Cultural Events Arbury Primary School 2011. Celebration of Christmas around the world. Displays around the school for children and parents to look at,

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  • Cultural EventsArbury Primary School 2011

  • Celebration of Christmas around the world.Displays around the school for children and parents to look at, focussing on Christmas traditions from a wide range of other countries. Children in classes encouraged to find out about home traditions and share with class mates.

  • Parents involved in, singing, story telling.

    Spanish cake with hidden treats baked by a parent!The words to a German song brought in by a parent and shared. A Czech Christmas story shared with a class.German gingerbread cookies being iced with a parent. Singing carols in Russian with a parent.Spanish parent talked about The 3 Kings and shared chocolates!

  • International Christmas TeaParents, staff and carers brought in a range of food from many different countries.

  • Over a 100 people came!

  • Colouring flags and eating snacks!Trying out different foods.Contributions from home.

  • Our Whole School Eid PartyDances choreographed by pupils. Speeches written and presented by pupils. Organised by parents, staff and governors. Food prepared by parents.With parents and siblings.

  • Feedback from parents:Russian parent: My children are both really into the idea that they are "half Russian", just as well really! But it is great that these cultural differences can also be expressed and celebrated at school and I think that's what helps to make them feel a bit special! Long may it last.

    Bengali parent: I didnt know my daughter was so confident. I didnt think she would dance like that in front of the school.

    Bengali parent: It is a brilliant idea, all school should do this . Parents like coming in and being involved in school.

    Spanish parent: We have been here one term and you have made us feel so welcome. You always show a great interest in the places families come from. It makes us feel very welcome.

  • Bengali parent/governor: I thought the Eid party was great as always. The Indian dances were a delight to watch. That was a real treat! The girls really loved being involved in that. All the Bengali parents felt that the school was taking an interest in our religion and culture and allowed them to be involved in the school. Not many schools have Eid parties like this. It was lovely to be able to enjoy our Eid with the school and its great for other children to take part in activities such as colouring pictures of Islamic themes. The Bengali parents enjoyed getting together which they cant always do and it was great to catch up with everyone. I think all the ladies like to get together and its not always easy to do so because of other commitments. Because of the language barrier, many parents can feel isolated. The school has helped opened doors for them. I hope this will continue.

  • Feedback from pupils:Bengali pupil: I really enjoyed it. We made people smile and we made people dance! We must do it every year!

    Russian pupil: It was really, really fun because I had to keep telling everyone about my food.

    Sudanese pupil: I taught my class how to say happy Eid in Arabic.

    Jamaican pupil: I loved trying all the different food!

    Bengali pupil: I like learning about different people and different places. We learn about Christmas and Eid. It is fun.