). Several trains daily connect Perugia with both Florence (via Terontola) and Rome (via Foligno or via Terontola). For the timetable and information please visit the website Local Airport Perugia’s Airport “Sant'Egidio” (PEG) (phone: (+39)075592141) has Olights to and from Rome, Munich, London, Bruxelles, Barcelona and other European cities. For information about Perugia’s Airport Sant’Egidio please visit the Airport website (

  • Accommodation Hotel Giò is a unique building with 206 rooms, divided into two thematic areas. These areas are linked by a musical arcade with secluded listening points and peculiar Business Cellar with Internet Positions. Free Wi-Fi is available in the whole Hotel. Parking and Garage are free for the Guests. Moreover, Perugia and its vicinity have over 5000 rooms in more than 90 hotels. Many hotel rooms at different levels have been already blocked in order to secure the best rates. Lodging in student housing of the University can also be available. Tourist information Perugia is a popular tourist destination and has a wide accommodation infrastructure network. The regular city transport includes inexpensive buses (, Minimetro ( and taxi (

    Weather The Spring in Perugia promises a fair weather with an average temperature of approx. 20 °C, possibly reaching 25 °C at noon and falling to 15 °C at night. However, rainfalls may occur and umbrellas are thus recommended. Social Program The Icebreaker party (April 13rd, 18,30-20,00) and the Gala Dinner (April 15th, 20.00) will be held at the Hotel Giò. Icebreaker party is free for all the participants. Ticket for the Gala Dinner (60€ per person) can be bought at the reception desk of the meeting. A Concert of the “Ensemble Vocale Femminile Nota Sò” will be held on April 14th (21.00) at the Auditorium Room of Hotel Giò. Participation is free for all the participants. The female vocal group “Ensamble Vocale Femminile Nota Sò” is a young ensemble from Perugia devoted to a heterogeneous study, ranging from classical choral vocal music to popular repertoire, without forgetting the theater, from opera to musicals. Its name derives from the interest and the study of Brazilian popular music repertoire, borrowing the title of the famous song Samba de Uma Note Sò (samba on a single note), composed in 1960 by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Directed by Marta Alunni Pini, the ensemble took part in several charity musical performances and opera projects at the most prestigious halls concert of Perugia. Recently the ensemble has participated in numerous choral festivals in central Italy.

    Identity badges Participants will receive a name plastic card at the reception desk, upon registration. The badge must be worn in order to gain access to the Meeting area during all scientiOic and social events. Admission will be refused to anyone not in possession of an appropriate badge.


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    Registration Fees The registration fees which includes opening ice-breaker, coffee breaks and lunch packages are as follows: On-site payment by paypal is allowed.

    Guidelines for Presentations and Posters Talks Authors are kindly asked to upload their presentations at the Slide Centre located in front of the Auditorium Room at least within 30 minutes before the session, i.e., in the morning, during coffee or lunch breaks. A lecture room assistant will be available for any help. Each keynote will be 35-40 minutes. Each talk will be 20 minutes. Please note that fully 20-minutes presentation does not allow any further discussion during the session, therefore, save some time for your auditors. We strongly recommend 15-18 minutes time for presentation. The Auditorium and Sax Room 3 is equipped with a computer with Powerpoint (.ppt, .pptx Oiles), a digital projector, a laser pointer, and microphones. The projector resolution format is 4:3, other will be rescaled. If you wish to show movies as a part of your presentation then it is better in Oile format WMV (Window Media Video). The Adobe PDF format is also allowed for your presentation. Alternative Oiles should be requested in advance (preferably a day before the presentation) under the presenter responsibility. Note: some fonts and speciOic national letter may not be available at the place. Poster presentation All accepted abstracts will be brieOly presented (Powerpoint-supported or only oral) at the poster sessions that will be held on April 15th at 17.20. Each talk is 2 minutes. Poster format guidelines Regular poster size is max 80 cm (wide) by 180 cm (high) Please be advice that no print service is available at the Congress site. Poster installation and tear off schedule Posters will be displayed from April 13rd at 18.00 to 16th at 14.00. The Congress provides one board for each poster presentation. Material (e.g., double-faced adhesive tape) for mounting the poster on the boards will be provided at the registration desk. The presenters are responsible for the poster installation and tear off after the conference.

    On site

    Regular participant 550 €

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