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  • Precept 2014

    Its time to Converge

    Your Introduction

  • And we're doing it by pioneering a new kind of business network.

    So throw away your old directories, stop attending hard-sell, stuffy

    networking events and please stop wasting money on archaic and

    ineffective advertising, listings and marketing.

    Were assemblinglike-minded businesses tocome together and grow.

  • We are creating a collective of fantastic North East businesses who want to work and grow together.

    Converge is founded on a love for the North

    East and its business community. Every aspect

    has been painstakingly researched, planned

    and created to help businesses grow. Our

    network is designed for those that have a

    passion for what they do, and for those who

    would rather spend a little time getting their

    promotion right, rather than spend a lot of

    money potentially getting it wrong.

    In short, Converge makes your online marketing,

    PR, advertising and networking more accessible,

    more affordable and more effective.

  • What

    Converge is a modern business

    network, supporting its members

    through exposure in its business

    magazine, blog, printed and online

    directories, and networking events.

    It's a unique business development

    platform combining several

    promotional tools brought together

    to provide businesses with a

    modern, accessible and affordable

    way to grow their business.


    Business networks should be a

    fundamental part of any business' sales

    and marketing strategy. But

    they are often hindered by stuffy

    events, old-school sales methods and

    sky-high membership fees that rarely

    provide a return on investment.

    No matter how big or small your

    business, with Converge youll get

    the exposure you need, rather than

    just the exposure you can afford.


    We promote a modern, integrated

    approach to your promotional activity,

    while offering radical value for money.

    And we're invite only, so membership

    is limited to approved members.

    In fact, in its first year, only 300

    businesses can join, and each business

    who requests an invite is assessed.

    Growing the network in this way

    ensures that each business is approved,

    helping to maintain a high quality


    How it worksOur fresh approach aims to provide you with the most effective and affordable way to promote your business in the North East.

  • Online

    Our unique online platform will provide

    the perfect space to promote your

    business and manage your online

    promotions. Better still, our members

    area allows you to easily connect with

    others, arrange meetings and 1-to-1s

    and register for events relevant to you.

    In Print

    We're well versed in print publications,

    PR and advertising. Take advantage

    and feature regularly in our business

    magazine to gain exposure within

    the North East's buzzing business

    community. You'll also secure a place

    in our yearly business directory.

    In Person

    Network with like-minded businesses

    who have been approved - that

    means no time wasters and no hard

    selling. Our events are structured, but

    provide a relaxed environment to make

    friends, share experiences and, most

    importantly, to do business.

    The BenefitsSpend less. Save time. Gain exposure. Create awareness.Generate leads. Do more. Enjoy success.

  • Join today

    Businesses will receive 12 monthsmembership for just 299 + VAT.

    With this cost, were already delivering on our promise of radical value for money. For less than 25 per month, you can be part of the most effective and most innovative businessdevelopment platform around.

    For North East businesses who would like to join Converge, you can request an invite online at:

    Get in touch for more information:

    Email: [email protected]: 0191 404 6856Address: Converge, The Axis Building,Maingate, Kingsway North, Team Valley, Gateshead, NE11 0NQ

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