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  • Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture

    VOLUME 22

    Scientific Editor: R.J. Summerfield, The University of Reading, Department of Agriculture, P. O. Box 236, Reading RG6 2AT, Berkshire, U.K.

    Scientific Advisory Board: B.K. Barton, Agracetus Inc., Middleton, Wisconsin, USA F.C. Cannon, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA H.V. Davies, Scottish Crops Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland, UK J. Lyman Snow, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA C.P. Meredith, University of California at Davis, California, USA J. Sprent, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, UK D.P.S. Verma, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

    Aims and Scope The book series is intended for readers ranging from advanced students to senior research scientists and corporate directors interested in acquiring in-depth, state-of-the-art knowledge about research findings and techniques related to plant science and biotechnology. While the subject matter will relate more particularly to agricultural applications, timely topics in basic science and biotechnology will also be explored. Some volumes will report progress in rapidly advancing disciplines through proceedings of symposia and workshops while others will detail fundamental information of an enduring nature that will be referenced repeatedly.

    The titles published in this series are listed at the end of this volume.

  • Current Issues in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Proceedings 0/ the VIIIth International Congress on Plant Tissue and Cell Culture, Florence, Italy, 12-17 June, 1994

    Edited by

    M. TERZI Department of Biology, University of Padova, Italy

    R. CELLA Department ofGenetics and Microbiology, University of Pavia, Italy


    A. FALAVIGNA Research Institute ofVegetable Crops, Montanaso Lombardo (Milano), Italy



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    ISBN 978-94-010-4135-5 ISBN 978-94-011-0307-7 (eBook) DOI 10.1007/978-94-011-0307-7

    Printed on acid-free paper

    All Rights Reserved 1995 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht Originally published by Kluwer Academic Publishers in 1995 Softcover reprint ofthe hardcover 1st edition 1995

    No part of the material protected by this copyright notice may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written perrnission from the copyright owner.




    1.1 B. Sigurbjornsson and M. Maluszynski. International Programmes of FAO and IAEA in Mutation Breeding and In Vitro Technology




    I.K. Vasil. Cellular and Molecular Genetic Improvement of Cereals

    S.E. Wyatt, AL. Dolph, AA Avery and N.C. Carpita. Plasma Membrane-Cell-Wall Adhesion and its Role in Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses

    2.3. I.M. Sussex, J.A Godoy, N.M. Kerk, MJ. Laskowski, H.C. Nusbaum,


    J.A Welsch and M.E. Williams. Molecular and Cellular Events in the Formation of new Meristems

    M.G. Hahn. Oligosaccharide Elicitors and Elicitor Receptors


    3.1 In vitro Culture and Plant Regeneration

    3.1.1 B.V. Conger and AI. Kuklin. In Vitro Culture and Plant Regeneration in






    Gramineous Crops 59

    3.1.2 A Olesen, M. Storgaard, M. Foiling, S. Madsen and S.B. Andersen. Protoplast, Callus and Suspension Culture of Perennial Ryegrass - Effect of Genotype and Culture System 69

    3.1.3 M. Tegeder, O. Schieder and T. Pickardt. Breakthrough in the Plant Regeneration from Protoplasts of Vicia faba and V. narbonensis 75

    3.1.4 Z.Y. Wang, G. Legris, M.P. Valles, I. Potrykus and G. Spangenberg. Plant Regeneration from Suspension and Protoplast Cultures in the Temperate Grasses Festuca and Latium 81

  • vi

    3.1.5 A. Altman, A. Ya' Ari, D. Pelah, A. Gal, T. Tzfira, W-X Wang, O. Shoseyov, A. Vain stein and J. Riov. In vitro Organogenesis, Transformation and Expression of Drought-Related Proteins in Forest Tree Cultures 87

    3.2 Plant Propagation

    3.2.1 P.e. Debergh. Evolution and Automation in Micropropagation and Artificial Seed Production 95

    3.2.2 e. Teisson and D. Alvard. A New Concept of Plant In Vitro Cultivation Liquid Medium: Temporary Immersion 105

    3.2.3 GJ. De Klerk. Hormone Requirements During the Successive Phases of Rooting of Malus Microcuttings 111

    3.2.4 S.A. Merkle and H.D. Wilde. Propagation of Magnolia and Liriodendron via Somatic Embryogenesis 117

    3.2.5 D. Levy, E. Fogelman, A. Levine and Y. Itzhak. Tuberization In Vitro and Dormancy of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Microtubers 123

    3.3 Haploids

    3.3.1. G. Wenzel, U. Frei, A. Jahoor, A. Graner and B. Foroughi-Wehr. Haploids - An Integral Part of Applied and Basic Research 127

    3.3.2 M.S. Alejar, FJ. Zapata, D. Senadhira, G.S. Khush and S.K. Datta. Utilization of Anther Culture as a Breeding Tool in Rice Improvement 137

    3.3.3 M.B. Westecott and B. Huang. Application of Haploidy in Genetic Manipulation of Canola 143

    3.3.4 R. Theiler-Hedtrich and C.S. Hunter. Dihaploid Chicory (Cichorium Intybus L.) Via Microspore Culture 149

    3.3.5 G. Nervo, G. Carannante, M.T. Azzimonti and G.L. Rotino. Use of Anther Culture Method in Pepper Breeding: Factors Affecting Plantlets Production 155

    3.4 Somatic Hybridisation



    E. Galun. Protoplast-Fusion Derived Cybrids in Solanaceae

    RD. Earle and M.H. Dickson. Brassica oleracea Cybrids for Hybrid Vegetable Production



  • 3.4.3


    Z.N. Deng, A. Gentile, F. Domina, E. Nicolosi, E. Tribulato and A. Vardi. Recovery of Citrus Somatic Hybrids Tolerant to Phoma tracheiphila Toxin, Combining Selection and Identification by RAPD Markers

    Y.G. Li, G.J. Tanner and P.J. Larkin. Towards producing bloat-safe Medicago sativa L. Through Protoplast Fusion

    3.5 Reproductive Systems




    3.5.1 M. Zenkteler. Self and Cross Pollination of Ovules in Test Tubes 191

    3.5.2 E. Kranz and H. Lorz. Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration from In Vitro Fused Isolated Gametes of Maize 201

    3.5.3 P.B. Holm, S. Knudsen, P. Mouritzen, D. Negri, F.L. Olsen and e. Roue. Fertile Barley Plants can be Regenerated from Mechanically Isolated Protoplasts of Fertilized Egg Cells 207

    3.5.4 1.M. Montezuma-De-Carvalho and M.C. Tome. Experiments on Inter-Genera and Inter-Families Pollen Grains Protoplast Fusion 213

    3.5.5 K. Glimelius, M. Hemould and P. Bergman. Mitochondrial Regulation of Petal and Stamen Development in Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Cultivars of Nicotiana tabacum 219

    3.6 Genetic Variability

    3.6.1 PJ. Larkin and P.M. Banks. Exploiting Somaclonal Variation - Especially Gene Introgression from Alien Chromosomes 225

    3.6.2 S. Caretto, M.e. Giardina, C. Nicolodi and D. Mariotti. Acetohydroxyacid Synthase Gene Amplification Induces Clorsulfuron Resistance in Daucus carota L. 235

    3.6.3 P.WJ. Taylor, T.A. Fraser, H.L. Ko and R.J. Henry. RAPD Analysis of Sugarcane During Tissue Culture 241

    3.6.4 N. Isabel, R. Boivin, C. Levasseur, P.M. Charest, J. Bousquet and F.M. Tremblay. Evidence of Somaclonal Variation in Somatic Embryo-derived Plantlets of White Spruce (Picea Glauca (Moench) Voss.) 247

    3.7 Gene Transfer

    3.7.1 I. Potrykus, P.K. Burkhardt, S.K. Datta, 1. Ftitterer G.e. Ghosh-Biswas, A. Kloti, G. Spangenberg and J. Wtinn. Gene Technology for Developing Countries: Genetic Engineering of Indica Rice 253

  • viii





    D. Becker, A. Jaime, 1. Zimny, S. Liitticke and H. Lorz. Production of Transgenic Cereal Crops

    R.S. Sangwan, F. Dubois, C. Ducrocq, Y. Bourgeois, B. Vilcot, N. Pawlicki and B.S. Sangwan-Norreel. The Embryo as a Tool for Genetic Engineering in Higher Plants

    B.R. Frame, P.R. Drayton, S.V. Bagnall, CJ. Lewnau, W.P. Bullock, H.M. Wilson, J.M. Dunwell, J.A. Thompson and K. Wang. Production of Fertile Transgenic Maize Plants by Silicon Carbide Whisker-mediated Transformation

    M. Meixner, U. Schneider, O. Schieder and T. Pickardt. Studies on the Stability of Foreign Genes in the Progeny of Transgenic Lines of Vicia narbonensis

    3.8 Organelles

    3.8.1 R. Reski, K. Reutter, B. Kasten, M. Faust, S. Kruse, G. Gorr, R. Strepp and





    W.O. Abel. Molecular Analysis of Chloroplast Division 291

    3.8.2 PJ. Dix, N.D. Thanh, T.A. Kavanagh and P. Medgyesy. Integration of Solanum DNA into the Nicotiana Plastome Through Peg-mediated Transformation of Protoplasts 297

    3.8.3 T. Kinoshita, T. Mikami and T. Kubo. Physical Maps of Mitochondrial Genomes from Male-fertile and Male-sterile Sugar Beets 303

    3.8.4 F. Manna, D.R. Massardo, K. Wolf, G. Luccarini, M.S. Carlomagno, F. Rivellini, P. Alifano and L. Del Giudice. A tRNA Gene Mapping Within the Chloroplast rDNA Cluster is Differentially Expressed During the Development of Daucus carota 309

    3.9 Biotechnology of Tropical and Subtropical Species




    F. Engelmann, E.E.Benson, N. Chabrillange, M.T. Gonzales Amao, S. Mari, N. Michaux-Ferriere, F. Paulet, J.C. Glaszmann and A. Charrier. Cryopreservation of Several Tropical Plant Species Using Encapsulation/ Dehydration of Apices

    R.A. Drew, J.N. Vogler, P.M. Magdalita, R.E. Mahon and D.M. Persley. Application of Biotechnology to Carica papaya and Related Species

    D.A. Hoisington and N.E. Bohorova. Towards the Production of Transgenic tropical Maize Germplasm with Enhanced Insect Resistance




  • ix

    3.10 Agronomic Traits

    3.l0.l C.F. Quiros and J. Hu. DNA-Based Chromosome Markers: Brassica Crops as Case Study 333

    3.10.2 W.H. Chen, Y.M. Fu, R.M. Hsieh, W.T. Tsai, M.S. Chyou, C.C. Wu and Y.S. Lin. Application of DNA Amplification Fingerprinting in the Breeding of Phalaenopsis Orchid 341

    3.l0.3 E.R.I. Keller, D.E. Lesemann, H.I. Maass, A. Meister, H. Lux and I. Schubert. Maintenance of an In Vitro Collection of Allium in the Gatersleben Genebank - Problems and Use 347

    3.10.4 E. Olmos, A. Piqueras and E. Hellin. In vitro Selection of a Salt-Tolerant Cell line from Pea Calli Cultures 353

    3.11 Somatic Embryogenesis

    3.11.1 T. Hendriks and S.C. De Vries. The Role of Secreted Proteins in Carrot Somatic Embryogenesis

    3.11.2 L. Pitto, L. Giorgetti, C. Miarelli, G. Luccarini, C. Colella and V. Nuti Ronchi. Expression of Floral Specific Genes in Tomato Hypocotyls in


    Liquid Culture 369

    3.l1.3 C.M. O'Neill and R.I. Mathias. Regeneration of Plants from Protoplasts of Arabidopsis thaliana cv Columbia L. (C24), Via Direct Embryogenesis 377

    3.11.4 A.P. Mordhorst, S. Stirn, T. Dresselhaus and H. Lorz. Controlling Factors and Markers for Embryogenic Potential and Regeneration Capacity in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Cell Cultures 383

    3.11.5 S. Von Arnold, U. Egertsdotter and L.H. Mo. Importance of Extracellular Proteins for Somatic Embryogenesis in Picea abies 389

    3.12 Meristems

    3.12.1 J.G. Carman. Nutrient Absorption and the Development and Genetic stability of Cultured Meristems 393

    3.12.2 T. Wakizuka and T. Yamaguchi. Multiple Floral Bud Formation In Vitro on the Giant Dome of Eleusine coracana Gaertn 405

    3.l2.3 P. Bima, F. Mensurati and G.P. Soressi. Effect of Gibberellic Acid (GA3) and Micropropagation on Axillary Shoot Induction in Monostem Genotype (To-2) of Tomato (L. esculentum Mill) 411

  • x

    3.12.4 M.M. Altamura, F. Capitani, M. Tomassi, I. Capone and P. Costantino. The Plant Oncogene Rolb Enhances Meristem Formation in Tobacco Thin Cell Layers 417

    3.12.5 V. Rosenberg. Results, Showing Possibilities of Meristem Method for Improving Some Characteristics of Potato Varieties 423

    3.13 Cell Surface

    3.13.1 R.D. SjOlund. Sieve Elements Isolated from Callus Cultures can be Used to Raise Phloem-specific Monoclonal Antibodies 427

    3.13.2 J.P. Joseleau, G. Chambat, AL. Cortelazzo, A Faik, B. Priem and K. Ruel. Oligo saccharides from Xyloglucan Affect the Development of Rubus fruticosus Cell Suspension Culture 433

    3.13.3 K. Ruel, AL. Cortelazzo, G. Chambat, A. Faik, M.F. Marais and J.P. Joseleau. Rapid Wall Surface Rearrangements Induced by Oligo saccharides in Suspension-cultured Cells 445

    3.13.4 K. Yoshida and K. Komae. Cell Wall Break Down and Enhancement of Cellulase Activity During the Emergence of Callus from Rice Roots in the Presence of 2,4-D 457

    3.14 Growth Regulators

    3.14.1 H. Barbier-Brygoo, C. Maurel, J.M. Pradier, A. Delbarre, V. Imhoff and J. Guern. Auxin Perception at the Plasma Membrane of Plant Cells: Recent Developments and Large Unknowns 463

    3.14.2 F. Filippini, C. Laveder, F. Lo Schiavo and M. Terzi. Perception of the Auxin Signal in Carrot Cell Membranes: ABPs, Hormone-conjugate Processing and Auxin-regulated Enzyme Activities 473

    3.14.3 H. Sasamoto, Y. Hosoi and M. Koshioka. Endogenous Levels of Four Plant Hormones May Affect the Culture Conditions of Poplar Protoplasts to Regenerate Plants 481

    3.14.4 S. Biondi, M. Mengoli and N. Bagni. Auxin and Ethylene in Hairy Root Cultures of Hyoscyamus muticus 487

    3.14.5 A Pelosi, E.K.F. Chow, M.C.S. Lee, S.F. Chandler and J.D. Hamill. Effects of Phytohormones on Lateral Root Differentiation in Eucalyptus globulus and Transgenic Nicotiana tabacum Seedlings 493

  • 3.15 Reception and Transduction of signals

    3.15.1 G.R. Argiiello-Astorga and L.R. Herrera-Estrella. Theoretical and Experimental Definition of Minimal Photoresponsive Elements in cab and


    rbcS genes 501

    3.15.2 A Furini, F. Salamini and D.Bartels. T-DNA Tagging of a Gene Inducing Desiccation Tolerance in Craterostigma plantagineum 513

    3.15.3 A Nato, AMirshahi, J.M. Cavalcante Alves, D. Lavergne, G. Ducreux, M. Mirshahi, J.P. Faure, J. De Buyser, G. Tichtinsky, M. Kreis and Y. Henry. Are Arrestin-like Proteins Involved in Plant Signal Transduction Pathways? 519

    3.15.4 Ch. Fischer and G. Neuhaus. An Alternative Approach Towards Understanding Monocot Zygotic Embryogenesis 525

    3.15.5 D.P. Wilson and AD. Neale. Mutations Conferring Early Flowering on a Late-flowering Ecotype of Arabidopsis Thaliana 531

    3.16 Gene Expression under extreme conditions

    3.16.1 A Kuch, D.C. Warnecke, M. Fritz, F.P. Wolter and E. Heinz. Strategies for Increasing Tolerance Against Low Temperature Stress by Genetic Engineering of Membrane Lipids 539

    3.16.2 FJ. Espino, M.T. Gonzales-Jaen, J. Ibanez, AM. Sendino and A.M. Vazquez. Aluminum Effects on In Vitro Tissue Cultures of Phaseolus vulgaris 545

    3.16.3 G.A. Sacchi, A Abruzzese, C. Alisi, S.Morgutti, L. Espen, N. Negrini, M. Cocucci, S. Cocucci, R. Muleo and A.R. Leva. Effect of Hyperosmotic 3-0-Methyl-D-Glucose in the Medium on Metabolic Parameters in Actinidia deliciosa Callus 551

    3.16.4 H.P. Miihlbach, S. StOcker, R. Werner, F.Hartung, U. Gitschel and M.C. Guitton. Gene Expression in Photosynthetically Active Tomato Cell Cultures is Influenced by Potato Spindle Tuber Viroid Infection 557

    3.17 Primary metabolism

    3.17.1 M. Caboche, P. Crete, J.D. Faure, C. Godon, T. Hoff, A Quesada, C. Meyer, T. Moureaux, L. Nussaume, H.N. Truong and F. Vedele. Molecular A...


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