Corpus Callosum By Ericka Marshall & Kassie Moore

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Latin for Tough Body. Corpus Callosum By Ericka Marshall & Kassie Moore. Location of Corpus Callosum?. Underneath the cerebrum at the center of the brain. Example to remember the Corpus Callosum!. What is the Corpus Callosum made up of?. Largest connective pathway 200 million nerve fibers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Corpus Callosum

    By Ericka Marshall & Kassie MooreLatin for Tough Body

  • Location of Corpus Callosum?Underneath the cerebrum at the center of the brain.

  • Example to remember the Corpus Callosum!

  • What is the Corpus Callosum made up of?Largest connective pathway200 million nerve fibersConnects left & right hemisphereCommunication

  • Communication!

  • Connects between left and right hemisphere!

  • Story of Kim Peeks life through his eyes!

  • Function of the brain?Communication between the Brain Hemisphere Eye Movement Maintaining the Balance of Arousal and AttentionTactile Localization

  • Eye movement?Right Eye connected to Left Hemisphere

    Left Eye connected to the Right Hemisphere

  • Maintaining the Balance of Arousal and Attention?AttentionAlertAroused Aware of your surroundings

  • Example of Arousal and Attention in the Corpus Callosum

  • Tactile Localization?Hand-eye coordination

  • Types of Behaviors that the corpus Callosum controls?Children with autism have a smaller corpus callosum.

  • How does this part of the brain work?Transfers the following:Motor informationSensory informationCognitive informationALL THROUGH LEFT & RIGHT HEMISPERES!

  • Connected to other parts of the brain?In the middle of the fowllowing: Left HemisphereRight HemisphereActs as a strong bond

  • Received, Processed, & Sent out?Receive: information from both the left and right hemisphereProcessed: Left hemisphere= Right hemisphereRight hemisphere = Left hemisphereSent out: Body is sent information on what both the hemispheres want them to do.

  • Discovery of the Corpus Callosum?In 1961, a 41-year-old policeman complained about the following:HeadachesNauseaVomiting ForgetfulConfused

  • Early Research?Corpus Callosum bigger in women or men?

  • If the Corpus Callosum was injured?Little, if any communication between the left and right brains can occur with AgCCWhat you see out of your left eye goes to the right side of your brain and vice versa, but the speech center is located on the same side as the eyeCauses: Prenatal infections or viruses, genetic abnormalities, toxic metabolic conditions, blocking of growth to the Corpus CallosumMany people with the disorder are healthy, but some have siezeres or need other medical attention

  • SymptomsDisorder does not change Symptoms: ClumsinessOversensitivity to certain things but high tolerance for painChallenges with social interactionsLimited insight to own behavior

  • Current Research?Studying emotional responsiveness and social cognitive in adults with AgCC

    Does the brain adapt in different ways to compensate for the missing Corpus Callosum?

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