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<p>SHARAD</p> <p>PRADEEP KUMAR SHARMA Mobile: +91-9958447371 &amp; Seeking assignments in the areas of Logistics/ Distribution Management/ Warehousing Management, strategic Planning/ Resource Management with a growth oriented organization.</p> <p>PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS A dynamic professional with 24 years of rich experience in Stores, Logistics and Warehousing Management. Presently associated with Imergy Power Systems (Gurgaon) as Manager-Logistics &amp; Stores Successfully employing best business practices that improve efficiency, reducing operating costs whilst increasing performance, all with tight time scales and within budget. Developed and implemented logistics/planning processes in support of business unit's initiative to transition to a "make-to-demand" environment away from a "make-to-inventory" environment. In depth knowledge of logistic network, Stores faction and warehouse management. An effective communicator with excellent relationship management skills and strong analytical, problem solving &amp; organizational abilities. </p> <p>CORE COMPETENCIES</p> <p> Import port Management To Ensure Agency and forwarding documentation, customer service and operation activity in import. Handling third country export from China to USA, South Africa. Arranging custom clearance. To ensure shipment delivery at customer warehouse. To overall control of receipts, Issues, Rejection return to vendors, Dispatch of finished goods, disposal of scrapped materials and export-Import shipments. To ensure 90% gin preparation within one day &amp; complete issues of materials to whole plant. To support the Cycle Stock count &amp; WIP stock count. To provide all the support from stores to Materials resource team related to new projects. Follow-up with shippers for provisional invoices &amp; final invoice for consignees. Attending and solving queries / complaints related to Export manifest received from our Principal/ Overseas agents. Update weekly and monthly shipment report to management. Arranging freight rates from overseas office/local consolidators. Sending switch B/L request to switch point.</p> <p> Export port Management Supporting to marketing team for costing of our product Negotiation of AIR and Ocean freight rates with lines or Forwarders on monthly basis. Arranging containers upon production team requirement. Chasing for documents with shipping lines/forwarders as required. Arranging to make smooth deliveries to customers at destination. Arranging excise officers at factory premises for sealing of containers. Arranging to make smooth deliveries to customers at destination. Warehousing and Distribution Management To handle the Receipt of all incoming material local &amp; imported parts their proper storage, proper material accounting and smooth materials flow. Plan, organize and timely processing and dispatch of Spare, Consumables from Gurgaon to various locations (UP, MP, MH, Bihar, Rajasthan, Panjab etc.). Successfully developed and grew sourcing opportunities for building a strong logistics that allowed the division to service a broader market. Developed and implemented logistics/planning processes in support of business unit's initiative to transition to a "make-to-demand" environment away from a "make-to-inventory" environment. Resource Management Leading, managing and monitoring the performance of work force and conceptualizing need-based training programs for performing Autonomous maintenance operations. o Motivating workmen for active participation in Kaizen &amp; 5S. Developing and implementing key procurement strategies / purchase schedules and ensuring that these strategies / schedules are aligned with organizational objectives. Streamlining the system and procedures for effective inventory control for ensuring ready availability of materials to meet the production targets. Periodic evaluation of vendor performance in terms of quality, delivery and service and seeking corrective measures in improving the quality of raw materials. </p> <p>ORGANISATIONAL EXPERIENCE </p> <p> Since May 2010 with Imergy Power Systems (Gurgaon) as Asst Manager-Logistics &amp; Stores. Company Profile:</p> <p> Imergy Power Systems Gurgaon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imergy Power Systems, Fremont U.S.A. It offers NASA Certified Energy Storage Platform Flow Battery Technology. Imergy allows users to scale up power and storage capacity independently of one another, making it far more flexible and cost-effective than any other battery available. With this game-changing technology, we provide individuals and businesses a cost effective solution to reduce energy costs, stabilize the grid, and fully unlock the potential of renewable energy sourcesall this, in an energy storage system that dramatically reduces the physical dangers and environmental toxicity inherent in other batteries and uses commonly available material often available as a waste product of other processes. </p> <p>Since December 1991 To May 2010 with Xerox India Ltd. as Officer, Stores . Company Profile: Xerox India Ltd. is a part of XEROX CORPORATION, U.S.A. It is among first few ISO9000-2000 &amp; ISO-14001 certified companies in India, engaged in manufacturing wide range of worlds finest COPIERS (XEROX quality has made XEROX as a synonym for copier) and marketing of Printers and Fax. </p> <p>Reporting To: Mr.Vivek Seth(Regional Vice President Manufacturing &amp; SCM)Achievements 'QualityProjects;rated in ExcellentCategory in G.M Panel. Utilization of Space in Hazardous Stores improved in 1998 Storage of Heavy Parts improved in 2001 Auto regularization of emergency slips in 2002 Kit response time is too high in 2002 Merging of Mezzanine floor in 2002 Local parts Gin preparation efficiency improved in 2003 General store Productivity improved in 2003 Limited Life parts issue productivity improved in 2004Winner of 'Earth Award by XEROX Corporation in 1998, 1999, 2000Winner Star of IMERGY POWER in 2013 </p> <p>TRAININGS ATTENDED</p> <p>Leadership through qualityStores ManagementQuick JIT</p> <p>FIFO</p> <p>First Aid</p> <p>ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS</p> <p>Educational qualification : B.A, LL.B</p> <p>Professional qualification : P.G. Diploma in Materials Management</p> <p>PERSONNEL DETAILS</p> <p> Name : Pradeep Kumar Sharma</p> <p> Date of Birth : 15th August 1969 Languages Known : English, Hindi , Punjabi HOBBIES : Nature study, Vastu , Numerology </p> <p> Date: </p> <p>Place: Gurgaon </p>


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