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  • Impulse

    Impulse is the spark, the starting point, in all areas for

    Festos continuous development. Self-organisation,

    self-motivation and self-renewal form the basis for this

    process. Innovation is the present. Visions drive the



    Our vision in GB is to be customer-centric working

    closely with our customers to ensure the success of

    their business through the innovative application of

    technology, service and personal development.



  • Festo GB facts

    Founded 1968

    Two main sites in Northampton & Fleet

    (65 Premier Stockist locations and

    National Distributor Wyko with 110 branches)

    Around 23,000 catalogue products

    Annual training budget 1.5 % of sales

    Investors in People (accreditation in 2006)

    ISO 9001

    Festo Northampton

    GB service and support centre

    Outstanding application

    support and advice

    People: our No.1 success factor

    facts people involvement

  • Building successful relationships with our clients

    In todays commercial environment, just meeting a

    clients current needs is no longer good enough!

    Our aim is to help our clients continue to be successful

    by staying ahead of their competitors. We believe the

    best way to anticipate their needs is to develop closer

    long-term working relationships, enabling interaction at

    all levels throughout our companies and providing a

    greater depth of commercial understanding and

    awareness. In this way we can develop the technology

    and services required for tomorrow, helping our clients

    maintain their competitive edge in the future.

    Customer centricity means knowing

    and understanding our customers

    Interacting with clients

    at all levels

    Listening and learning together

    facts people involvement

  • With UKSkills successful bid to host the WorldSkills

    competition, UK manufacturing has a great opportunity

    to focus on raising vocational skills awareness. London

    2011 will highlight the challenges facing manufacturing

    and provide a focal point for the development of

    engineering talent required to keep UK manufacturing

    competitive in world markets. As a key supporter of the

    competition since its inception, we are committed to

    ensuring that the UK produces the best possible results.

    Supporting excellence in the UK manufacturing industry

    Involvement between companies is critical. As a Learning

    Organisation everyone in the company has personal

    development plans and training goals. Throughout the

    organisation staff have direct contact with customers to

    ensure we understand their needs better.

    In order to promote excellence in UK manufacturing we

    work proactively with the leading business associations

    and educational establishments, supporting and hosting

    a wide range of training events and conferences.

    Working with key business

    associations, e.g PPMA

    Better understanding

    customers needs

    Supporting WorldSkills London 2011

    a unique opportunity

    facts people involvement

  • ensure maximum reliability, life expectancy and avail-

    ability of products and services while providing excellent

    value for money.

    With new and time-tested pneumatic, servo-pneumatic

    and electrical drive technology, Festo aims to be the

    No. 1 customer partner for components as well as

    handling and positioning systems.

    Our core competency: Innovation in automation

    Our roots are based in the origins of pneumatics

    automation. Our range rapidly evolved into electro-

    pneumatics and todays mechatronic world of hybrid

    technologies with integrated micro-electronics. Our

    100 innovations per year offer new opportunities for

    diagnosis, remote maintenance and total productive

    maintenance (TPM). The latest technologies and

    designs, manufacturing and logistics techniques

    Advanced cylinder designs

    deliver improved value for money

    Optimising materials and features

    for improved price and performance

    Price follows function

    without compromise to quality

    competencies electric drives process automation didactic

  • Electric drive automation

    Our application engineers can draw on a unique range

    of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic components

    to deliver tailored pick & place or gantry solutions.

    Using 3D CAD models, our solutions can be easily

    understood and quickly integrated into customer

    designs and equipment. With a highly flexible and

    professional support team, coupled with our unique

    approach to multi-axis combinations and easy

    implementation, we can deliver highly cost-effective

    and reliable solutions. With many new electrical drive

    developments already in the pipeline, the breadth

    of our customer solutions can only increase.

    Electric drives

    a complete solutions approach

    Festo Plug and Work

    reducing total costs

    Off the shelf convenience,

    application flexibility

    competencies electric drives process automation didactic

  • Process Automation

    We are specialists in providing high-value solutions for

    the control and automation of both continuous and

    discontinuous processes. Whilst the specific features

    may vary, control is a fundamental process requirement

    for companies in such diverse industries as water

    utilities and biotech/pharmaceuticals, as well as many

    sectors in between.

    Our innovative portfolio of control actuation products

    and in-house systems build capability enable water

    utilities and leading biotech/pharmaceutical companies

    to update their existing systems. We not only deliver

    components, panels and systems to a wide and growing

    client base throughout the world, but also provide them

    with increased flexibility, choice and reliability, while

    helping reduce their operating costs.

    Integrating process automation

    and controls

    Supporting specialists in the biotech

    and pharmaceutical sector

    Process validation, cleanliness,

    diagnostics ...

    competencies electric drives process automation didactic

  • level of understanding. The result is an unmatched level

    of confidence for our customers. The aim of Festo

    Didactic is to ensure that projects enable the client.

    The success of a project is defined not only by the

    results delivered but also by the clients ability to repeat

    or multiply the success without the need for continuing

    consultancy support.

    Didactic training and consulting the science

    of people development

    Festo is an engineering and manufacturing company

    as well as a training and consulting organisation.

    This combination not only enables us to understand

    more clearly the challenges and opportunities within

    manufacturing, but to apply our training and consulting

    principles both internally and externally with a deeper

    Unique combination of Organisation,

    People and Technology

    I Identify

    D Develop

    E Engage

    A Apply

    Festo Didactic, annually training more

    than 42,000 delegates worldwide

    competencies electric drives process automation didactic

  • Supporting our customers entire value chain

    We can identify and address client needs more

    comprehensively with complete Customer Solution

    packages provided by our application support and

    project engineering teams. We believe that working

    closely with customers throughout the entire

    manufacturing chain from Engineering, and Procure-

    ment to Assembly and Operation can produce better

    Total Cost of Ownership results than simply looking at

    component cost. Our Customer Solutions service team

    of application and project engineers provide a skilled,

    flexible and cost-effective external resource.

    The Customer Solutions team provide

    a flexible multi-skilled resource

    Project life-cycle support

    Complete project management

    support packages

    building unique solutions

  • We have developed and delivered many customised,

    bespoke systems that precisely meet the technical and

    commercial needs of the particular customer.

    By building in only those features which are required,

    we ensure that costs are kept to a minimum.

    Building unique solutions for specific needs

    Our pre-pack solutions have minimised supply chain

    costs by delivering high volumes of basic products, cost-

    effectively. By pre-assembling our products we reduce

    original equipment manufacturers build times and

    component count.

    Components, assemblies and

    systems for replicating OEMs

    Optimising logistic processes

    Specialist project team

    for customised solutions

    building unique solutions

  • Direct support

    Each year we make substantial investments in inform-

    ation technology to ensure efficient and immediate

    processing of customer requests. However, technology

    can only go so far. In order to provide the full package of

    services which we believe the market needs, we ensure

    that each employee has a continuous development

    programme which focuses on the technica