Crazy facts Things that you don’t need to know about geography, but will be glad you do!

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<ul><li><p>Crazy factsThings that you dont need to know about geography, but will be glad you do!</p></li><li><p>The state of Florida, in the USA is larger than England (and sunnier!)</p></li><li><p>The Earth spins at 1000 miles an hour at the equator.</p></li><li><p>Take a nugget of pure gold the size of a matchbox and you will be able to flatten it into a sheet of gold the size of a tennis court ( try this at home!)</p></li><li><p>Europe is the only continent without a desert.</p></li><li><p>The Pacific ocean is not as salty as the Atlantic Ocean! Why do you think that is?</p></li><li><p>If you shot a bullet from the Earth to the Sun, it would take more than twenty years to get there!! What if you missed?!</p></li><li><p>In Japan you can buy underwear from vending machines! What if you get the wrong size?</p></li><li><p>In 1980 there was a traffic jam in France that was 109 miles long, dont fancy being at the back of that!!</p></li><li><p>The South Pole is colder than the North Pole!</p></li><li><p>The Greek national anthem has 158 verses.</p></li></ul>