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<ul><li> 1. Creating my magazinefront coverBecause I have already looked at Film magazine codes and conventions HERE , I am nowgoing to be doing a small bit of research to create my own, following the codes and convetions Ihave previously researched while also challenging them to create my own.I will also show evidence to how I created my own film magazine cover.</li></ul> <p> 2. My ideaMy first instinct when creating my own film magazine front cover was to look at existing coversfor the films Ive used as my inspiration.Black Swan was featured on the front of the film magazine Little White Lies, where their covers are usuallyart interpretations of films and not official images. The Donnie Darko poster is a special from the filmmagazine Empire, which featured it in their greatest movies of all time special edition covers. My otherinspiration, The Machinist, never appeared on the front cover of film magazines, so Shutter Island, anotherpsychological thriller, is my other inspiration as it was on the front of Total Film magazine. 3. Film magazinesEmpireEmpire is a UK published, monthly film magazine, which featuresnews, reviews, on set interviews, features as well as a small sectiondedicated to TV, games and entertainment. The magazine cover almostalways features big budget films and the main articles are mainstreamfilms, but they do mention independent and art house films. It is thebiggest selling film magazine in the UKTotal FilmTotal Film is another UK magazine, published every 4 weeks (13 editions a year) and is the secondbiggest selling film magazine in the UK. The magazine features film, DVD, blu ray reviews as wellnews and features.Little White LiesLittle White Lies is a bi-monthly film magazine, which is independent andincludes reviews, news and film art in relation to film and cinema. WhileTotal Film and Empire are sold outside the UK, Little White Lies is onlysold in the UK. It focuses mostly on art house films, however most frontcovers and main reviews are for the more mainstream, prestigious films.Sight &amp; SoundSight &amp; Sound is published by the British Film Institution (BFI) and has been sold since 1934. Themagazine focuses on reviewing all released films, include art house films which have a limitedrelease. The magazine is quite prestigious and they feature a top 10 Best Film List every 12 years,where critics and film directors (such as Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese) vote for the best film. 4. Creating my own film magazineI need an eye catching and film related title for my magazine if it is to capture the eyes of film fans.I could go two ways about creating a film magazine title. I could have a two or three worded title like TotalFilm or Little White Lies or one word that stands out like Empire.I like the idea of having something to do with the production of film such as Celluloid, filmreel, multiplex, cinema, cine, talkie, etcOut of these words, my favourites that stand out for me are Talkie, Celluloid and Cinema.When films moved from the silent era to sound in 1920s, they were known as The Talkies, talking picturewith synchronised sound.Celluloid is transparent flammable plastic made in sheets from camphor and nitrocellulose, formerly usedfor cinematographic film. (Google definition)The cinema is where films are distributed to and shown.I am going to stick with my favourite of The Talkies and work on this as a title.The TalkieTalkie TalkiesOut of the different variations of the word, my favourite is Talkies. 5. FontsI wanted a font that was similar to other film magazines, so that is it readable, simple and quite bold to be easily recognisedas the magazine titled. TALKIES TALKIESBasic Sans HeavyEstelle Black SFSFTALKIES TALKIESArial Black Georgia I asked 10 different people from school, 5 teachers 5 students which font they thought worked best for a film magazine title and logo. Basic Sans Heavy4 Estelle Black 3 Arial Black 3 Georgia 1 Despite Basic Sans winning the very close vote, my favourite is Estella Black SF because I like how the tall letters (T-l-k and even the i) are very long and the smaller letters (a-e-s) are half the size. Its also very neat, readable and bold. 6. I put the text behind my image layer so that it is part of the magazine with the image over it. This follows the magazine codes and conventions.Obviously I had to put the rest of my textover the top layer or else audiences wouldnot be able to see the text 7. ImagesIn my research HERE of magazine covers, I found that film magazines and entertainmentmagazines that feature films on their covers either have the actor as the character for the saidfilm or as an themselves but still promoting the film.Out of character/as themselves In characterThe majority of covers with the actor on front are mainstream, recognisable films because people are able to identify the characters as the films generate a lot of publicity before the film is actually released. Even if people are not able to straight away connect the character to the film, then the characters are usually played by famous actors or have distinguishing features to lead them to find out more about the film. Whereas small art house films or indie flicks have the actor on front (if the actor is very famous) or the director, producer, composer, etc...because usually they are very famous for their style of filming. The examples on the left are both of famous directors. The top shows the director having his makeup done (like actors do) and the bottom cover is in the style of the directors films. Because my film is not a mainstream film, I am going to have my magazine front cover as the actress from the film as her self, not her character. 8. Images Here are a selection of some of the different images I took for my magazine front cover photoshoot.This is the image I likedmost and wanted touse for my filmmagazine cover. 9. Feature storiesA big header for atribute to a big namewho recently died.Because of the bigheader, there will bea big feature.Here is one feature title,followed by a briefdescription to what it is(photo gallery) withrecognisable names ofpeople who feature. Titles to features in the magazine followed by a small heading to what the feature is about Here are just recognisable names that have either big or small features in the magazine 10. There are different headings and small buttons around the cover to show what features are in the magazine. This one has a small image to tease.At the bottom there area few bullet points todescribe what otherfeatures and stories arein the magazine. A small button at the bottom of the page to show a feature for this magazine.In relation to the film covers filmand theme, the headlinessurrounding the image fit thetheme by being slanted and at adifferent angle. The stories haveheadings of the film followed by abrief summary and teaser for thefeature. 11. My Feature storyFor my own feature, I needed a story to link with my main film.The headline will be my films title, because I think the films titled accurately describes, or at leasthints to, what the main story is about while also grabbing peoples attentions because of theconnotations of Masked.The info for my magazine had to be short, but detailed enough so that people would want to buythe magazine.Louise Bedfords past comes back tohaunt her in Nadine Shambrooksadaptation of Stephen Kings NovelI used the actor and directors name, because the interview and feature inside will look at them as people, not ascharacters. I also showed that the film is an adaptation of a book by famous author Stephen King. Even though it is not true,for a film magazine it looks absorbing for audiences who like Stephen King books and films. 12. My other featuresFor my film magazine cover, I am only going to feature two parts of themagazine with extra features. One bullet list at the bottom as well asan article tease on the side of the image. Eg.Im going to have the side feature be about anew film and an exclusive chat with the directorTARANTINO EXCLUSIVEIs the directors new movie set in space?!My bullet list is going to feature names of new films and recognisable names, to attract people to the bullet list of headershowever it will not provide details to the films they are about.PLUS-Jennifer Lawrence talks animation -Avatar 6 latest -Justice League review -Brad Birds new flick-Affleck and Damon reunion -Countdown to The Hobbit: There and Back Again 13. ExtrasBarcode,Date,BarcodeVolumenumber, issuenumber andMagazine date andprice. BFI logo aspricemagazine made 14. My ExtrasExtras are pretty simple.I will need a barcode so that stores can scan itI will have an issue number and provide the date of the magazine, so people who collect the magazines can keep a recordand people known when the magazine was made and therefore the contents are relevant to that date.Making my barcode: month and price:June 2014 3 </p>