Creating A Compelling Brand Story

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  • 1. Creating a Compelling Brand Story and Why You Must Have One Mark Campbell

2. Persuade Teach Amuse InspireBring us together Help us rememberAllow us imagine and dream 3. How we make sense of the world 4. Everyoneloves agood story! 5. Stop shouting atme! 6. Marketers are now competing with th collective power of consumers. 7. Branding & marketing initiatives mustauthentically create shared value 8. An effective brandstrategy starts witha thoroughexamination of yourbrands DNA, thebuilding block thatdetermines howyour customers seeyou and how wellyour brand mesheswith their needs. - Sergio Zyman 9. You are the only_____that ____. 10. WHATis your category?HOW are you different?WHO are your customers?WHERE are they located?WHY are you important?WHENdo they need you? 11. Harley DavidsonThe ONLY motorcycle manufacturer that makes big, loud motorcycles for macho guys (and macho wannabees) who live mostly in the United States who want to join a tribe of cowboys in an era ofdecreasing personal freedom 12. Cascada ExpedicionesThe ONLY boutique hospitality provider in Chile with unmatched expertise to design and operatedome-style vacation lodges in remote wilderness foractive travelers who seek to experience Patagonia in a unique and environmentally conscious manner inone of the worlds few remaining truly wild places in an era of unprecedented environmental challengesand increasingly homogenous me too packagedvacation product 13. 23Secondary ThemesPeopleSoulFun GuestsMore than a jobTo stayAuthenticEmployees More than a To workWhat you see is The place to stay communitywho we are(Home away fromWho you are is valued home) CelebrationMilestonesWhimsySpecial momentsDelightIndulgence Style LegacyColorsBill Kimpton Architecture FoodDiversity/Freshand Wine individualitySocially (Kimpton Style)responsibleNourishment for Everyone is welcome Values body and soulStrength in CommitmentWine hour differences 14. 24Core Themes People SoulHaven AuthenticFunTransformationSave my day CelebrationWhimsy Free to be me Give to getEnduring bondsLegacyStyleSocially Food responsible and wineDiversity/ individuality 15. 25Meta-StoryPeople Soul Fun Haven AuthenticCelebrationTransformationSave my dayWhimsyFree to be meLegacy Give to get StyleEnduring bonds Food Socially and wine Diversity/responsibleIndividualityI belong hereand Imbetter for it 16. Message Meaning MythThree levels ofcommunicationMessage Easily accessibleReasons to actMeaning Accessible through story,Emotionalsymbol, and imagerymotivatorsMyth Timeless anduniversal truths 26 17. Dramatic Tensions Source of emotionalenergy Conflict & dilemmathat must be resolved Choices protagonistmust make Not oppositesbutdefiners 18. Dramatic TensionTourist TravelerThe experiencegood or badthememories and transformational change that ensue is what travel is all about Experience trumps comfort 19. NewOld Stay true to youEvery hotel tells a story 20. Mission CoreVisionStatement Themes StatementMetaBrand Theme PromiseOnly-nessBrandStatementStory ValueElevator PersonalityProposition PitchAttributes 21. Aim higher! A brand can only stand forone compelling, radicaldifferentiating selling idea Dont be clever or complex Simple, obvious idea thatelevates & differentiates yourbrand to a new meaningpeople really care about 22. Customers no longerseparate marketing from theproductit is the product Customers dont separatemarketing from their on-siteor online experienceit isthe experience In the engagement era,marketing is the company 23. Winning Brands 24. Attractprospects 25. New customers 26. Create indelible bonds 27. Raving fans 28. Extend & expand your story 29. Key people talk about you 30. Trusted authority 31. Your brand story Gives meaning to who you are and what you do. Unites your employees with a common purposeand connects them with customers they serve. Communicates what you stand for, what youpromise, and what your customers experience. Foundation of fundamental business decisions. At the heart of all your marketing. Creates powerful emotional bonds that turnscustomers and employees into brand advocates. 32. The End