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Cristina Lopez LONDON

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About us Cristina Lopez leads the production and distribution of children’s fashion,

offering its collections for children from 4 to 12 and furniture under the same brand name – Cristina Lopez –, enabling it to cover a child’s every need as he grows. The range is completed by a line of cosmetics based on a sweet and fresh fragrance for childcare.

Our target market is a group of urban working young women who wish they had more time to spend with their children. These moms find shopping in Cristina Lopez a pleasure because they enjoy themselves and also their children.

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Cristina Lopez store is located in Regent Street, near Hamley’s.

Regent Street forms a neat dividing line between swanky Mayfair to the West and trendy Soho to the

East. The main shopping section of the street lies between Oxford

Circus to the north, and Piccadilly Circus to the south - a distance of

about 3/4 of a mile. Our panoramas will help you see

what's on offer, especially as the shops here can all appear rather uniform due to the regulations

that they must blend in with the elegant architecture of the street.

Regent Street has similar shop opening hours to Oxford Street.

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Cristina Lopez is inaugurating its first store in November 2012, time to take advantage of the Christmas peak trade, concretely in the city of London.

This opening supposes the beginning of the brand. The new establishment has a surface of 110 m² and is located the heart of South London,

surrounded by the most affluent neighborhoods of this cosmopolitan city. This store works as a one-stop for the needs of the mother and the child

with all collections.We chose this city because we consider that London is undoubtedly the

place where important fashionable companies will be located.

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We use high-quality fashion fabrics. These fabrics along with customer service, are our passions.

Buying fabric in small quantities, we offer a changing inventory. Expect to find new, unique and exciting selections every time you shop.

We import our raw materials from all over the world: Spain, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Italy, China, Turkey, Sri Lanka, France, Malaysia, Arab Emirates.

• All season versatile wool

• Cotton• Linen

• Microfiber• Polyester

• Distinctive buttons

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The storeOne of the main characteristics that distinguish the firm is its

decoration based on neutral tones, their sober and simple lines grant all the protagonism to the firm's collections. The textures included in the materials, the timber ornamental elements and

the careful lighting all contribute to provide a warm and pleasant atmosphere. At the centre of the store is a large

worktop where all the firm's collections are shown, making the moment of purchase easier and more accessible.

It is an area that allows customers, guided by specialised staff, to select the products that are most adequate to their needs,

surrounded by an elegant and timeless atmosphere.

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All merchandise is sold on a first come, first served basis and is subject to

availability. While Cristina Lopez cannot guarantee the availability of any product

or products available in stock, Cristina Lopez makes a good faith effort to only

offer merchandise for sale that is in stock and available for dispatch from our

distribution center. Final stock availability is assessed at time of

shipping, not at time of purchase.Cristina Lopez reserves the right to

restrict multiple quantities of an item being shipped to any one customer or

postal address.

Store policy

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Fall – Winter collection2012

You can now enjoy our collection.

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Cristina Lopez


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LONDONCristina Lopez

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Cristina Lopez


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LONDONCristina Lopez

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Cristina Lopez


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BasicsTo create the mood board

we enjoy a close relationship with our customers, constantly

getting their feedback and introducing new features.

The feeling we give to our customers is crucial! (store decoration)

if we want people to come back we should make the rite impression.

 Constantly getting new stuff. We should stay young as a store.

When people come return to our store and see the same things they saw last time you will loss them. We need to constantly be ordering new inventory. The path

to success is paved with risk

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Contact• CRISTINA LOPEZ CHILDREN FASHION 180 Regent Street, London, UK

• Tel. 07570010076

• E-mail address [email protected]