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Super Charge Your BDC: Strategies to Increase Lead Conversion and Profits

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  • 1. Pg. 38Super Charge Your BDCStrategies To Increase LeadConversion and ProfitsCory MosleyPrincipleMosley Automotive Training

2. The Challenge to InfluenceA large percentage of customers are buyinganywayCustomers typically choose acar, dealership, and GET STUCK WITH YOU!Creating separation as a matter of process isthe answer! 3. The 4.5 Elements of Creating a Deal Separation CommunicationBranding Value Propositioning Influencing 4. Creating SeparationM + 3 RuleLaw of Diminishing ReturnsLeverage the Power of WordsBe AuthenticConnecting Matters 5. The Power of Words Global Warming Climate Change Early Adopter Crazy person who stood in line fora $600 phone 6. Perceived Difference = Perceived ValueIf the customer perceives no difference and novalue, then all thats left is PRICE! 7. 3 Truths About Value You can never have too much value You can never offer too much value You can never give away too much value 8. Strategies for Creating Value Improve product knowledge and presentation Create a follow-up relevancy playbook Break away from what everyone is doing Develop a compelling why buy 9. Creating a Sales Opportunity 10. T.O.M.A. Top of Mind Awareness When you create T.O.M.A. you increase your sales because prospectswho are not buying today will think of you when they are ready to buy! T.O.M.A. also establishes a last opportunity scenario Think Progressive Insurance Think Geico Think JG WentworthThink Tax Masters 11. Relevant Follow-UpCrash Test RatingsIndustry AwardsOEM IncentivesDealership IncentivesDealership Benefits Package 12. Common Sense Approach 13. Phone ChecklistPoints of Control Contingency Plans Pre-defined pricing strategyPre-defined purpose of interaction RelevancyNon-price related lead-in 14. Email Checklist Quality brandingProper grammar usageEffective or persuasiveConsistent pricing strategyRelevancyClear direction 15. Re-examine the Process What- What are you doing now? Why- Why are you doing it that way? Is- Is there a better way? Next Step......TAKE ACTION! Focus on the Deals you Dont Make 16. Lets