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As the Cricket Frenzy grips all of us first with the World T-20 and now the Champions league T-20. Here is an exclusive case study by Socialbakers who recently examined the social media performances of the Cricket teams. They have paid particularly close attention to fan growth, interactions and engaging posts on each of the team Facebook pages.

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  • 1. Case Study:2012 Cricket World Cup on Facebook

2. The StudyThe 2012 Cricket World Cup took place in Sri Lanka fromSeptember 18 through October 7. The finals were held onOctober 7 between West Indies and Sri Lanka. Thetournament champions were West Indies leaving SriLanka in second place. During the event, Socialbakersmonitored the cricket teams performance both on thefield and Facebook (Official Facebook Pages only).We paid particularly close attention to the FanGrowth, Interactions and Response Rate of eachteam. Were the champions on the field also the socialmedia champs? Socialbakers analyzes each teamsstatistics to find out! 3. The TeamsOn September 18, Australia had the largest Facebook fan community with 1,508,220fans. However, as the tournament progressed, other team pages grew considerably.Pakistan experienced a fan growth of 11,089 from September 18 through October 7.This was the largest increase in absolute numbers. On the other hand, Bangladesh had adecline in fan count by losing 4 fans for a total of 3,320. 4. Fan Growth If we look at the percentage of increase throughout the entire time period, Pakistan stillwins with a 41% increase in fan growth. Next is Sri Lanka with a 20% increasefollowed by West Indies with a growth of 9%. When we examine the very bottom of the list, we see there is a tie for last place betweenBangladesh and England. Both teams experienced an overall increase of 0%. 5. InteractionsInteractions are an extremely important part of a Facebook page. These are the totalnumber of Likes, Shares and Comments on a post submitted from the brand itself. So,which team had the most interactions during the tournament? The winner is, once again,Pakistan with 102,848 total interactions. Pakistan saw the highest number of interactionson the last day of the tournament with 18,208 fan interactions. 6. InteractionsNext is Australia with 70,949 total interactions. Third place goes to West Indies with42,649 interactions. The champions also received their highest number of interactions onthe last day of the tournament with 14,394 interactions when they posted theirchampionship photo. The photo received 1,561 Likes, 503 Shares and 138 Comments.. 7. The Most Engaging PostThe most engaging post during the tournament came from Pakistan. The teamposted a picture of a popular Pakistani player. The picture received 7,803 Likes, 246Shares and 428 Comments, contributing drastically to their total interactions.. 8. Response RatesWhen we examine response rates (how often teams respond to their fans), eachteam fails miserably. As we have mentioned before, a successful brand responds totheir fans at least 65% of the time. During the Cricket World Cup, the highest responserate came from England with 12.5%. Second place was West Indies with a .66%response rate. Third place goes to South Africa with .53%. All of these numbers areextremely low and send fans the wrong message. 9. SummaryWhen a brand makes the choice to participate in social media, it must infact make the choice to be social. Creating a Facebook page for the sake ofhaving one is not enough. Pages are, in theory, a hangout for fans, a place tofeel connected with their favorite brands or products. One very important wayfor fans to feel connected is to communicate and be social with the brand. Yes,it may take more time for brands to commit to responding to 65% of fancomments, but leaving fans satisfied and happy is worth more than any amountof time.In conclusion, while some teams excelled in interactions and fan growth,all teams failed at response rate. West Indies may have won the WorldCup, but Pakistan takes 1st place in social media. 10. We hope you enjoyed this exclusive study on Cricket World Cup 2012teams social media performance.If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.You can reach our support team at more information