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HSC practice Questions


1. List the three elements of a crime2. Describe the division and separation of powers. Why do these exist?3. Give one example of a strict liability offence4. What are the 5 factors affecting criminal behaviour5. Describe the 2 types of crime prevention6. What are the 3 factors affecting post-sentencing decisions?7. Define the rule of law. How is it upheld in the Australian legal system.8. Define doli incapax9. What are the measures used to deal with international crime?10. Describe 2 movements in recognition of human rights11. How are human rights protected in Australia?12. How does state sovereignty promote and enforce human rights?13. Give one example of an intergovernmental organisation. How does it promote human rights?14. Assess the role of discretion in sentencing and punishment15. List 2 partial defences16. List 2 rights of children when questioned or arrested17. What is the main purpose of punishment for children?18. Identify one alternative to court for young offenders19. Give two examples of white collar crime20. Describe the key differences between summary and indictable offences21. List two offences against the state22. What are the 2 challenges the legal team can make when choosing jury members?23. What is the name of the case that sets the criteria for bail?24. Describe advantages and disadvantages of plea bargaining25. Provocation is a complete defence. True or False?26. What are the sources of international law?27. List the purposes of punishment28. What are the limits placed on judicial discretion29. What are the characteristics of human right30. What is the International Bill of Rights (Twin Covenants)?31. Name 1 ad-hoc tribunal32. Name 1 statutory authority. 33. Distinguish between domestic and international law