Conner Family Papers, 1818 - 1938 SCHS 1256.00 Family Papers, 1818 - 1938 SCHS 1256.00 ... their son James Conner ... Conner, J.M. Davis, William Elliott, John Grimball, Johnson Hagood,

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Text of Conner Family Papers, 1818 - 1938 SCHS 1256.00 Family Papers, 1818 - 1938 SCHS 1256.00 ... their son...

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    Conner Family Papers, 1818 - 1938

    SCHS 1256.00 Containers 28/180 -247B

    Creator: Conner, Henry W.

    Description: 25.5 linear feet.

    Biographical/Historical Note: South Carolina family.

    Scope and Content: The Conner family papers consist of personal, family and business

    correspondence, records of household expenses, travel accounts, records of land holdings,

    political papers and correspondence, and legal records of Henry Workman Conner (1797-1861)

    and his wife Juliana Conner; their son James Conner (1829-1883) and his wife Sallie Enders

    Conner (d. 1928); and their children Mary Conner Moffett and Henry Workman Conner (1868-


    The papers (1818-1861) of Henry Workman Conner (1797-1861), Charleston merchant,

    president (1814-1850) of the Bank of Charleston and the South Carolina Railroad Company

    (1850-1861), include his personal letters (1825, 1838) to his mother and sister, a journal (1850s)

    with references to economic and political events, and land records for property in South

    Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

    Travel journal (1827) of Juliana Courtney Conner's trip from Charleston, S.C. through Tennessee

    shortly after her marriage to Henry Workman Conner (1797-1861). Full transcription available.

    Papers and correspondence (1865-1883) of James Conner (1829-1883); son of Henry Workman

    and Juliana Courtney Conner, Charleston attorney, U.S. Attorney General for South Carolina

    (1856-1860), Confederate general, chairman of the state Democratic executive committee

    (1876), and Attorney General for South Carolina (1876-1880); include family correspondence

    (1853-1888), personal financial records (1857-1882); and his legal papers (1843-1896) as a

    Charleston attorney, counsel of the South Carolina Railroad, receiver of the Greenville &

    Columbia Railroad Company, and as S.C. Attorney General after Reconstruction.

    Papers and correspondence (1865-1912) of Sallie Enders Conner (d. 1928), wife of James

    Conner (1829-1883) and president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Includes Enders

    family correspondence (1865-1909) mainly of Sallie Conner's sister, Nannie Enders Cabell,

    household receipts (1884-1912), and papers (1903) pertaining to the United Daughters of the

    Confederacy and a monument to the Hunley crew in Charleston (S.C.).

    Papers and correspondence (1890-1938) of Henry Workman Conner (1868-1938), Charleston

    attorney and chairman of the Charleston Democratic Executive Committee, include personal and

    family letters (1893-1938); his personal investment and financial records (1891-1903, 1930-

    1938); correspondence (1901-1923) concerning Dean Hall plantation in Berkeley County; papers

    for the Charleston Democratic Executive Committee (1904-1918) and a number of Charleston

    social organizations.

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    Preferred Citation: Conner family. Conner family papers, 1818-1938. (1256.00) South Carolina

    Historical Society.

    Search terms:

    Cabell, Nannie Enders.

    Conner, Henry Workman, 1797-1861.

    Conner, Henry Workman, 1868-1938.

    Conner, James, 1829-1883.

    Conner, Juliana Courtney.

    Conner, Sallie Enders.

    Moffett, Mary Conner, b. 1868.

    O'Connor family.

    Conner family.

    Enders family.

    Bank of Charleston.

    Democratic Party (Charleston County, S.C.). Executive Committee.

    Greenville & Columbia Railroad.

    H.L. Hunley (Submarine)

    South Carolina Railroad.

    United Daughters of the Confederacy.

    Associations, institutions, etc. -- South Carolina -- Charleston.

    Real property.

    South Carolina -- Politics and government.

    South Carolina -- History -- Sources.

    Tennessee -- Description and travel.

    Container listing:

    28/180/1-9 Conner, Henry W. 1797-1861

    Business and Personal Papers, 1818-1861. Approx 40 items.

    Charleston businessman. Personal and business papers of Henry Workman Conner include bonds

    and mortgages regarding Charleston land, a diary regarding economic and political events

    (1850s) including southern nationalism, inventories (1843-1851) of Henry Workman Conners

    lands in Charleston, Bulls Island, NC, FL, MS, & TN; Holdings in a sugar refinery, a city land

    company and slaves; bank stocks, bonds and St. Michaels Church pew records. Also, stock

    certificates, receipts, tax certificates, and letters (1827-1850) from Petigru & Lesesne, James L.

    Petigru, and others regarding Henry Workman Conners Charleston land transactions. Also

    includes personal letters (1825, 1838) of Henry Workman Conner to his mother and sister

    regarding Lafayettes visit to Charleston and to his wife Julie A.M. Conner regarding travel in


    28/180/10 Conner, Julia Ann M.C, d. 1881

    Travel Journal, 1827. 1 ms. vol.

    Charlestonian. Journal of Julia Conners travel from Charleston through Tennessee.

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    28/181/1 Conner, James, 1829-1883

    Family correspondence, 1853-1861. Approx 40 items.

    Charleston lawyer. Correspondence (1853-1861) of James Conner, Julia, Henry W. Sr. and

    Henry W. Conner, Jr. regarding James Conners professional achievements, recovery of

    embezzled money (1855) and participation in a duel. Also Henry W. Conner Jrs letters

    regarding social life and business in England with John Fraser & Co.; Henry W. Sr.s letters

    regarding business and banking affairs in New Orleans, LA., and material regarding start of the

    Civil War (1860). Letters partially published in Letters of General James Conner CSA (1950)

    28/181/2-5 Conner, James, 1829-1883

    Military and Personal Correspondence, 1861-1865. Approx 100 items

    Charleston Confederate officer. Correspondence of James Conner to Julia, Caroline and Mary

    Conners, Nannie Enders, Mrs. John Enders and others regarding James Conner military career

    including service in the Montgomery Guards on Morris Island, service with Wade Hamptons

    Legion, the 22nd North Carolina Regiment, Samuel McGowans, James H. Lanes and Bushrod

    Johnsons brigade; conditions at Manassas (6/1861) and other battles, political, military and

    family matters. Letters partially published in Letters of General James Conner CSA (1950)

    28/181-183 Conner, James, 1829-1883

    Family, personal correspondence, 1865-1883

    Charleston lawyer. Correspondence (1865-1883) of James Conner with Henry W. Conner Jr, Mr.

    and Mrs. John Enders, his children, Julia Conner, Langdon Cheves III, Wade Hampton III,

    Joseph B. Kershaw regarding family and social matters in Charleston and Columbia; the

    Greenville and Columbia RR; Charleston at the end of the Civil War, political opposition to the

    Radical Republicans, the election of 1876, Stono Phosphate Co. and other matters. Also

    letterpress books (1870-1883) regarding among other things Masonic Lodge activities (1870-

    1871). Letters chronologically arranged. Letter press books indexed by name.

    28/184/1-10 Conner, James, 1829-1883

    Personal letters, 1865-1882. Approx 350 items.

    Charleston, Columbia lawyer. Letters (1865-1882) of James Conner to his wife Sallie E. Conner

    regarding family matters, social life, politics including comments on the Union Reform

    movement, Wade Hampton III in 1876, work as SC Attorney General (1877-1878), work as

    receiver for the Greenville & Columbia Railroad (1878-1883), Daniel H. Chamberlain and the

    reconstruction era, military occupation in Charleston after the Civil War, race relations, honesty

    in government esp. the Alleged Radical Republican scandals. Chronologically arranged.

    28/184/11-14 Conner, James, 1829-1883

    Family letters, 1877-1888, Approx 50 items.

    Charleston lawyer. Letters (1877-1888) to James Conner from his sister Elizabeth L.

    Standenmeyer, Louis Standenmeyer regarding family matters, land rentals (1877-1882) in

    Atchinson, KS, wife abuse, Louis Standenmeyers insanity, guardianship of Standenmeyerss

    son, financial, property, and legal matters. Also letters to William C. Courtenay regarding estate

    matters, Lewis Standenmeyers education at University of the South.

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    28/185/1 Conner, James, 1829-1883

    U.S. District Attorneys Correspondence, 1858-1859, 10 items.

    Charleston U.S. District Attorney. Letters (1858-1859) of James Conner, US Attorney General

    Jeremiah S. Black, Howell Cobb, and president James Buchanan, regarding prosecution of the

    slave ship Echo and James Conners first resignation (1859). Letters partially published in

    Letters of General James Conner CSA (1950).

    28/185/2-3 Conner, James, 1829-1883

    Legal Correspondence, 1861-1873. 1 ms. vol and 20 items

    Charleston lawyer. Letters (1867-1872) to James Conner or Porter & Conner regarding estate of

    George B. Lythgoe, Charleston from client in Athens, TN (1868-1872) and James Conners

    relations with partner W.D. Porter (1871). Letterpress book (1870) contains letters from James

    Conner or Porter & Conner regarding handling of land, sales and rentals, bankruptcy, and debt

    cases, estates, legal work for Laurens Railroad, litigation for Bank of Charleston and claims

    involving Williams Island Phosphate Co., Marine and River Phosphate Mining and

    Manufacturing Co. and other phosphate companies. Correspondents include Buist & Buist, J.M.

    Baxter, C.T. Lowndes, W.M. Shannon, Simonton and Barker, Simons & Simons from