Creating Collaborative eLearning Environments

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Presentation Guide for my presentation at FOSSed 2010: Open Source for Open Learning, the time is now.


  • Building Collaborative eLearning Environments

    From Ideation to Ecology


    This session will focus on building constructivist eLearning communities through opensource eLearning systems. We will glance at collaborative eLearning environments like Mahara and Sakai, along with open source mash-ups using TeamBox for Collaborative Project Management, Tumblr and Endnote for mobile learning, and more. After being introduced to these systems we will discuss how to set up student driven CLE's in your classrooms, schools, and communities for project based eLearning. Participants will get ample sandbox time with TeamBox, Mahara and Sakai instances. We will also discuss what's on the horizon for Project Based eLearning and CLE's. Come and nd out what student centric eLearning can bring to your learning community.

    The full presentation will be here by Wednesday 7 July 2010....