CREATURES OF CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY. Centaurs Centaurs had the bodies of men from the waist up and bodies of horses from the waist down. Most were cruel,

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<ul><li><p>CREATURES OFCLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY</p></li><li><p>CentaursCentaurs had the bodies of men from the waist up and bodies of horses from the waist down. Most were cruel, but a few were kind and gentle.</p></li><li><p>CERBERUSCERBERUS WAS A THREE-HEADED WATCHDOG. HE GUARDED THE GATES OF THE UNDERWORLD. HE WORE HUGE SNAKES WRAPPED AROUND HIS NECK. HE LOVED HONEY, SO MOST VISITORS BROUGHT HONEY CAKES WITH THEM TO BRIBE HIMM.</p></li><li><p>chimeraThe Chimera was a monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and a dragons tail. Her nostrils breathed out fire with deadly fumes.</p></li><li><p>CyclopsThe Cyclops belonged to a race of giants that had one eye in the middle of their foreheads. he was fierce and lived in a cave. He knew how to make thunderbolts and often would cause terrible storms.</p></li><li><p>gorgonsThe Gorgons were monsters of the underworld. They had wings and many snakes instead of hair. Anyone who gazed at a gorgon would instantly turn to stone.</p></li><li><p>griffinsthe griffins were huge and powerful beasts. each had the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. they guarded the golden mountains and could sniff out buried treasure no matter how deeply it was hidden.</p></li><li><p>harpiesthe harpies were rare and horrible birdwomen. they had the heads of maidens with long hair. they had birds bodies with feathers as tough as nails. no arrows could go through them. they were always stealing food. they had a terrible smell and were spread disease wherever they went.</p></li><li><p>hydrathe hydra was a monster with nine heads. mortal heroes would try to capture or kill the hydra to take its blood to make poisonous arrows since its blood was deadly.</p></li><li><p>minotaurthe minotaur was a monster who lived in a maze called the labyrinth. it had a head like a bull but a body like a human. It liked to eat people. once trapped inside the labyrinth, few men or women could ever escape alive.</p></li><li><p>sirensthe sirens were lovely birdwomen who lived by the sea. they were famous for their beautiful voices. anyone who heard them sing usually died of starvation because the music was so charming that no one could leave the wonderful sound long enough to find food to eat.</p></li></ul>