Contemporary Issues September 20, 2010. Technology Report Due October 11 th Choose an issue in technology: – Ways to integrate technology into your teaching

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<p>Sociology 101</p> <p>Contemporary IssuesSeptember 20, 2010</p> <p>Technology ReportDue October 11th</p> <p>Choose an issue in technology:</p> <p>Ways to integrate technology into your teachingSocial NetworkingTwitterCell phone use</p> <p>Legal issues or challenges associated with technology</p> <p>Pros/cons associated with using technology in the classroom</p> <p>Differentiating instruction with technology</p> <p>Other ideas pre-approval is needed.</p> <p>Technology ReportMinimum of three sources</p> <p>Must site them (later slide)</p> <p>Average length 5 pages</p> <p>Refer to grading rubric</p> <p>Due October 11th (submit online or in person)</p> <p>Technology RubricEXCEEDS STANDARDSMEETS STANDARDS WORKING TOWARDS STANDARDSCONTENTContains THREE peer reviewed articles that focuses directly on question/issue.Articles provide both QUALITATIVE and QUANTIATIVE dataThesis and topic are clearly established throughout essayAppropriate quotes/information to support thesisSummaries are complete and concisely writtenWriters position is clearly definedConclusion is thorough and effectively explores the topicConclusion clearly identifies applications for future readingIntroduction expounds on question/issueContains three peer reviewed articles two of which focus on question/issueArticles provide mostly qualitative dataIntroduction focuses on question/issueThesis established, but could be more clearSome points need further clarificationMostly, appropriate quotes/info to support thesisSummaries are mostly completeConclusion included, however it does not effectively reestablish thesisConclusions alludes to applications to future teachingContains three peer reviewed articlesArticles provide little to no dataIntroduction alludes to question/issueThesis vaguely statedEssay lacks appropriate quotes/info to support documentWriters position not definedThe conclusion is underdeveloped, weak, or missingSummaries are incomplete and unclearConclusion is unclear to future teachingORGANIZATIONClear transitions throughout essayFocus on thesis maintainedFollowed identified paper formatMostly smooth transitions throughout essayOccasional incoherent sections in essay that veer from thesisMost of the paper format followedTransitions in essay lacks coherent flowThe focus of the thesis waversPaper format not followedMECHANICSAmerican Standard English usedAccurate spelling and punctuation presentedSentence structure varies in length and complexityAmerican Standard English mostly usedOccasional errors in spelling and punctuationSentence structure is satisfactory, but could be improvedLacking American Standard EnglishFrequent spelling and sentence structure errorsWorks</p> <p></p> <p>Vocabulary Carousel ActivityEnvelope Carousel Directions:</p> <p>Students will circulate around the room and read each educational buzz word. These buzz words reflect concepts discussed in the Chapter 6 readings. </p> <p> After each pair of students has visited every station, envelopes (1 per group) will be distributed. </p> <p>Each pair will review the answers provided and share with the class 2 or 3 of what they consider to be the best answers. </p> <p>Key TermsFacilitatorReal-life experiencesInterdisciplinaryLearnCooperative LearningSocial InstitutionActive LearningDiscussion TopicLook at My Pedagogic Creed (Pg. 215).</p> <p>How different are Deweys views in 1897 from todays educational movement? How do you know?NJPSTEleven: Professional Responsibility</p> <p>Teachers shall act in accordance with legal and ethical responsibilities and shall use integrity and fairness to promote the success of all students.</p> <p>---------------------------------------------------------------------Conduct unbecoming..Topics to discussProfessional dress (Community perception)</p> <p>Recreational time (a.k.a. graduation parties)</p> <p>Living in the town that you work (social life???)</p> <p>Facebook page (postings)</p> <p>Tatoos (visible) / piercings</p> <p>Dating (events)</p> <p>Homework for next week:Chapter 8: Educational Technology Technology Booklet (due Mon.)</p> <p>Begin technology essay report:3 resources minimumAverage 5 pagesDue October 13th**Note date extension!!!**</p> <p>Do you believe???</p>