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  • Introduction

    Our Creative Problem Solving Training presents a structured methodology for understanding the nature of creative thinking and approaching problems or challenges in a way that helps managers and employees redefine problems, see available opportunities, come up with new innovative or creative solutions, and then to take the appropriate actions to the very best interest of the organizations or its employees. Participants will learn a wide range of practical tools and techniques to understand problems thoroughly, generate new ideas, communicate effectively, compare, evaluate options and then effectively implement strategic solutions.

    Major Learning Outcomes

    Analyzing Problems and Understanding their Root Causes.

    Setting a Clear Focus for Problem Solving and Decision Making

    Understand the Role of Creativity, Inventions and Innovations in problem solving and decision making.

    The Design or Creative Thinking Framework Critical and Ethical Questioning Decision-Making Process & Maxims Personality Types and Decision Making

    Techniques and tools for Creative Problem Solving and Quality Decision Making such as:

    Brainstorming Techniques, Cause and Effect Analysis, Pest/Pestle Analysis, Porters five forces, SWOT Analysis, Five Whys analysis, FMEA, CATWOE Analysis, Alex Osborn Divergent and Convergent

    thinking Approaches etc. Goal Planning and Planner Template Tools Case Studies, Discussion Forums and Group


    Who Should Attend

    The course is suitable for all levels of employees and can be tailored according to roles, functions within your organization. It is critically needed for employees in strategic and leadership roles such as; CEOs, Directors, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Specialist and Entrepreneurs etc.

    2 Days Corporate Workshop

    Creative Problem Solving

    & Decision Making Skills

    Contact Center Support

    Professionals + (234) 8099451919


  • Organizational Benefits

    Improved Employee Performance & Loyalty Business Growth and Increased profitability Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

    Related Competencies Strategic Thinking & Leadership

    Complex Problem Solving

    Communication skills

    Program Deliverables

    Video Learning Tools

    Training Materials

    Case Studies

    Practice Tools

    Certificate of Participation

    Complaints Handling

    Conflict Resolution

    Delivery Methodology This training program is delivered in a hybrid of an instructor lead 2 days corporate workshop commencing 9:00am to 5:00pm.

    Our training sessions are beefed up with;

    Discussions to provide open communication

    among the trainees and with the trainer.

    Video sessions and Case studies to provide

    trainees with a chance to analyze and

    discuss real workplace issues

    Group discussions forums, Class

    presentations, Video sessions and Role Play

    and Practice exercises take place throughout

    the workshop to ensure a blended learning


    We also adopt a positive energy approach of

    having fun while learning to keep boredom

    out of our sessions.

    Our Faculty

    Our hand-picked principal coaches are a

    team of highly skilled, service oriented

    professionals intent on maximizing your

    people's capability. Through skills practice,

    practical learn-by-doing methodology,

    individual coaching, and personal review,

    they ensure that each delegate will be

    stretched to their full potential and will

    implement what they have learnt.

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