Corrosion & Materials December 2011

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Corrosion & Materials December 2011

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    Inside this Issue:University Profile: Deakin University

    Project Profile: Cathodic Protection of a 1.2km long Harbour Tunnel

    Technical Note: Copper Based Antifouling Coatings on Aluminium Hulls

    Technical Note: Effect of Surface Roughness on the Corrosion of 316-type Stainless Steel

    Research Paper: Shedding light on Corrosion

    Research Paper: Underprotection of Mild Steel in Seawater, the Calcareous Film

    O f f i c i a l P u b l i c a t i o n o f t h e A u s t r a l a s i a n C o r r o s i o n A s s o c i a t i o n w w w . c o r r o s i o n . c o m . a u

    Vol 36 No 6, December 2011ISSN 1326-1932

    & M A T E R I A L S

  • Xtroll and Xtroll GlobalOver 25 years ago Ian Ashworth made his first product simply called Xtroll. Approximately 5 years later with more products being developed the name Xtroll was converted into a trademark for use on all his products. Xtroll Global was established in August 2000 to manufacture and market a range of products under the trademark Xtroll. The company manufactures a range of products under the categories of: Rust treatment and prevention, Paint and coatings, Concrete Masonry and Asbestos sealers and coatings, Timber sealers and coatings, and Cleaning products. The world class products give customers great value for money, due to a combination of high coverage rates, product excellence and the simple fact that they really work. Additionally the company provides customers with complete technical advice about the products and their many and varied applications.

    As always the primary focus of the company will be to provide quality products that put simply, really do work. The extensive range of Xtroll products fits this bill, and of course this includes Xtrolls amazing corrosion treatment and prevention products. Led by Xtrolls flagship product Rust Conqueror and very well supported by products like Xtroll Silver, Xtroll Metalguard and Xtroll GP Primer, these products when used correctly can, will and do treat and stop existing corrosion on any metal. Additionally the products can be used to prevent the onset of rust on all new metals. Xtroll products are easy to use, normally only requiring basic preparation and being simple to apply correctly.

    Rust Conqueror effectively uses the rust on the metal when being used to treat rust. To prepare the surface for treatment simply remove loose flaky material, degrease and rinse. Once dry apply Rust Conqueror in multiple light coats until a glossy varnish like finish is achieved. This system ensures that the product penetrates, saturates and encapsulates all of the rust, effectively binding the rust back to the material, while at the same time locking all air and moisture out. The completed system can be painted over with either solvent based or water based products so long as appropriate drying times have elapsed. Rust Conqueror is based on organic products and is safe and easy to apply. Rust Conqueror can be applied in a wide variety of environments and temperatures making it exceptionally versatile.

    When used as part of a system with Xtroll Silver or Xtroll Metalguard, the life of aged materials can be significantly improved. This fact coupled with the ease of preparation and application, mean that you can really save money on maintenance costs. Simpler easy to achieve preparation saves you time, while ease of application means no special equipment or training is required. Add these facts to the excellent coverage rate offered by the products and the simple truth is that you will save time and money which is crucial in todays economic climate.

    Rust Conqueror is also an ideal rust preventative when used to protect new metals. Simply degrease and rinse the surface to which it is to be applied and once dry apply sufficient product to ensure a gloss varnish like finish. This ensures a non porous finish which effectively prevents air and moisture from contacting the surface therefore preventing rust. Being essentially a clear coating that will last more than 18 months in direct sunlight, with a coverage on new material of up to 30 square meters per litre, and being readily coated with either enamel or acrylic paints after a simple wash and rinse to remove any contaminants that may have settled on the surface, the product is ideal and economical for use as a protective coating on materials that may be prone to rusting while in storage or transport.

    Air and moisture

    Air and moisture

    In the diagram above air and moisture are able to penetrate through the rust layer and make contact with the metal surface

    which promotes yet more rust.

    In the diagram above the Rust Conqueror has penetrated the rust layer and encapsulated it into the protective film. This process prevents air and moisture from being able to contact the metal surface, therefore treating both the existing rust and also preventing further rusting.

    Metal substrate

    Metal substrate

    Layer of rust particles

    Layer of rust particles that have been treated with Xtroll Rust Conqueror

    For more information on Xtroll products or to find your nearest supplier please contact Global Paint Solutions via, email, Ph 02 6568 4040, Fax 02 6568 2971 or via Mobile 0488 438 438. Alternatively visit to view the full Xtroll range of products on line.

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    Front Cover Photo Shell Todd Oil Services Maui Production Station Oaonui, New Zealand. The Maui Coating Refurbishment Project 2011. Pipe rack painting Carboline Coatings.

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    30 ProjectProfile:Cathodic Protection of a 1.2km long Harbour Tunnel

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    34 TechnicalNote:Copper Based Antifouling Coatings on Aluminium Hulls

    36 TechnicalNote:Effect of Surface Roughness on the Corrosion of 316-type Stainless Steel

    38 ResearchPaper: Shedding light on Corrosion

    44 ResearchPaper: Underprotection of Mild Steel in Seawater, the Calcareous Film

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