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cultural cultural relics relics Revision for Unit 1

cultural relics cultural relics Revision for Unit 1

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  • cultural relicsRevision for Unit 1

  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11Survive the accidentremain quietlook intobelong tolook for/be in search of/search forin returna lighted candleat warThere is no doubt that..take apartconsider doing

  • 13 14 15 16/, 17 18~ ~ ~

    21.. 22. in ones opinionThe news proves true.pretend to dothink highly/much ofimagine doingbe used to do// doing////// used to doIt takes sb sth to do sth. serve as

  • Explanation1. compete: (vt) take part in a race, contest, exam, etc.compete in / Will you compete in the race?(2) compete against / with / He is going to compete against / with his classmates.

  • (3) compete for / The two teams will compete for the championship.(4) competitor competition , competitive (adj.) ,

  • 2. survive vt &vi Fortunately he survived the traffic accident. Camels can survive for many days with no water. The helicopter picked up all the ________. They prayed for the _______ of the sailors. survivor (n.) survival (n.) survivorssurvival

  • 3. remain (1) vi. , I went to the city, but my brother remained at home. (2) link-verb. n. /adj. //adv. My friend became a boss, but I remained a teacher. The death of the old man remained unknown. The problem remains to be discussed.

  • Nothing remains but to send the invitation out. ()It only remains for me to sign the paper that you gave me. ()He bought a new book with the _________ () 40 yuan.=He bought a new book with the 40 yuan ___. () remainingleft

  • --- Why do you look so upset? --- There are so many troublesome problems ___. A. remaining to settle B. remained settled C. remaining to be settled D. remained to be settled.C

  • 4. the rest , ,,I have finished most of the work, and the rest __ to be done next week.Some students went out, and the rest ___ remained in the classroom.isare

  • 5. imagine vt. n. imagination(1) You cant imagine how I miss you all.(2) We can hardly imagine life without water.(3) Can you imagine her becoming a thief? = Can you imagine her as a thief?

  • 6. state / condition / situation(1) We try to make ourselves get into a ____ before the exam.(2) Janna is in a poor ____ of health, which worries her parents.(3) His health is in good ________.statestatecondition

  • (4) Suddenly he found himself in a difficult ________. state , ; condition , , ; situation , situation

  • 7. find / find out / discover(1) Ive _____ the book I was looking for.(2) Please _______ what time they are coming.(3) The police are trying hard to _______ about the accident.foundfind outfind out

  • (4) Columbus _________ the New World in 1492. find out : , , find: ,, discover: , , discovered

  • 8. gift ; He has got lots of birthday gifts. He is a man of gifts. The boy has a gift for music. gifted (adj.)

  • couldcouldnt9. +have done () He paid for a seat when he _____ have entered free. (could /would / must / need) I _______ have been more than six years old when the accident happened. (shouldnt / couldnt / mustnt / neednt)

  • 10. it easily melts when heated +(: v-ing, )(1) While (they were) ________the house, they found the vase.(2) When (he was) _____, he made no answer.buildingasked

  • (3) Unless (I am) ______, I wont go there.(4) When ______ help, one often says Thank you or Its kind of you. (offering / to offer / to be offered / offered)(5) When first __________ (introduce) to the market, these products enjoyed great success. (o4 )offeredinvitedintroduced

  • 11. design (v. / n.)(1) They ________ the building carefully.(2) The experiment ____________ test the new drug. ()(3) I like the ______ of the new school.(4) Children above 12 are able to take part in skiing or other activities ________ (design) for them. (05)designeddesignedis designed todesign

  • 12. fancy adj. (1) fancy clothes (2) Fancy meeting you here! !(3) I dont fancy walking in the snow. have a fancy for ,, fancy sb. doing sth.

  • 13. in return , What can we do for them in return for all the help they have given us? ? I gave him some books in return for his assistance. in turn ,; by turns ,

  • 14. missing / lost / gone Five people were _______.The boat and all the men were ___ in the storm.My pain in the leg is ____ now.Much to his upset, Bob found his wallet _______ just as he wanted to pay for the necktie.missinglostgonemissing

  • missing: , , ;lost: , , gone: , ,,,15. + ()at war/work/home/tableon show/duty/sale/holiday/fire/watchin trouble/danger/battle/doubtunder repair/discussion/construction

  • 16. Theres no doubt that Theres no need to do / for sth / sb Theres no possibility that (Its) no wonder (that)Do you doubt ____ she will succeed?I doubt _________ he will keep his word.I have no doubt ____ he will win the game.thatif/whetherthat

  • 1. Time spent: A ____ of artists spent ___ years making it.2. Material: 7,000 tons of ______ were used for making it, with ____ and ______.3. Purpose: It was made ___ to be a gift, ___ for the Palace of Frederick I.teamtenambergoldjewelsnotbutRevision The Amber Room

  • 4. Results: It was _________ to Russia people. After Frederick William I succeeded his father and ______ the king of Prussia; soon it became part of the Czars winter palace; it was one of the great _______ of the world; in 1941, wonderssent/givenbecame

  • it was _____ by the Nazis. Now a new Amber Room ____________ in Russia and it ______________ the old one, ________ the old photos.stolenhas been builtlooks much likefollowing

  • 2. Task 2: Fill in the blanks using which, as, when, who, whom, where, when, why, that.(1) St Petersburg is a very beautiful city, _____ was once called Leningrad.(2) In Xian, I met a teacher, ____ has a strong love for cultural relics and took me to visit the history museum.whichwho

  • (3) I dont remember the soldier, ____ told me not to tell anyone what I had seen.(4) My grandfather was a child then, ____ people didnt pay much attention to cultural relics in the old days. (5) They moved the boxes to a mine, _____ they wanted to hide them. whowhenwhere

  • (1) What surprised me was not what he said but the way _____________ he said it.(2) Were just trying to reach a point _____ both sides will sit down together and talk. (06(that/in which)where3. Task 3: Practice.

  • (3) ___ is often the case, we have worked out the production plan.(4) This is the very house _____ he lived.(5) Next winter, _____ you will spend in Harbin, Im sure, will be another exciting holiday.(6) Thats the reason ____ he was late.Aswherewhichwhy

  • (7) The pictures brought the days back to the old _____ they swam in the river.(8) Robert and his songs ___ were famous in the U. S. are also popular in China.(9) They are always smoking, _____ of course, will do harm to their health.(10) The situation _____ you use the words is very clear in fact.whenthatwhichwhere

  • The reason why he explained at the meeting surprised us.

    2. I can remember the days when we spent together.why(that)when(that /which)Correct the mistakes

  • 3. The way in which you talked about is very important for us.

    4. Put the book in which you can it easily.

    in which (which /that)in which--where

  • 1. Finish the related exercises .2. Remember the useful expressions.Homework