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cricket world cup 2015 quiz question expected in exam


  • World Cup Quiz 1. Who score maximum run in world cup in 2015? (a) Martin Guptil (b) Kumar Sangakkara (c) Sikhar Dhawan (d) Tillakaratne dilshan (e) Steve Smith 2. Who made double century in world cup 2015? (a) Chris Gayle (b) Brendon McCollum (c) AB de Villiers (d) Martin Guptil (e) Both (a) and (d) 3. Which of following team did not qualified for quarter finals? (a) England (b) West Indies (c) Sri Lanka (d) Pakistan (e) Bangladesh 4. Who became the player of the world cup 2015? (a) Dale Steyn (b) Mitchell Starc (c) AB de Villiers (d) Virat Kohli (e) None of these 5. Who took a hat-trick in the World Cup 2015? (a) Dale Steyn (b) JP Duminy (c) Steve Finn (d) Lasith Malinga (e) Both (b) and (c) 6. Who won the world cup 2015? (a) India (b) Australia (c) New Zealand (d) South Africa (e) None of these 7. World cup final was played on which ground? (a) Melbourne Cricket Ground (b) Sydney Cricket Ground (c) Auckland Cricket club (d) Napier (e) Wellington 8. Who was the captain of world cup XI selected by ICC? (a) Michael Clarke (b) Brendon mccullum

  • (c) M.S.Dhoni (d) A.B.Devillers (e) Angelo Me thus 9. How many team Participated in world cup 2015? (a) 16 (b) 18 (c) 14 (d) 12 (e) None of these 10. World cup 2015 was played on which Country? (a) India & Bangladesh (b) Australia & New Zealand (c) England (d) South Africa (e) None of these 11. Who was the brand ambassador of the Cricket world cup 2015? (a) Allan Border (b) Ricky Ponting (c) Steve Waugh (d) Sachin Tendulkar (e) Sunil Gavaskar 12. Which of the following Associate nations did not participated in the tournament? (a) United Arab Emirates (b) Ireland (c) Afganistan (d) Scotland (e) Bangladesh

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