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  • culinary careers

  • Lethbridge College is leading and transforming education in Alberta.

    delivery iconsOn-campus This is the traditional setting for college courses, where all of the courses needed to complete your program are taken on

    campus. Note that some programs may require participation

    off-campus including field-trips or practicum experiences.

    Online These programs are fully completed online, without the need to come to campus. Note that some programs may offer practicum

    experiences or labs that require participation on-site. Programs offered online can often be completed in a flexible time frame.

    Blended Programs that can be taken with a blended learning approach offer most courses face-to-face in the classroom but some courses in the program can be completed online.

  • Are you passionate about food or preparing it for others to enjoy? Then you already

    have the first prerequisite for a career in the food service and hospitality industry. Lethbridge

    Colleges Culinary programs will have you quickly on your journey to a career as a chef, cook,

    restaurant manager or another rewarding and challenging position in the culinary industry.

    Whether you choose to take our Culinary Careers diploma program or the Weekly

    Apprenticeship Training System (WATS) for cooks program, our hands-on approach will

    provide you with the experience and knowledge youll need to work in the culinary career

    of your dreams. Both of our programs can lead to a Red Seal designation, allowing you to

    practise your trade anywhere in Canada without having to write additional examinations.

    With our instructors who are great chefs as well as great teachers and our

    perfect blend on hands-on experience in the kitchen and classroom theory,

    the culinary programs at Lethbridge College are recipes for success.

    * Weekly Apprenticeship Training System


    ect Program office:

    403.320.3245Job profiles and salaries:

    culinary Cook (WATS*)Culinary Careers

  • cook

    Cook (WATS*) three-year apprenticeship

    August admission

    As a cook in the provincial Weekly Apprenticeship Training System program,

    youll be working full-time in the industry while coming to college one day

    each week to acquire new skills and expand your areas of expertise. Youll

    learn about preparing, seasoning and cooking a variety of foods as well as baking

    pastries and showpieces. Youll also test your organizational skills when you study menus

    to estimate food requirements and oversee menu planning. In three short years, youll

    be ready to write the Red Seal exam, a recognized standard that employers seek out.

    If you have a genuine interest in preparing food, possess a keen sense of

    taste and smell and are creative, flexible and able to work as a member of a

    team, then look to Lethbridge Colleges apprentice Cook program. All of the

    ingredients are in place to create a masterpiece.

    *Weekly Apprenticeship Training System

  • conn

    ect Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training website:

    Admission requirements *

    Successful completion of English 10-2, Math 10-3, or a pass mark in all five Canadian General Educational Development (GED) tests, or entrance exam. English 30-2, Math 30-3, Physics 20 or Chemistry 20 or Science 20, and related career and technology studies courses are recommended.

    Estimated cost **Year I $987Year II $987Year III $987

    Career opportunities

    restaurants clubs institutions hotels bases and camps

    Courses include

    Patisserie Butcher shop and cooking proteins Saucier Management controls and nutritional components Bakeshop Cold kitchen

    * Accurate at time of printing. Check for most current details. ** Estimate only. Includes tuition, fees, books and supplies.

    Program at a glance:

    The last three years of culinary school have been a great experience. The challenges presented to me by both the program, as well as my instructor, Chef Doug, have really helped shape me into the chef I aspire to be.

    Carolyn van SchothorstCook (WATS) 2014

  • culinary

    Culinary Careers compressed 16-month diploma

    August or January admission

    16-week, paid industry placement

    prepares grads to write first- and second-year apprenticeship exams in WATS. Students enter

    into the third year of WATS program on their way to journeyman and Red Seal designation.

    awards 300 hours of experience credit

    The Culinary Careers program at Lethbridge College is as well-planned as the best

    gourmet meal. As an appetizer, well teach you about restaurant production methods, then

    move on to a second course showing you sweet and savoury techniques during the next

    16-week semester. For the main course, we serve up a paid industry placement; youll get an

    education and earn money at the same time. For dessert, youll be immersed for 16 weeks in

    dining-room cuisine.

    While youre with us, you will have plenty of opportunities to prepare real meals for real

    customers, create menus, work in teams and explore your creativity. And you wont have

    to worry about finding employment when youve completed our program; our grads have a

    perfect record of landing that important first job.

    Get started in your culinary career today at Lethbridge College.

  • conn


    Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training website:

    Admission requirements *

    50% in grade 10 English and 50% in grade 10 math

    Estimated cost * Tuition Fees Books and suppliesYear I $3,106 $1,296 $1,000Year II $2,329 $965 $100

    Career opportunities

    With experience, cooks can find themselves working as: executive chefs sous chefs teachers small business owners

    Courses include

    Production skills Meat cutting and meat cookery Stocks and sauces Buffets and bakery Gala banquets and hot salon

    * Accurate at time of printing. Check for most current details.

    Program at a glance:

    [Lethbridge College] brings students in from all over the world; its a great program, has great instructors and is just a great place to be.

    Jeremy LangemannCulinary Careers 1995Executive Chef, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Winnipeg

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