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    01872 264441


    Owner Information

  • is different from existing agencies in that:

    • We are less expensive

    • You have complete flexibility to use your property as you wish

    • We only charge for the bookings we obtain for you

    • You receive your funds soon after they are paid by the customer - we don’t hold onto your money for months

    • You benefit from our powerful online booking system and database

    • We do not attempt to lock you in for an unreasonably long period

    Introducing | owner information

    call us on 01872 264441 is a new type of holiday property letting agency which is less expensive and much more flexible than others. We are entirely internet based and concentrate on the power of the web to market your property using innovative techniques to give potential customers a real feel for the property before they book their holidays.

  • Who are we?

    Richard and Lucy Beaman and David Mathewson are the Directors and owners of Cornwalls Cottages Limited. They all live in Cornwall and own holiday properties so they know the market intimately and think like property owners. Richard, our Managing Director, is a Chartered Surveyor with many years’ experience in the leisure industry and, whilst specialising in internet marketing, database and new technology development, controls most aspects of David, a Chartered Accountant by profession, has overall responsibility for all financial matters and assists Richard with new business development. Lucy, who previously worked in Human Resources, manages property information on our websites, contracts and other client administration.

    Our offices are in Truro and where our experienced reservations team who are on hand to deal with web or telephone enquiries. Our marketing team and accounts department work closely with reservations ensuring a seamless experience for both guests and owners. We’re a close knit team, many of us are friends who have known each other for years out of the work environment.

    We also employ a number of specialist consultants to the business, whom we feel give us a real edge over the competition. The field of digital marketing and in particular, search engine optimisation, is absolutely crucial to the success of your holiday home and we are confident that we have the experts on our side to help us do this in the very best way. started in 2009 with just three properties and now we have hundreds spread over the length and breadth of Cornwall. Our specialist area was originally the Roseland Peninsula where our first website, StMawesHolidays., grew to such a size that we decided to expand to include the whole of Cornwall.

    We all live in Cornwall so we know the area really well, which helps us to find the most suitable properties for all of our guests. Our reservations team visits the properties over the quieter periods to get a real feel for who they would most suit.

    Our beautiful old central Truro Office, which is equipped with the very latest technology, is a really friendly place and we welcome a visit from you but, as we are dog friendly, be prepared for a warm welcome with many wagging tails!

    Richard Beaman | owner information

    email us at [email protected]


  • How much does it cost?

    There is a one-off initial charge, deducted from the first rental that we achieve, which covers all the set up on our systems and website, plus full professional photography. Thereafter our charges are 18% (plus VAT) of the value of the all the lettings that we book on your behalf for your property. Unlike many other agencies, we do not limit the number of weeks you choose to use the property yourself nor do we levy any charge for those periods.

    How does it work?

    We use search term technology to specifically target potential customers searching for holiday properties on the internet. Our experience over the last few years is that the vast majority of all holiday bookings are made either on or through the internet and this is only going to increase.

    We have first page rankings for many local and Cornwall-wide searches on search engines for the following critically important searches:

    • Cornwall Cottages

    • Cornwall Holiday Cottages

    • Holiday Cottages in Cornwall

    • Cottages in Cornwall to rent

    • Pet friendly cottage Cornwall

    Each property has a complete listing on We use a variety of techniques to give customers a real taste of the home. This includes having a large collection of photographs, floor plans, integrated maps, testimonials, satellite photographs, an online video tour as well as full details of the facilities your property provides.

    As the business expands, we will be developing more websites to target specific areas of Cornwall and also to allow potential guests to search in relation to places they want to visit across the county.

    We do not produce a yearly brochure as, in our view, this is an incredible waste of time, natural resources and of money that is far better spent on internet marketing. We take on a large number of new properties throughout the year and a brochure would be out of date long before it returned from the printers! We value new properties as much as those that have been with us for years.

    We produce monthly email newsletters highlighting all of our new properties, as well as featuring some of our old favourites. We also include local information on activities and events around Cornwall in the coming month, keeping guests interested in the county and constantly giving them new reasons to visit. | owner information

    call us on 01872 264441

  • Live Availability

    Operating with live availability on our website, potential guests can easily search for properties that:

    • are pet friendly

    • have sea views

    • are within walking distance of a beach or pub/restaurant or shops

    • include a swimming pool / spa pool

    • change over on specific days

    There are many more search variables, including by arrival date and region. Prices are as advertised and therefore properties can be booked immediately. Last minute discounts can be set up to work automatically if weeks remain vacant. These discount values can be monitored at any stage in the season to help increase bookings.

    For bookings placed online you, the owner, will receive an automatic booking summary notice via email. Once we have processed the payments for the booking and for all telephone bookings we email you again with full guest details for your records. We manage the balance payments automatically and send out full arrival instructions to the guests so there is no need for you to do anything to manage your bookings.

    We provide an Owner’s section on our website so you can view all details of bookings, pricing and availability of your property. You can add your own owner bookings, as well as access financial information at any time.

    Housekeepers can also have restricted access to your property via our website, viewing only guests’ arrival and departure information; no financial information is shown in their area. They can therefore manage arrivals and departures without you having to organise it on a weekly basis.

    If you are looking to generate more bookings at any stage of the season or year,

    please do give us a call as we can certainly help. If you would like us to help you

    market your holiday property, please call us on 01872 264441 or email us at

    [email protected] for further information.

    email us at [email protected]


  • Everything is about maximising your property’s occupancy and your income.

    • We provide online availability and booking for your property with a secure card payment facility.

    • We manage all bookings right up to the point of arrival.

    • We send out all confirmation correspondence to your customers including detailed arrival instructions.

    • We email guests after departure to make sure they enjoyed their stay and if there is anything we can do to improve their experience.

    • We ensure that there is always good follow up marketing to encourage bookings for future years.

    • Your rental income is held in our client account and whatever we have received on your behalf is paid to you at the beginning of the following month by electronic transfer, less our commission and VAT. We also send you a monthly statement showing your bookings and analysis of your property’s performance – but you can look at this at any time online in the Owner’s section of the website.

    Our website also offers a ‘Live Chat’ service, similar to big companies like BT, but of course with a much more personal touch. During office hours our reservations team is available online or via the telephone to answer questions immediately for anyone requiring help with property searches or bookings.

    We also monitor all bookings and emails over the weekend when the office isn’t necessarily open. There is an emergency phone always in operation for any gues