Creating Universally Designed eLearning Materials

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Creating Universally Designed eLearning Materials. The ACCESS Project Jesse Hausler, UDL/Accessibility Coordinator Marla Roll, Director of the Assistive Technology Resource Center. Todays Students are Diverse. Ethnicity & Culture Native language Nontraditional Gender Learning Styles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Creating Universally Designed eLearning Materials

The ACCESS ProjectJesse Hausler, UDL/Accessibility CoordinatorMarla Roll, Director of the Assistive Technology Resource CenterCreating Universally Designed eLearning Materials1

Todays Students are DiverseEthnicity & CultureNative languageNontraditionalGenderLearning StylesDisabilities2Universal Design for LearningUniversal Design for Learning is a set of principles and techniques for creating inclusive classroom instruction and accessible course materials.teachingtechnology3UDL: a framework for inclusive pedagogyInformation and concepts are represented in multiple ways and in a variety of formats.Students are given multiple ways to express their comprehension and mastery of a topic.Students engage with new ideas and information in multiple ways.4What Makes a Document Universally Designed?Search-abilitySelect-ability for Copy and PasteBookmarks or an Interactive TOCText to Speech capabilityAccessibility5Content, Structure, and PresentationContentThe actual information you are providing in a document. This can include Text, Images, Videos, or Multimedia.StructureThe organization of content is structure. This includes headings, lists, tables, emphasis, etc.PresentationOne can add style rules to structural elements to give documents a particular appearance. 6Alternative text for images should describe the meaning - based on the its context

Ice Cream ManufacturerGirl Scouts of AmericaMy Niece's BlogDiversity Website

Images and Alt Text

7Lets Make Our Own PDFsMicrosoft Word as the Native EditorPrint to PDFSave As PDF Acrobat Plugin for PDF8Make Your Own PDF ResultsAccessibilitySearch-AbilityCopy/PasteBookmarksText to SpeechPrint to PDFSave As PDFAdobe PDF Plugin

9Lets Look at Scanned PDFsScanned PDFScanned PDF with Optical Character RecognitionScanned PDF with OCR and Tags added10Scanned PDF Results

AccessibilitySearch-AbilityCopy/PasteBookmarksText to SpeechScanned PDFScanned PDF with OCROCR and Tags

11UDL and MultimediaTranscriptsA written or text-based record of dictated or recorded speech. May contain additional relevant information, such as descriptions or comments.CaptionsA transcript is timed to display with the video track, it displays on screen as a caption.Descriptive AudioThe narration of key visual elements in a video or multimedia product.12Video CaptioningAutoMatic SyncUpload audio track and transcript YouTube videosUpload transcript in text formatMachine Automated captions with most major video formats

13Lecture Presentation SystemsCaptions and/or TranscriptsSearch-abilityNavigation OptionsKeyboard AccessibilityExample 1Example 214UDL ModulesTeachingTechnologyMicrosoft WordAdobe PDFHTMLE-Text 15The ACCESS http://accessproject.colostate.eduThank you!16


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