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July/August 2014 issue of the community magazine and directory for KT20 in Surrey

Text of Connection July August 2014

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    july/august 2014 issue 80



    Discounts available formultiple orders. Please call01737 814140 for details.

  • With the summer months stretched out ahead of us,thoughts now turn to holidays and what to pack!If youre one to pack everything (just in case!) thenread Pack up and Go on page 6 and learn how to packthe ultimate capsule wardrobe.

    Health expert Eleana gives advice on holistic sunsenseremedies and precautions for your hols too on page 10.While Personal Instructor Jade explains why you cant haveexercise without eating healthily if you want to get fit.

    If you think you cant do something now because of whathappened to you in the past, then think again. NLP guruFrancesca talks through how re-framing your past can helpcreate a better future on page 16. Plus dont miss out on thegreat reader offers below and enjoy your read.Have a great Summer!Katie

    01737 831498

    P6 Pack up and goHow to pack a capsule wardrobe in yoursuitcase.P10-11 Holistic HealthA little bit of sunsense from holistic healthexpert Eleana.P14 Fit for LifeWhy combining good nutrition with exercise is the only way to reach your fitness goals.P16 Headgear LabsFrancesca explains how you can change

    your future by changing how you viewyour past.P22 Legal MattersSolicitor Nicola Dudley on making provision in your will for children.P28 Charity FocusInstructability offers a disabled fitnessinstructor course.P36 Keystroke AssociatesLatest techology news from KeystrokeAssociates.P37, 39 Community News

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    Copy deadline forSeptember 2014 issue is15th August 2014.

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    READER OFFERS IN JULY/AUGUST:Fadi (p1) Discounts on multiple occasion wear orders.Walton Salon (p8) complimentary shampoo & conditioner.Dollies (p12) 15% off treatments.Lovely Betty (p13) Half price colour with full cut/blow dry on Tues,15% off with advert.

    Norsat (p32) 10% off any aerial work.Piano Lessons (p37) 1st lesson half price for newcomers.Kennedys (p40) Free management with property instruction.

    CONNECTION IS MOBILEThe new mobile app isavailable to download onitunes, the app store andAndroid Market.There are two ways ofdownloading it eithersearch kt connection inthe stores or download acode scanning app anduse it to scan the QR codebelow it works for bothapple and Androidphones.Any problems, give me acall on 01737 831498!


  • Everyones heard of a capsulewardrobe that elusive chic and stylish holiday attire that fits in yourhandbag if you get it just right. Youknow the kind colourful kaftans; littleblack dresses that are beach wraps byday and smouldering man-magnetsby night: versatile thongs (were talking feet) and a push-up bikini thatdoubles as a peek-a-boo bra overevening drinks.

    If youre not careful the capsulewardrobe can prove just as elusive asthat perfectb e a c h - b a b ebody (tell me you didnt embark onthe cabbage andlentil detox dietpre-hols. However,there is somethingto be said forpacking creative-ly, and eliminatingpost-vacation ironing piles, to saynothing of hefty excess luggage fines.A few hints, therefore wouldnt goamiss...

    The first thing to do is to lay out everything you think you need. Get ridof half. You dont need it. Honest. Thenthink about what youre going to bedoing. Chilling on the beach, shopping, sightseeing, cafe lunches,romantic dinners... Start to think aboutwhat youll wear for each occasion.This is where capsule comes in keyitems that work in lots of settings.Choose a core colour that will teamup with neutral basics blacks, whitesand beiges (great with a tan), andkeep fabrics plain, so you can jazz

    them up with chunky jewellery, a widebelt or a colourful scarf.

    Here are some summertime basicsthat will stand you in good stead.

    Elegant white linen trousers. Lightand cool in hot sunshine, but easilydressed up with a bit of bling andheels. Go for a wide-legged style.

    Summer dress. Great for both daytime and evening wear, and easilydressed up or down with accessories.Choose a cotton jersey or crinkly viscose so you can wear it straight

    from your case.Versatile skirt.

    Can be teemedwith t-shirts or slinkycamisoles, and ismore stylish thanshorts.

    Crop trousers. Afashion essential

    Cotton t-shirts.Two or three plain

    t-shirts in your core colours will team upwith all your basics. If you like, swapone with a camisole or floaty top.

    Summer cardigan. A slinky wrap-around or v-neck cardie looksgreat over a dress or vest top when the temperature starts to drop.

    Swimsuit and sarong. Go for a classicone-piece and a bikini. Theyre smallenough to pack two!

    Embellished strappy sandals. Youcan get away with these on thebeach, and on nights out. Throw in apair of wedge sandals for added chic.

    Oops... better stop now. Weremeant to be thinking capsule!

    Travel light this Summer by following Connections guide to packing the ultimate capsule wardrobe

    Pack Up and Go!

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    When you put exercise and nutrition togetherthen you are likely to seethe best results from your

    body. If youre just eating the healthythings for your body, then yes you willlose some weight but that wont be theto help you look better.

    If your goal is losing weight, find themost realistic way for you and yourlifestyle and make sure you combineexercise with it. The foodyou eat depends on theamount of weight loss youwill achieve, but theamount of exercise youdo will be what makesyou look and feel good.The exercise must suit you,your lifestyle and whatyoure eating. Yourbehaviour and the wayyou look at life will be the real turningpoint for whether you achieve yourchosen goal, or not.

    For the nutrition side of things, thinkabout trying to do a food dairy. Thismeans you will become accountablefor everything you eat and are less likely to eat as much of the bad stuff!Its a very useful method for helping youcut back on the things our body actually doesnt need. It will make youaware of what you are eating duringthe day, and if it is at the right times ofthe day. Timing is important, the earlyyou eat, and the early your body willstart working. The later you eat, the lesslikely it is your body is able to do anything with the food. This is becauseour bodies will be tired and just store

    food instead, as it needs its rest! You might find looking at your food

    dairy after a few days, that all you arelacking is a few vital things, like dairies;white meat and vegetables. In which inthe long run, this makes you crave otherfoods, which could be high in fat orsugar. The average person should behaving about 4-5 servings of vegetablesa day, and 3-4 servings of meat and fisha day. People usually are not eatingenough vegetables and they are a very

    important sources nutrientsand vitamins.

    While sorting out yournutrition you must take intoaccount factors like yourlifestyle, age, occupationand amount of exerciseyou are getting. This all hasin impact on what we eatand how much we needof it. Your body will get

    used to your new eating patterns andwill cope with the changes well.

    On to exercise. You must try to introduce both cardiovascular exercisesand some sort of resistance-based|exercise, or weight training like aweighted deadlift or weighted squat. Ifyou include some resistance training everyday, it will help to tighten and firmthe muscles of your body, and maintainweight loss. This will of course, increaseyour over all fitness. This will help yourbody internally and externally. Exerciseis one of the best ways to remain asyoung as you can and feel good at thesame time.

    CALL 07564525351 for personal trainingand nutrition guidance.

    Get Fit For Life!Personal trainer Jade Parsons on why you must

    always combine exercise with good nutrition to achieve your fitness goals

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