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Counter reformation Project . Liam Garcia, Julia Fabisiak, Andreas harilaou Period 8 11/3/13 . Francis de Sales. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Counter reformation Project Liam Garcia, Julia Fabisiak, Andreas harilaou Period 8 11/3/13

Francis de SalesFrancis of sales was born in 1567 in Chteau de Sales in France . While there he had 13 years to think of becoming a vocation to the priesthood before he had mentioned it to his family. But his father wanted him to be a soldier and sent him off to Paris to study, while this happened Francis said nothing. Francis was a very patient man and had gone to Padua to get a doctorate in law and went to study theology and practiced mental prayers while going to parties and getting into sword fights. And throughout all this he had not spoken a word, Why did he wait so long? He had waited for gods will to be cleared. And never wanted to push wishes on god. happened?Francis de sales wanted to regain the district of savoy, which a large percentage was turned into Calvinism. As a result most of the people had returned to the catholic church, later finding a religious teachings order for women. He was ordained a priest in 1593 and at that time there were religious and political struggles under control of the Roman Catholic Church.I used the book for this one 3The Main people who were involved were Francis of Sales, Charles Borromeo, and Teresa De Avila. These were all catholic reformers in the Counter Reformation.

Who was involved?Francis of Sales:www.pathconscious.comCharles Borromeo:www.scborromeo.orgTeresa Of Avila:en.wikipedia.org4How does this event show religious disunity in Europe?This shows religious disunity in this all because Francis of Sales tried converting The District of savoy, and had successfully done so, from Calvinism, and made religious works for women.Counter reformation project Julia Fabisiak11/5/13Period 8Teresa de Avila Born in Spain in 1515Became a nun at the age of 20Father opposed her plan She ran away to a convent in 1536After deciding the practices were too difficult, she followed her own rules regarding fasting, prayer, and sleep.In time the church gave her permission to reform the Carmelite order.

What happened?She reformed the Carmelite order. Her spirituality, reported scenes of Christ, her passion for the Catholic faith inspired people to remain in the church.

Who was involved?The Company of Saint Ursula, an order of women focused on teaching girls, was started by the Italian nun Angela Merici. The Visitation of Holy Mary order, which trained women to be teachers, was confounded by Jane of Chantal and Francis of Sales. Mary Ward of England started a network of schools for girls throughout Europe.

How does this event show religious disunity in Europe?

This might have caused religious disunity in Europe because men might have disagreed with the thought of women being educated and formed their own religious groups.

Counter reformation projectAndreas Harilaou 11/05/13Period 8Charles Borromeo-Was a catholic reformer along with Francis of Sales-He was a cardinal- led the movement to combat the inroads of the Protestant Reformation- administrator of the see of Milan happened?- wanted to improve the morals and manners of the clergy- wanted to improve the morals and manners of the clergy-Charles played a leading role in guiding and in fashioning the decrees of the third and last group of sessions- He increased the systems to the poor and the needy

Who was involved?His followers and other bishops/cardinals, the poor as well. does this event show religious disunity in Europe?Witchcraft and sorcery, in the Mesoleina Valley, which also contained heresy. Wanted education for children

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