Controls responses to environment

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Controls responses to environment. Nervous System. Obtain energy from eating other organisms. Consumers. Pathway of energy & what each organism eats. Food Web. What makes sugar in plants. Chloroplasts. Tool used to identify organisms. Dichotomous Key. System that gets rid of waste. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Controls responses to environment Nervous System

  • Obtain energy from eating other organisms Consumers

  • Pathway of energy & what each organism eats Food Web

  • What makes sugar in plantsChloroplasts

  • Tool used to identify organismsDichotomous Key

  • System that gets rid of wasteExcretory System

  • How do you measure length in metric system Metric ruler

  • What are the 2 parts of the scientific nameGenus & Species

  • Where fossils are found Sedimentary Rock

  • Division of cells for reproduction Mitosis

  • What holds the slide on the microscopeStage

  • Use our resources wisely Conservation

  • What is the flow of energy From producer to consumer to decomposer

  • CO2 , methane, waterGreenhouse gases

  • What is diffusion of water into or out of a cell Osmosis

  • Where is the oldest layer of rock At the bottom

  • Deep well injection, land fills, or incineration Waste removal methods

  • Ability to grow back lost appendages Regeneration

  • General weather conditions over time Climate

  • Idea that Earths crustal plate move around Plate Techonics

  • What in the scientific method is the guessed answer based on research calledHypothesis

  • Theory Earth started as one continent Pangea

  • Reproduction by only one parent Asexual Reproduction

  • What releases energy in the cellsMitochondria

  • Breaks down dead organismsDecomposers

  • Body changes during life cycle (complete or incomplete) Metamorphis

  • Metamophic, sedimentary igneous Types of rocks

  • When embryos grow outside the mothers body External Development

  • Earth worn away by wind, rain or water Erosion

  • Regulates body functions Hormones

  • When body temperature changes with the environment Cold Blooded

  • Stronger genetic characteristics (capital letters) Dominant Traits

  • What moves from west to east & high to low pressure Air masses

  • Caused by uneven heating of the Earth Weather

  • Carry inherited info about organisms in DNA Chromosomes

  • Organisms that make their own food Producers

  • What part of the cell directs all activities Nucleus

  • What is mass measured in Grams

  • Building blocks of all life Cells

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