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Cubism Deena Sami Radhi 12F March 10 th , 2012 . Introduction . “When we discovered Cubism, we did not have the aim of discovering Cubism. We only wanted to express what was in us.” – Pablo Picasso. Cubism Art movement Abstract art New style of art Thesis statement . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cubism Deena Sami Radhi 12FMarch 10th, 2012 1

Introduction When we discovered Cubism, we did not have the aim of discovering Cubism. We only wanted to express what was in us. Pablo Picasso. Cubism Art movement Abstract art New style of art Thesis statement ( Pablo Picasso said this quote to basically tell everyone that art is about expressing what is in you. Picasso and Braque didnt intend to discover cubism, they were just expressing themselves on canvases. They took their freedom with the brush. They painted whatever was on their mind. Cubism is an art movement during the 20th century invented by Picasso and Braque which influenced the whole world. Their paintings even influence the world today. Everyday, their paintings become more and more valuable to the future generations. Picasso and Braque view art in a different view. They wanted to add more definition and meaning to the paintings. Before cubism, the western art did not have any meanings. They made the first abstract painting during cubism which marked a huge change. Abstract art was a very unique form of art. It has a lot of different colors and comes in different angles. It was a new style of art that influenced us. After WW1, the painters in cubism scattered but they still followed as the years went by. 2Art movement in Paris ( between 1907 and 1914). Visual art style Modern art First style of Abstract art Invented by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and French artist Georges Braque. What is Cubism?

Cubism was a really important era of art which influenced the whole world. It was invented by the amazing Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and the French artist Georges Braque. Those painters are considered legends according to their history. Their creativity was amazing. Its amazing how their art passed by generations. Their paintings are very valuable around the world. They even influence people today. This movement focused mostly in painting. Cubism took place in Paris between 1907 and 1914. Cubism marked a massive change in the 20th century. It was the most important visual art style during that time. It was also the first style of abstract art which means that the objects they painted were broken up in an abstract form. The abstract art is really colorful. It is the most creative form of art. Instead of viewing an object in one view point, they view it in many points. Their paintings were in the 2D and 3D form. They invented this style because they wanted to change the traditions of Western art. Their goal was to change the way people view things.

3Cubism characteristicsMultiple angles Reconstruct objects 3-dimensional objects Geometric shapesContrasting viewpointsReality in paintings Depth and enrichment in paintings.

The paintings during this era were different. Picasso and Braque viewed the world differently. They tried to see all sides in the painting. Paintings before that were limited. You could only see one side of an object. They only came in one form. Their was not anything special about them. However, Picasso and Braque tried to turn all objects into geometric shapes. They gave the paintings more definition. This technique made them see the objects in 3-dimentional shapes. Those kinds of paintings marked a massive change. It brought a new meaning to art. Because of the shapes within the paintings, some paintings look as if they are real. The paintings have the power to perceive a persons eye. (

4Analytic Cubism (1907-1912) First cubism phaseLimited colorsMultiple views of an object

Picasso and Braque invented a form of art called analytic cubism during (1907-1912) which was the first phase of cubism. They invented it by creating geometric shapes that were used to represent an object or a person. Analytic cubism usually used soft colors like black, browns, blues, grays, and off-whites. They didnt show much emotions in the art. It was like an intellect form of art. They would rather use their minds to view objects than their eyes. Those kinds of paintings are really inspiring. They contain a lot of details within the painting. Its a really unique form of art. Whats unique about those kinds of paintings is that you can see the image through the shapes or objects. It is really creative. Those three pictures are examples of the analytic paintings. ( Cubism (1913-1920)Bright colorsContrasting texturesCollage Fragmented forms Construction

The second main phase was the synthetic cubism from (1913-1920). It grew out of the analytic cubism but the difference was that it was more simplified and flatter. It was invented by Picasso and Braque and then copied by the Salon Cubists. They used more brighter colors to make it look nicer or more creative. However, they used less shapes within the paintings. They wanted it to look more creative and decorative. They focused less on natural objects at that time. This was also the first time for artists to use a collage in their art. It was basically abstract. When you look within those kinds of paintings, you can see a lot of meaning. For example, the painting above shows and builds the two faces within those triangular and rectangular shapes. Its amazing how those forms of art are very deep and meaningful at the same time. Picasso and Braque played with the colors in a neat way. All their paintings look neat and colorful. ( Picasso (1881-1973) Spanish painter Sculptor Invented cubism Les Demoiselles d'AvignonAbstracting his work Influenced by African sculptures

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter who lived from (1881- 1973) He was known in the 20th century. He invented cubism with his friend Braque. They were called the fathers of cubism. They were greatly influenced by the African sculptures. They helped each other develop this movement. Picasso was talented from an early age. His creativity helped him build into his talent. He painted in a realistic way. Picasso had a way of representing 3 dimensional images as 2 dimensional design. That was a really unique technique. His artistic achievements made him known worldwide. One of his first and most famous paintings was the les demoiselles davigon. ( and Rose periodBlue period (1901-1906)Dark colored Depression Sorrow

Rose period (1904-1906)Bright colors Optimistic Happy

Pablo Picasso painted what was in his mind or heart. He painted what he felt. That was something really special about him. Those two periods explain how his mood affected the things he painted. The two periods were the Blue and Rose Periods. The Blue period which started in 1901 at the death of Picassos good friend Carlos Cosagemas. Carlos committed suicide because he lost someone he loved. Picasso was also poor at that time. It was a really depressing time for him. He painted in dark colors mostly blue to express his sorrow. His paintings showed how much he was unhappy and depressed. His most famous paintings at that time were Blue Room, The Absinthe Drinker, and La Vie. The blue period ended in 1906 which was when the rose period started. The rose period started when Picasso moved to France. He became much happier. Picasso started to use brighter colors like red and pink in his paintings. He was optimistic about life again. His paintings showed that he was happy. Those periods shows us how much the colors affect the people. The colors or what the eyes see affect peoples mood or their meaning to life. Picasso showed how the colors differentiate according to his mood during this period. (


Les Demoiselles dAvigonPainted in 1907 Painted by Pablo Picasso African art First painting Modern art

Les Demoiselles dAvigon was Picassos first and most famous painting. He painted it in 1907. The painting was inspired by the African art. Picasso got the idea of doing this painting when he visited a museum in Paris. As you can see in the painting above, there are three women wearing an african mask. Picasso had a love relationship with woman, thats why if you notice, he always paints women. (

Georges Braque (1882-1963)French painterSculptor Invented Cubism Geometry Light Houses at LEstaque

Georges Braque was a French painter and a sculptor who lived from (1882- 1963). He invented cubism with Picasso. They shared their ideas together to develop the art movement. They marked a great change on the history of art. Picasso and I were like mountaineers roped together. Braque. ( Picasso and Braque had the same perspective on painting. They both used oil paint. They reassembled their paintings in the way that they wanted to. Braque was interested in geometry. His paintings all had geometric shapes. His paintings showed his interest in geometry. He also studied light in the paintings. His first painting was houses at LEstaque. ( Influence of Czanne

French artist Geometric forms Abstract paintingsCompressed picture Flatten space in paintings Braque

Cezanne was a French artist who influenced a lot of modern artists including the cubists. He used geometric forms and had a unique way of building colors into his painting. He used that to define how the human eye views nature. He