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In this magazine are disclosed certain customs, traditions and festivals of only a few countries in the world


<p>Customs around the world.</p> <p>NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOYAPANGOENGLISH ONEHOMEWORKCUSTOMS AROUND THE WORLDSTUDENTS NAMELUIS ENRIQUE DIAZ NOYOLATEACHERS NAMEJORGE ALBERTO MIRA CORTEZDATEAUGUST 12, 2015</p> <p>Germany Germany, as one of the major tourist destinations in Europe, is a country that is home to remarkable historical passages and houses inside the most varied traditions and customs in each of its towns and villages; then all about the traditions, festivals and events, as well as the best festivals in Germany.Festivals and events across the countryThe carnivalCologne CarnivalThis festival is carried out especially in the German regions where the majority of residents are Catholic and Rhine. Carnival ("Fasching", "Fasnacht" or "Karneval") is a celebration that dates back to ancient times, especially standing out in the cities of Cologne, Bonn, Mainz and Dsseldorf.</p> <p>Trade shows (Kirchweih or Kirmes)Kirmes is the Kirchweih or religious origin and formerly took place on the occasion of the consecration of a Christian church. This festival takes on special importance is the rural areas, where shows are performed and performed a traditional ceremony which is to plant the Kirchweihbaum (Kirchweih tree).Wine festivalsIn the regions near the Rhine and Moselle more precisely in Baden, the Palatinate and along the Main, are carried out between the months of May and November, the wine and grape festivals, in which the various unions and their representatives, They escancian their wine stalls set up in public places, while offering the specialties of the region, with lots of live music and culminating with the crowning of the wine queen.Christmas marketsChristmas market in Rmerberg, FrankfurtThere are many cities in Germany celebrating the Christmas markets in the months of November and December and some even until the day of kings. There you can visit a lot of places where you can buy Christmas ornaments, jewelry, candles, toys and more and even enjoy a good mulled wine (Glhwein), chestnuts, spiced bread and toasted almonds.</p> <p>Festivals and events in BerlinBerlin MarathonIt is the largest and fastest race in Germany, famous worldwide for its more than 50,000 participants, which not only involved international brokers, but also handicapped in wheelchairs and those who want to enjoy it from the sides of the street.Besides the main event will take place also a race for skaters and a mini-marathon for children and students. The marathon is held annually in September in the city of Berlin, which for its beauty attracts not only competitors but also many people who enjoy one of the most famous races in the world.</p> <p>Festivals and events in MunichOktoberfest (Oktoberfest)During the Oktoberfest festivitiesThe Munich Oktoberfest is the world-famous festival and one in which more than 6,000,000 visitors each year at the Theresienwiese. Gallons of beer are drunk in huge jars of one liter called Makrge, while donuts and eat pork sausages.An unforgettable celebration in which you can visit in the vast grounds, lots of rides and roller coasters, and visited many places and enjoy the parades of traditional costumes and band concerts. Many of the locals as well as many young people with typical dress to attend the party clothes.Munich Oktoberfest is a world famous and typical celebration of Munich and Germany, which starts in mid-September until the first days of October, attracting large crowds of visitors after traditional broached barrel on the esplanade of Wies' n.The Oktoberfest attracts millions of tourists annually to the Theresienwiese esplanade, where for two weeks you can enjoy a fun and full of attractions environment, with lots of tents and rides. Popular music and costumes is the main feature of the festival, where the sausages, beer and donuts seem to never end.</p> <p>Festivals and events in FrankfurtFestival Museum EmbankmentThis festival is based on Schaumainkai visit 16 museums that are concentrated on the Main River in Frankfurt. The celebration is conducted through eight kilometers, that allow visitors to admire not only the wealth of museums, but there is also wide variety of cultural events such as stage productions and musical performances as well as enjoying the traditional boat race dragons carried out in the river.Festivals and events in BonnFestival Rhine in flamesBetween the cities of Linz and Bonn on the Rhine River, it holds a celebration, where the finale is the fireworks and lights Germany's largest flare. The festival takes place annually on the first Saturday in May.The Rhine Valley and the surrounding area are full of tourists and residents every year again surprised by this magnificent spectacle. In addition to the main show of fireworks, the festival includes various recreational activities to have fun at night activities such as tastings, walks, etc.</p> <p>ArgentinaCustoms and traditions of Argentina.Each nation has its own customs that make them special, with factors such as history and geographical location some of those most often taken into account in this regard. Let's meet this time the case of Argentina, the South American nation could well be said to have a very unique and recognizable style, seeing here some of their traditions and customs. For example, almost always it tends to emphasize more the urban part of Argentina, but also can not ignore the interesting peasant side, being here where the gaucho culture, this being very marked in the national folklore. Each time you visit a country stay in Patagonia is common to see the gauchos and their lifestyle, being part of them well-known use as a beverage and honed as classic grilled food.</p> <p>Full stop to tango, dancing and Argentine traditional musical genre par excellence, being also shared with Uruguay, considered as a mixture of own European immigrants influences, descendants of African slaves and local people, enjoying great sensuality by commonly touching topics related to themes of love own sadness.We should also mention that Argentines are football fans, and therefore come every Sunday to encourage their teams to the stadium.Festivals in ArgentinaNational Festival of Taming and Folklore of Jesus MariaThe National and International Night Festival of Taming and Folklore of Jesus Maria is one of the most important festivals of folk music of Argentina, and the most renowned horse rodeo event in the country.It takes place in the city of Jesus Maria, located 50 km north of the provincial capital of Cordoba, in the amphitheater "Jos Hernndez", which has a stage and a field of dressage.The festival has been developing continuously since 1966 in the first half of January, over ten nights, combining the skills of rodeo and exhibition of gaucho skills, folk and popular music and tasting of typical dishes Creole cuisine.It is a massive festival in 2007 attended by over 400,000 people, including those who attend the amphitheater and visit the "rocks" and crafts fair.Festival CosqunCosqun Folk Festival is one of the most important festivals of folk music of Argentina. The festival lasts nine days and takes place in the second half of January, in the city of Cosqun in the tourist Punilla Valley in the province of Cordoba. The tradition used to refer to the nine moons of Cosqun.BaraderoBaradero Festival was born in the middle sixties - more precisely in 1965 - when folk music was all the rage and flourished everywhere singers, groups, clubs.</p> <p>AustraliaCustoms and traditions in Australia</p> <p>Over the years, Australia was established as one of the countries with the largest number of immigrants from around the world. Note that these expatriates come from all over the world, why the mix of cultures that can be found in this destination is truly great and varied. Despite this, if you have in mind to undertake a pleasure trip to this enchanting country, it is important to inform yourself beforehand about how the lifestyle there, in order to handle yourself in the best way possible and not miss respect for the locals with some attitude misplaced.First, it notes that the traditions of Australia are influenced primarily by Indian culture and European customs. Despite this, the country also keeps certain own habits, such as Australia Day celebration, which takes place every January 26 of each year. As one of the last days of the summer holidays, to celebrate the reasons are more than sufficient, and is done through music, picnics and fireworks. However, it is essential to note that on higher value on the Australian calendar is April 25, called Anzac Day, where all the dead will be commemorated during the wars.In regards to the food, do not forget that fish is a typical ingredient in any dish in this country, like roast and served with fruits and vegetables. Also, if you have the opportunity to travel to Australia, we can suggest you vegemite and pavlova. Clothing, meanwhile, not much different from the rest of Western world.Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the use of protector to the sun is a habit we all meet in the country, regardless of the place to which it concurs as Australia is one of the places with greater index mortality from skin cancer, the use of sunscreen is practically a law.Festivities of Australia.They are rare in neither Australia religious parties nor much lavish political or historical tone. However, it is frequent playful, sport expression or cultural environment. National Party of AustraliaFestivities throughout the yearAmong a large catalog of events can be highlighted:January</p> <p>National Party of AustraliaFireworks on National DayNew Year: A festival that goes around the world also celebrated in Australia with music, excitement and fireworks.National Party of Australia: On this feast the arrival of the first European explorer boat to Australia is commemorated and celebrated on January 26.FebruaryWater Carnival: It takes place in Tasmania and becomes one of the most prominent in Oceania for their races.Perth Festival: This festival takes place in Western Australia and has a lot of artists, both national and international.Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras: This is similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans celebration, held in the city of Sydney and is one of the most striking and pompous festivals.March</p> <p>Adelaide FestivalMoomba Festival: This festival is held in Melbourne lasts a full week of hoopla ends with an interesting parade.Adelaide Arts Festival: This festival is unique art held every two years since 1960. Here you can find various art forms such as music, theater, opera, ballet, and various art exhibitionsInternational Fringe Festival: This is a celebration of alternative art in Australia, which is attached to the Adelaide FestivalHarvest Festival: An interesting activity that takes place in New South Wales, where they can participate in the grape harvest and taste the best Australian wines.AprilSydney Royal Agricultural Show: At the start of April activity more rural court is held, enjoying interesting detours and the whole tradition of this.Anzac day: The national holiday is celebrated on April 25 to commemorate Anzac forces (Australian and New Zealand) who participated in the Gallipoli campaign in 1915.Comedy Festival Melbourne: In the city of Melbourne for three weeks and you'll enjoy the best comedians in the city.World Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing: In New South Wales, a popular motorcycle competition held annually.MayAdelaide Cup: This is one of the most important events of the month; a horse race dating back to 1864 is celebrated.Labor Day is celebrated worldwide on May 1, but in several localities have different dates of celebration.JuneBirthday of the Queen of England: This is held during the second Monday in the states of Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria.Melbourne Film Festival: In a lot of movies and documentaries national and international exhibits.JulyAlice Springs Camel Cup: In this activity, the camels are used for competitions and races; although camels are not native to Australia, when they were brought to these lands they remained as a tourist attraction.August</p> <p>Anzac DayYuendumu Festival: Cultural and Sports Meeting of Aboriginal communities in the regions of central and west. Staff meets in the town of Yuendumu - northwest of Alice Springs - the first weekend of August.Darwin Beer Can Regatta: Fiesta-based competition essentially reveler boat built entirely with empty beer cans. Do not forget that the city of Darwin is regarded as one of the places in Australia where there are more sponges per square meter. This special event is held in August.Great Marathon Sydney: It's a race of 14 kilometers in which involved nearly 25,000 runners is Sidney streets.Festival of the Pearl or Shinju Matsuri: In the Port of Broome, in Western Australia of this festival is held as closing the month.SeptemberAustralian Football Grand Final: rugby is played in Melbourne, and in September takes place this end, it becomes one of the biggest and most important sporting events of Australia.West Folk Festival Australia: In Toodyay can enjoy a festival that will delight lovers of folk music, accompanied by dances.Tooheys Bathurst: This is an exciting career of nearly 1000 kilometers given in the circuits of New South Wales.Monsalvat Jazz Festival: This is one of the biggest jazz festivals in Australia and is celebrated on September 26 in the state of Victoria.Royal Adelaide Show: This is one of the oldest festivals in Australia, which enjoys great popularity and has a cut on agriculture.OctoberOktoberfest: This is an inherited festival in Munich, Germany, also celebrated with great food and beer, traditional making in Australia and in other countries.Henley on Todd Regatta: This is a race that is performed by the Todd River.NovemberMelbourne Cup: This is also a horse race; it takes place in Flemington on the first Tuesday of November.Formula One Grand Prix of Australia: Australia also has a Formula 1 race, with the best drivers in the world.DecemberChristmas: This is one of the most significant and important dates worldwide; in Australia also it celebrated, but not so popular because of the small number of believers.Boxing Day: The day continues at Christmas, and the more gifts are delivered.Sydney Festival: Great waste of events held in the most dynamic city of Australia. Some notable various outdoor concerts, theater cycles, fireworks and races, especially the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. BrazilVisitors to Brazil, always mark him as one of the most joyous and funny world countries. It actually is and if we have to stop and talk about what are the customs and traditions of Brazil, immediately think of everything that has to do with dancing, music, carnival and sports. Here are some of the most representative Brazilian customs.Dance, parties and carnival</p> <p>With regard to dances and traditional dances of Brazil, first, we have to mention capoeira, by many regarded as a work of art. In fact it is a very peculi...</p>


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