Cremation Inventory Options

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A brief overview of both traditional and contemporary designs by Mekus Tanager that offer cemeteries, funeral homes, and places of worship cremation inventory options.

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  • Cremation Inventory Options

  • Greetings and welcome! I hope this brochure fi nds you well and in good spirit!

    As a 42 year veteran in the fi eld of architecture and design, I am glad to be actively involved with the fi eld I love. Mekus Tanager was founded in 1984, and our fi rst project was for a cemetery, and weve been actively involved with the design and planning of cemeteries and funeral homes ever since.

    Cremation is a major part of the cemetery and funeral industry, and has been increasing at a rapid rate each year. Some attribute this rise to the baby-boomer generation, who as they increase in age are demanding more burial opportunities for themselves and their loved ones.

    At Mekus Tanager, a consistent part of our cemetery and funeral home design has included special considerations for cremation. For example, Mekus Tanager specifi cally designed niche sections on a separate level in the garden crypt complex for Holy Sepulchre Cemetery to allow for expanded cremation burial opportunities. As part of the project team for the new Miramar National Cemetery, Mekus Tanager developed numerous columbariums of various sizes to be incorporated throughout the cemetery, allowing veterans expanded burial options.

    In the following brochure, I have outlined two general categories of cremation inventory; contemporary cremation options and more traditional cremation options. If you have any questions as to how we can help add cremation inventory to any of your cemeteries, please do not hesitate to call me.


    Christopher MekusPrincipal-in-Charge312.644.2654

    Christopher MekusPrincipal-in-Charge312 644 2654

    CChristopher MMMekus

  • Mekus Tanager, Inc.445 East Illinois StreetSuite 333Chicago, IL 60611

    p. 312.661.0778f.



    Christopher Mekus, AIAManaging Principalp. 312.644.2654e.

    Kenneth E. Giere, AIA, LEED AP BD+CProject Managerp. 312.644.2653e.

    Paul HerdzinaProject Managerp. 312.644.2799e.
















  • Founded in 1984 with a project for the Archdiocese of Chicago, Mekus Tanager, Inc has been an industry leader in master planning, cemetery, and funeral home design for the past 30 years. Mekus Tanager offers a full range of architectural, planning, and interior design services for any project related to the religious, cemetery, and funeral industry. Our accomplished staff has completed a wide variety of projects including:

    - Cemetery Master Planning - Administrative Complexes -Chapel Complexes - Funeral Homes - Maintenance Facilities - Garden Crypt Complexes - Mausoleums - Private Mausoleums - Committal Shelters - Cremation Niches / Columbariums - Cremation Gardens - Niche Walls - Shrines


    Holy Sepulcher CemeteryOrange, CA

    Resurrection CemeteryJustice, IL

    Montelena Complejo FunerrarioEl Salvador


    The success of any project hinges on one thing: client satisfaction. At Mekus Tanager we work with our clients as a partner throughout the entire project process, and we strive to reflect each clients unique culture, aspirations, and project objectives into our design solutions.

    At the beginning of any project, we listen to your overall vision, project goals, and specific project requirements, and then we use our architecture/design skills and extensive experience to create project solutions that reflect your goals. Through a continuous process of your feedback and Mekus Tanager adjusting the design, we help you make informed decisions and selections that will result in a completed project that satisfies your needs.

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  • Hillside Memorial Park & MortuaryCulver City, CA

    Maryhill CemeteryNiles, IL

    Mound CemeteryRacine, WI


    Mekus Tanager provides a full range of professional services to serve the cemetery and funeral industry. We partner with other consultants to provide all services that may be required to produce a fi nal product. These services include:

    Architectural Restoration Restoring outdated and historical buildings to their original condition. If the client desires, Mekus Tanager can elegantly incorporate new elements and systems into existing structures.

    Program DevelopmentGathering and compiling the clients aspirations, goals, and requirements for the property, both as a whole or as related to specifi c projects.

    Project Feasibility StudiesInvestigating the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing various architectural planning and design projects, suited to the clients needs and available resources.

    Site AnalysisInvestigating and analyzing various sites to determine feasibility for development.

    Master Plan DevelopmentMapping the overall strategy of the project for a logical and realistic implementation plan.

    Architectural DesignDevelopment of the aesthetic character of the building or structure.

    Contract DocumentationPreparation of all drawings and specifi cations necessary for the development, bid and construction of a project.

    Bidding/NegotiationsAssisting the client in obtaining bids and/or negotiated proposals for the services of a General Contractor and subcontractors for construction of a project.

    Contract AdministrationProviding observation of construction activities and review of subcontractors drawings to ensure conformance to the document intent.

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  • Holy Reedemer CemeteryPhoenix, AZ

    All Saints CemeteryDes Plaines, IL

    At Mekus Tanager we specialize in building projects that fully satisfy our clients. To guarantee client satisfaction, our principals select a highly experienced project manager with relevant expertise to coordinate the project-process from start to finish. Our project manager then selects project team members based on their relevant experience, in order to most effectively guarantee a successful project.

    Our project managers are also responsible for:

    -Continuously assessing the clients goals and requirements by maintaining constant communication.

    -Coordinating all phases of the design process, verifying that the project design reflects the clients goals and requirements.

    -In conjunction with the client, selecting and coordinating contractors, vendors, and consultants.

    -Keeping within the project schedule and budget.

    -Adhering to all applicable codes and regulations

    -Coordinating with the General Contractor during the construction process

    - Ensuring that the client is completely satisfied with all aspects of the project process, and ultimately the completed project.


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  • Importance of Sustainable Design

    The idea behind sustainable design is not only to create environmentally friendly spaces, but healthier, more productive environments and opportunities to learn from these places. The built environment should both represent and propagate the communitys respect for the environment and themselves. Also, using green building techniques is not only good for the environment, but it also helps reduce energy costs, real-estate costs, and improves the occupants image.

    Our Contribution

    Mekus Tanager has been practicing sustainable design for over 28 years, and is a member of the US Green Building Council. Since our very inception, we have worked to develop strategies for the design of long lasting buildings and interiors, and with each project we take great care in implementing sustainable design solutions while meeting our clients budget.

    Mekus Tanager recently completed All Saints Chapels and Administration Complex for the Archdiocese of Chicago, which was certifi ed LEED-NC Gold. Cemetery buildings designed by Mekus Tanager for the U.S. Veterans Administration are designed to LEED Silver guidelines as well.


    All Saints Chapels and Administration ComplexDes Plaines, ILLEED-NC GOLD

    All Saints Chapels and Administration ComplexDes Plaines, ILLEED-NC GOLD

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  • Contemporary Cremation Options

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    Cremation Estates & Semi-Private Estates

    Cremation Estates and Memorials are interspersed along pathways at Windridge Memorial Park in Cary, IL

    Private Estates

    Cremation Estates

    Cremation Memorials

    Semi-Private Estates

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    Cremation estates are interspersed along wooded pathways at Windridge Memorial Park in Cary, IL

    Semi-Private Estates run along a nature walk and pond at St. Marys Cemetery in Winona, MN

    Private Estates

    Semi-Private Estates


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    Cremation Estates & Semi-Private Estates

    Semi-Private Estates for both full-body and cremain burial at St. Mary Mausoleum Complex in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Page 15Cremation estates and Columbarium Walls at St. Mary Mausoleum Complex in Pittsburgh, PA

    Tiered gardens and columbarium walls allow for cremain burial at St. Mary Mausoleum Complex in Pittsburgh, PA

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    Cremation Memorials

    Cremation memorials and garden at Mt. Sinai Cemetery in Phoenix, AZ

    Above-Ground Cremation Memorial

    Cremation Boulder

    Niche Units

    Traditional Full-Body Burial

    Cremation Memorial Bench

    Stone Walkway