Created & Presented by Ross Parker. Introduction Welcome About Me – I teach at lightning speed : ) What do you want to learn today? What I hope you will

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  • Created & Presented by Ross Parker
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  • Introduction Welcome About Me I teach at lightning speed : ) What do you want to learn today? What I hope you will learn today: The Web is key Improve your classroom practice Hands on! Values in teaching
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  • This is not about students sitting at computers doing online worksheets It is about using your imagination and a world of resources to stimulate and challenge your students in new ways.
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  • Web 2.0 The Web is changing. We call the current state of things Web 2.0 Free, rich applications Syndicate, mashup and embed Collaboration and user-generated content Is this perfect for teaching or what? FREE! Available anywhere No installation Constantly evolving
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  • How Do I Use The Web? Find, gather and organise resources, Present and share material my way Foster collaboration, Student feedback and assessment Get creative
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  • Activity 1: Assess & Collaborate Instructions: On my site, there is a page for this workshop: On this page, find the link for this Activity, and follow it to the quiz. Follow instructions in the quiz Chat with a classmate when you are finished. Follow-up: What did you think? How might we use the results?
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  • Activity 2: Creativity Ice Breaker Instructions: Get into groups of 5 On my site, there is a page for this workshoppage On this page, find the link for this Activity, and download the document it points to. You have exactly 5 minutes to use any 5 images from the document to make a crazy, funny story. Use PowerPoint to present. Get ready to share! Follow-up: What did you think? All the pictures are free on the web Free as in speech, not as in beer. RMS
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  • Discussion What do you think of these ideas? Are they useable? Are they useful? Do they scale well? Are they adaptable? Do you think you want a... ...VLE? My site acts as all three What are the distinguishing features? If you already have one, tell us about it!
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  • Demonstration Demonstrations usually fail Hopefully this one will work. Within 10 minutes, I ought to be able to help one of you: Create an online space,, Create a resource holder. Find and save a resource,, Embed your resource holder into your space. Any volunteers? Follow along at your own risk!
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  • Values in Education I love ICT, but without substance it is useless. My substance is based on values: Caring & Community Cooperation Giving & Sharing Excellence & Creativity this video might strike a cord this video might strike a cord What is you substance based on? But I thought Wikipedia was evil and dangerous?
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  • Thats All Folks! Are you... ...bored to pieces? ..blown away by it all? Q&A Want more? Email me, I love to share. Develop your online space. Learn from the Web Check out my site and resources, The End! Please tell me so I can improve my teaching
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  • License All original work used here is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. For more details please look at This license has been chosen to permit a high degree of sharing, whilst protecting the authors control as to how the content is used. Please respect this license and use accordingly! Recycled and borrowed works from other sources are used under appropriate licenses, which are not affected by this license. The original source is always given. All original work created by Ross Parker (, except where specified.
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  • Sources before math class. by 1000 watt dream before math class.1000 watt dream Available from under a CC BY-NC license