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Drive Technology \ Drive Automation \ System Integration \ Services Innovative drive and automation solutions for the construction and construction materials industry

Construction and construction materials industry ... · Innovative drive and automation solutions for the construction and construction materials industry . 2 Construction and construction

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  • Drive Technology \ Drive Automation \ System Integration \ Services

    Innovative drive and automation solutions for the construction and construction materials industry

  • 2 Construction and construction materials industry

    The construction industry places particularly high demands on drive engineering. On the

    one hand, drive engineering components have to be as robust and durable as the machin-

    ery used and work reliably even under the most extreme conditions. On the other hand,

    high precision is mandatory, such as the accuracy required for certain positioning tasks.

    The innovative products and solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE are the perfect choice when

    looking for stable, powerful, and efficient drive solutions for the contruction and construc-

    tion materials industry – SEW-EURODRIVE knows the requirements of this industry.

    Drive solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE add drive to the construction and construction materials industry

  • 3

    The key to a tangible competitive edge are innovative and energy-efficient concepts for the construction and construction materials industry. Maximum system availability is particularly important for the individual processing steps. From drive components of the comprehensive modular system to individual MAXOLUTION® system solutions, SEW-EURODRIVE can always offer the components perfectly matching the

    specific application. The global player focuses on energy efficiency with products specifically designed for this purpose. Its energy-efficient solutions make a sustainable contribution to meeting the European climate target of reducing CO

    2 emissions by 20% to 25% over the next ten years.

  • 4 Product portfolio for the construction and construction materials industry

    Trendsetting solutions for the construction and construction materials industry

    To being able to utilize waste from the own saw-mill in a meaningful way, Holzwerk Gebr. Schneider GmbH has opted for a biomass power station. The power station operated by Biopower SKW GmbH covers the energy supply of the sawmill. Waste is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner and with excellent emission val-ues. Smooth operation of this complex materials processing system is ensured by gearmotors and frequency inverters. They provide for reliable

    material transport in many areas of the power station. Automation technology of the drive expert is the perfect choice when it comes to solutions for fire, water, steam, and power.

    SEW-EURODRIVE drive engineering solution:– Gearmotors– MOVITRAC® B frequency inverters– MOVIDRIVE® B drive inverters

    Powerful and large gear units are required when it comes to lifting heavy loads. This is also the case for the gantry crane company “Tobies Kran- und Förderanlagen” from Speyer, Ger-many, which ensures reliable container han-dling at the Germersheim Rhine port. The stable structure of the gantry crane is capable of lifting loads weighing several tons. Such a solid ma-chine construction technology requires powerful

    drives for the lifting unit that are just as solid. This power is provided by X series industrial gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE.

    SEW-EURODRIVE drive engineering solution:– Hoist drive with X series industrial gear unit– Travel drive and crane trolley drive with

    KT127 helical-bevel gearmotors

    Chain conveyor for transporting wood chips

    Harbor gantry cran

    The German company Loibl Allen-Sherman-Hoff GmbH, headquartered in Straubing, Lower Bavaria, is a manufacturer of machines and systems for the materials preparation technology with the focus on mechanical bulk materials handling technology. A sidewall conveyor belt can be used for nearly any type of bulk material in a temperature range of approximately up to +100 °C.

    The conveying capacity of the application amounts to 100 t/h. Drive and automation technolgy from SEW-EURODRIVE contributes to this high level of performance.

    SEW-EURODRIVE drive engineering solution:– KA107 helical-bevel gearmotors– Helical-bevel double gearmotors

    Sidewall conveyor belt for bulk material handling

    Man and machine are exposed to the most extreme conditions in mining, the extraction of raw materials, or at the construction site.

    The material used is subject to extremely irregular conditions, such as dirt, shocks, cold, heat or rain. Products and solutions of the drive

    expert successfully implement all the requirements on the construction and construction materials industry. Following some examples of

    successful cooperation of SEW-EURODRIVE and companies in the construction and construction materials industry.

    Drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE provides the

    movement in the biomass power station

    Rhine power – Industrial gear units for gantry cranes

    Drive technology made by SEW-EURODRIVE transports

    salt quickly and carefully

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    The carriage for placing pallets with precast con-crete parts onto individual shelves is operated with drive technology as well. Drive technology made by SEW-EURODRIVE is also the ideal choice for palletizing. Thanks to the power den-sity and reliability, it forms the basis for millions of drive variants and offers the optimum solution for each application.

    SEW-EURODRIVE drive engineering solution:– Synchronous servo gearmotor for 3 axes– MOVIDRIVE® B inverter in the control cabinet

    AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH is a company specialized in high-quality apparatus and plant engineering and construction in the areas of wet-mechanical processing of mineral raw materials and environmental technology. AKW Apparate + Verfahren also supports its customers in the planning and implementation of projects and has a global service network. Drive and automation technology from SEW-

    EURODRIVE is used in agitator applications of SiC preparation plants in Norway. Approximately 450 gearmotors are operated in the two plants.

    SEW-EURODRIVE drive engineering solution:– Mains-operated helical gearmotors

    Carriage for setting down precast concrete parts

    Agitator for preparing silicon carbide suspensions

    SOMMER Anlagentechnik GmbH is a company specialized in the planning, design and imple-mentation of production lines for the precast concrete industry. The company offers concrete spreaders for any type of concrete. The portfolio of SOMMER is completed by competent support in planning and implementation, and a global service network. SEW-EURODRIVE is responsi-ble for automating the systems and meets high

    requirements in doing so. Drive and automation technology from SEW-EURODRIVE lets the sys-tem operate particularly profitably and reliably.

    SEW-EURODRIVE drive engineering solution:– Synchronous servo gearmotor for x and y axis– Standard gearmotor for worm– MOVIDRIVE® B inverter in the control cabinet

    Concrete spreader

    Efficient automation technology of the drive expert also

    meets the high requirements on palletizing applications

    Drive solutions for quick and efficient agitating

    Drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE controls all the

    movements of the concrete spreader

    Drive engineering components from SEW- EURODRIVE do not only work in any climate and under any operating conditions, they are also very reliable, able to withstand high torque loads, robust and safe. They offer high overload capabilities, are dust-proof, particularly resistant

    to corrosion and jet-proof. Automation technol-ogy from the drive expert adds drive to construc-tion and construction material applications in gravel pits and mines, stone pits and clay pits, concrete and precast concrete production.

  • 6 effiDRIVE®: Energy-saving solutions

    MAXOLUTION® – Individuelle Systemlösungen für jede Bewegung

    : Energy-saving solutions that pay off

    Saving energy is the top priority of modern construction projects today. This starts with the

    production of the construction materials. A huge number of conveyor belts transports all

    kinds of bulk material 24 hours a day. Continuously running drives are installed in many

    companies. They offer energy saving potential that can be tapped with small investments

    and short amortization times. Finding “hidden” energy users, determining their energy

    saving potential, and showing alternative solutions is part of our comprehensive solution


  • 7

    Energy consulting “made by SEW-EURODRIVE” can be tailored to meet individual needs.

    At www.sew-energy-saving.com you find tools and resources available round the clock, such as:

    1. Energy saving calculator2. Energy consumption analysis3. IE Guide

    “Energy saving aid”: Energy consulting, tools and resources

    Modular energy saving system: The product portfolio for more energy efficiency

    1. Gearmotors and frequency inverters:– MOVIDRIVE® and MOVITRAC® inverters

    with intelligent DC link coupling or optional regenerative power supply unit for recycling released energy.

    – Motors from the modular DR motor system meet energy efficiency classes IE2, IE3 and IE4.

    – Helical-bevel gear units of the K19 and K29 sizes.

    2. Decentralized drive systems:– The mechatronic drive system MOVIGEAR®

    meets energy efficiency class IE4 (Super Premium Efficiency; “Energy-Efficient Plan Technology” certified by TÜV SÜD standard) just like the DRC electronic motor.

    – Energy-efficient decentralized controllers such as MOVIFIT® or MOVIPRO®.

    3. Servo drive systems:– Such as MOVIAXIS® multi-axis servo inverter,

    combined with regenerative power supply modules, storage or compact supply modules (energy recycling).

  • 8


    DriveBenefits – Customized process solutions for your entire value creation chain

    Overview of benefits

    – Measurable cost savings – Less expenditure of time – Increased process safety – Increased efficiency – Enhanced process automation

    New DriveBenefits modules available for you

    – Efficient variant management with new functions in the DriveConfigurator

    – Compact overview of technical product data with the SEW Product ID

    DriveBenefits from SEW-EURODRIVE offer a variety of practice-oriented possibilities to

    accelerate processes in every value creation phase, to simplify these processes, and

    to handle them in a cost-optimized manner. Selecting the suitable DriveBenefit modules

    and combining them to form an overall concept will give you sustainable benefits.

    DriveBenefits – an integrative and comprehensive portfolio from which the matching components can be selected in a flexible manner to suit the various requirements.

    Consistent and integrative

    SEW-EURODRIVE – Services

    4. O



    n a

    nd s


    parts procurement

    1. E



    g an

    d selec

    tion 2. Order and procure

    ment lo



    3. Materi

    al fl o

    w a





  • 9

    1. Engineering and selection – DriveConfigurator* – DriveCAD* – SEW Workbench* – EPLAN® macros

    2. Order and procurement logistics – Electronic data interchange – EDI– Customized procurement logistics – Electronic invoicing

    3. Material flow and startup – Order-specific documentation* – Order tracking* – Intelligent material flow – DriveTag

    4. Operation and spare parts procurement – Spare parts ordering* – Spare parts inquiry* – SEW Product ID

    * Available via the DriveGate® customer portal

    Overview of DriveBenefits modules

    You find more information on DriveBenefits at www.sew-eurodrive.com/drivebenefits.

  • 10 SEW-EURODRIVE – Services

    The individual CDS® system modules can be combined freely to form an individual service package. In this way, we provide exactly the modules you need to meet your specific requirements. The result will be higher system availability with downtimes reduced to a minimum. In other words, green light for your production.

    Green light for your


    CDS® – Complete Drive Service from SEW-EURODRIVE offers plant operators a complete

    service portfolio for all areas of drive technology. All services are based on decades

    of practical and comprehensive experience that SEW-EURODRIVE has gained from the

    challenging requirements of the construction industry. We offer exactly the service that

    you need for your drive technology under the harsh conditions of the construction and

    construction materials industry – it doesn’t matter when and where you need it.

    CDS® – Complete Drive Service The modular service concept

  • 11

    24-hour service hotline

    0800 SEWHELP / 0800 7394357

    Permanent availability (24 h/7 days)

    of our SEW experts

    Startup service

    On site startup and

    production support

    Inspection and maintenance service

    Complete package for permanent and

    plannable drive availability

    Spare parts service

    Original parts of the manufacturer –

    individual parts or the entire set

    Industrial gear unit service

    Complete service from one supplier also

    for large gear units

    Retrofit service

    Individually matched successor and

    retrofit packages

    CDM® maintenance management

    Comprehensive concept:

    Entire drive technology is collected >

    central web database >

    support for drive technology

    Installation consulting service

    Visual inspection of the installation situation

    of all drive engineering components

    Application programming service

    Creating customized drive-component


    Repair service

    Maintenance and overhaul work

    of components from SEW-EURODRIVE

    and products of other manufacturers

    Express assembly service

    Quick provision of complete gear units,

    motors, gearmotors, and electronics

    Collection and delivery service

    Entire logistics coordinated

    Condition monitoring service

    Systematic condition analysis using

    the latest measuring methods

    Training service

    Customized training on site


    The CDS® system modules – Our services at a glance

  • SEW-EURODRIVEDriving the world

    Drive Technology \ Drive Automation \ System Integration \ Services

    SEW-EURODRIVE is right there for you:

    How we’re driving the world



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