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Creating your own story. Once upon a time there was a boy named Charles. As a young child he was sweet and innocent but every single day he began to change…On the first full moon after his 16 th birthday he stood beneath the glow and looked up. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1Creating your own story

Once upon a time there was a boy named Charles. As a young child he was sweet and innocent but every single day he began to changeOn the first full moon after his 16th birthday he stood beneath the glow and looked up.

The next full moon four boys were walking along a hillside when lightning struck, barely missing one of them. It struck a tree instead and the falling tree forced the boys back. They were surrounded by a ring of fire.

The luminous moon shone over the beautiful city of Bloomendale aka Lovendale aka Paris. The large tower was full of baguettes and cheese. This was a place full of love and romance.

In this city there was an old man who behaved like an atrocious, horrid, grumpy rodent. He scuttled around the streets, eating from bins and drinking from gutters. Everyone despised him and he was all alone.

Meanwhile, in the busy streets of Amsterdam there lived a young man named Phelix Patronia. He was terribly lonely for he had no love in his life. Everyday he longed to find his true love. Thursday 7th July 1932 was his lucky day. He was on his way to get the groceries when he bumped into the local florist Poppy Pickle. All the beautiful flowers tumbled out of her rikety wheel barrow. Fhelix knew that she was The One.

A man named Frederick Walker lived in London. He had never owned a car and only used trains. He lived right next door to his local station and dreamed of owning it. The years went by, Frederick retired and one day he decided to write to the station owner and offer to be its next owner. He checked his mail box every day for a reply. One day there was envelope awaiting him.

One late afternoon in a London train station everyone was coming home from a busy day at work, pushing through so that they could get home. It was a cold day and everyone tried to get inside. A little boy gazed at the mall packed full of people. He was looking for his mum. A criminal was on the loose, a woman who looked incredibly suspicious. Her black cloak covered her face, white gloves covered her hands. She held a blood-stained knife in her left fist, gripping it tightly. She waited for her victim.

The boy had just walked out of a church and looked back to say one last goodbye. He resembled a famous painting called The boy who stole a sultana.

The boy wanted to explore the world around him. That night he went back to the train station.

He ran away from his parents

He saw Mr Rudedude going to the movies. Mr Rudedude went to the movies when he thought that there werent many people around.

Mr Rudedude realised that the cinema had been moved. He grew very angry and went into the drain to combust.

A strange young man named Jeremy was looking for his North Korean Storage Device. He was in fact a spy for North Korea.

Jeremy the spy went into the sewers to retrieve his NKSD. It held information about Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. And it held the secrets of the best cake in the world.

In the city there was a street. In that street there was a lane. In that lane there was a time. And that time is now.

In the Now of that lane there lived a toy maker. His head ached and he rested it on his hand. Someone had given him a tablet and it would soon help him feel better.

This old man had once been famous and handsome. He had married a beautiful girl named Ebony who had been 30 years younger than him. They married in the laneway with empty bottles as decoration. As he aged the old man lost his vision and fell to his death from a window up high.

Beautiful Ebony found a new husband, a man with one glass eye. They met in an icecream parlour. They named their seven children Mint Chocolate, Vanilla, HoneyComb, Strawberry, Caramel, Marshmellow and Chocolate. They were all very happy.

In the time that was Now Time began to go backwards. Time was changing. Everything in the Future was coming. What were they to do? Escape to the sewer, taking everything with them? They should hide. Everyone needed to take everything with them and go into the sewer.

A boy watched while everyone ran away. I will never leave unless I die!

Another boy was locked up in his room. He stared out through the lock of the door to see what was out there in the open. He was not allowed to leave his room. He saw the lolly shop right across the way. He had begged and begged his parents but they wouldnt let him leave his room.