Creating a Cloud Based Geospatial Platform

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Creating a Cloud Based Geospatial Platform. National Geospatial Advisory Committee December 6, 2010. Dr. David L. McClure, Ph.D. Associate Administrator Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies. What is Cloud Computing ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


IaaS Awardees & Federal Cloud Computing Initiative

Creating a Cloud Based Geospatial PlatformNational Geospatial Advisory CommitteeDecember 6, 201012/7/101NGAC Briefing

Dr. David L. McClure, Ph.D.Associate AdministratorCitizen Services and Innovative TechnologiesWhat is Cloud Computing?On-demand Self-ServiceUbiquitous Network AccessLocation Independent Resource PoolingRapid ElasticityMeasured ServiceNIST defines cloud offerings as having five essential characteristics: Why is cloud important?


Rather than building and operating dedicated infrastructure to provide IT services, Cloud Computing services are shared resources offered and maintained by a third party to multiple IT tenants or organizations . Benefits of this shared services model include: Faster acquisition and deployment of computing resources Economies of scale through easier sharing of IT services across organizations Lower capital equipment expenditures By focusing on emerging customer demand, GSA can successfully pilot the acquisition and use of select cloud services now to establish a leadership position for Federal agencies2GSA Confidential and Proprietary12/7/10NGAC BriefingCloud Computing A Key OMB IT Priority12/7/103

Resource: FY2011 OMB Report on Information TechnologyNGAC BriefingA Cloud First Policy Announced by OMBFederal Cloud PMO12/7/10NGAC Briefing4GovAgenciesVendorsCCESC/CCACCloudComputingPMOCloud Computing Vision / MissionInformation PortalMarket Research / Use CasesPolicies and GuidelinesEnterprise / Procurement SupportInformation DisseminationVirtual Online SummitsData CallRequirementsInterests & FeedbackStandards RequirementsSecurity ProcessesProcurement ApproachesBest PracticesGov-wide Communications

Direction and GuidanceFacilitationSchedule and CoordinationCompliant Services and OfferingsInput to StandardsCollaboration on Developing Standards & Best PracticesSecurityStandardsOpsExcellenceCommCloud Computing Working GroupsRFI/RFPsDefinitionsSecurity RequirementsStandards RequirementsSLAs


Promoting adoption and removing obstacles in the government-wide acquisition and utilization of cost effective, green and sustainable Federal cloud computing solutions. Cloud Computing PMO Overviewhttp://info.apps.gov12/7/105NGAC BriefingFederal Cloud Computing Initiative (FCCI) began in March 2009 at the request of the Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra.

FCCI Program Management Office was established at GSA in April 2009.FCCI PMO is governed under the Cloud Computing Executive Steering Committee (CCESC), which reports to the Federal CIO Council.4 additional government-wide governance groups were established within the program:Cloud Computing Advisory Council.Cloud Computing Security Working Group.Cloud Computing Standards Working Group.SaaS Email Working Showing the Way12/7/10NGAC Briefing6 is a place where agencies can gather information about how Cloud Computing can help create sustainable, more cost-effective IT Services for the Federal Government.Keeping you informed in upcoming events!Reference Documents at your fingertips!Provides tools to navigate the cloud landscape.News and Information on Cloud and Data Center TopicsApps.govFirst Federal storefront site to commoditize cloud services so that buyers may cross-compare products and purchase (launched September, 2009). Currently offering SaaS and social media products.

Cloud Services available on apps.gov12/7/107NGAC Briefing12 Cloud Service Providers Receive IaaS AwardsVendorCloud Storage Virtual Machines Web Hosting 1 Apptis, Inc. X X 2 AT&T X X 3 Autonomic Resources X4CGI Federal Inc. X X 5 Computer Literacy World X X X 6 Computer Technology Consultants X X X 7 Eyak Tech LLC X X X 8 General Dynamics Information Technology X9 Insight Public Sector X 10 Savvis Federal Systems X X 11 Verizon Federal Inc. X 12CarahsoftXTotal Awards by Lot6 11512/7/108NGAC BriefingFedRAMP Federal Risk & Authorization Management ProgramUnified Government-wide Risk Management ProgramProvides joint security authorization and continuous monitoringAgencies participate by leveraging the results for covered productsAgencies retain their responsibility and authority to ensure their security needs are met in the use of systems

Vendor BenefitsGovernment-wide authorization and security compliance cost reductionAgency BenefitsCost savings through reduced duplicationRapid acquisitionIncreased security assuranceCloud ProvidersFederal AgenciesRisk ManagementProblem: Independent agency risk management has inefficienciesSolution: Unified risk management eliminates inefficiencies

12/7/109Cloud ProvidersVisit for Documentation & CommentsNGAC Briefing10Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): EmailInter-agency SaaS Email Working Group established in June 2010.Developing an RFQ for a government-wide BPA of SaaS email solutions.RFI completed.13 respondents.RFI responses will be leveraged to create RFQ requirements.Pre-solicitation day held November 1 to solicit vendor and government feedback.Email Procurement to be conducted early 2011.GSA completed security authorization of Google Apps which may be leveraged by other agencies.USAID leveraged Google Apps security authorization package to greatly reduce timeline for system implementation

1012/7/10NGAC BriefingGeoCloud Community Technical Platform Introducing the InitiativeResults12/7/1011NGAC BriefingPotential Offerings: Geospatial PaaS

GeoCloud Community PlatformLarge pool of agency applications identified for cloud migrationFederal Platform Reference ImplementationsAppsNeedPlatformsPlatformsAmplifyIaaSSavingsPlatform Revenue StreamEnable Infrastructure Savings12/7/1012NGAC Briefing Cloud Community Platform Service ScopeInitial Target Applications for Community PlatformsAgencyPlatformBased On Base Platform Category DOIWetlands Mapper Windows/IIS/ESRI Windows ESRI Platform with additions for ORACLE as needed Normal USDAUSDA CDSI Web ServicesWindows/IIS/ESRI /SQLServerNormalUSDAUSDA Geospatial Public CatalogWindows/JSP/ESRI/SQL2008NormalEPAEPA Lakes & Ponds Windows / PostGres/ESRINOAANOAA Particles Linux/Java/Axis/MQLinux Open Source Platform with Java/Ruby on Rails/Tomcat,/EJB3, PostGres, MySQL (alt) Python, PHP, Perl and ApacheGood candidate for a single base platform Normal USGSGEOSS GeoNetwork w. additionsLinux/TomCat/PostGres Normal CensusTIGER/LINE Shapefiles Linux / Apache / Perl/Python Normal NOAAIOOS Registry + Linux/TomCat/PostGres Normal NOAANOAA ERDAP Linux/TomCat/THREDDS Data DHSEmergency Web Response Site Linux LAMPNormal USGSUSGS VGI OpenStreetMapLinux/Apache/PostGIS/Ruby On Rails/TimecopNormalFGDCGeoCloud Community Platform PortalLinux LAMP/DrupalNormal12/7/1013NGAC BriefingPlatform asa Service (PaaS)Platform as a Service Architectural FrameworkDistinguishing Application, Platform and InfrastructureApplications12 identified GeoSpatial Applications + more agency appsInfrastructureVirtual Machines / CPUStorageApplication Servers: Provide the deployment environment for actual business applications with access to enablers, frameworks and runtimesFrameworks and Libraries save time and expense freeing developers from having to build common code and behaviors.Platform Enablers: Platform enablers provide core supporting capabilities for developing , testing and deploying code, including DBMS, Directory, Queue, Service Bus, etc. A relational database is the most common enabler example but is not present in all platformsRuntimes: provide the execution support for developing and running the code. Examples include Java, Python, Microsoft Common Language Runtime, etc.DRAFT - GSA OCIO INTERNAL USE ONLYPlatformApplication ServersApp Frameworks / LibrariesRuntime SystemsPlatform Enablers (DBs, etc)Operating System12/7/1014NGAC BriefingFocus on the large chunks of functionality in PaaSApp Servers: that provide key services to applications. Like JEE and .NET, PHPEnablers: Like air. The crucial invisible service glue that give apps the Platform Environment that they needLibs that you call, and frameworks that call your app and provide core servicesRuntimes that enable code to operate in the operating system


Raw Data Catalog Includes datasets in an download of machine readable, platform-independent datasets

Tool CatalogProvides hyperlinks which may lead to agency tools or agency web pages that allow you to mine datasets.

Geodata CatalogLinked to

What are Catalogs? Today172895 Raw Datasets

638 Tools

303,181 Geodata

306,714 Total in Catalog

17Geo-Spatial Data is A Key Enabler for Killer AppsCombine capabilities of and

Enhanced visualization and data-mashing capabilities

Geo-aware applications are key.How to realize the promise of geospatial information systems (GIS) for the nation?Geo-data architected and built-inLightweight geo-applications and mash-ups for Web 2.0/Gov 2.0Incremental, agile, actionable and affordable delivery

18Whats Next? Geo-data Integration :Migration, Key Improvements and Policy IssuesGeospatial enhancements to ServicesAdopting automated harvesting methodsProvide access to all data types from geodata.govProvide access to FGDC metadata as defined and populated by suppliersImplement a geospatial search and visualization Implement a harvestable Catalog (API)Enable to search suppliers and other open data catalogsImplement GeoRSS and RSS notificationsPublish catalog as a map (KML,WMS) and data service (RDF) for multiple client accessPublic domain datasets that dont meet policy guidelines will be migrated and maintained in a distributed catalogDecommission BriefingBullet One. is go